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  1. So they updated the Azyr one, but not the one on the GW website? Urg - honestly.
  2. His warscroll hasn't been updated to be "wholly" within (unless it's been FAQ'ed) somewhere. So you would only need one model from the unit to be close enough to him.
  3. If anything I would say that generation is probably a bit too quick and easy. My army is almost always fully buffed by turn 2. And most of the time using the extra attack Command is usually not worth the risk of losing your buffs. So you spend almost 4 turns with everything at +1/+1 which is crazy strong. (essentially its every model in the army sipping on old school battlebrew!) turn 1 you can reliably get off the "defensive" buffs. which help you manoeuvre about and survive some turn 1 stuff.
  4. you cant use ethereal amulet with it as the trait is a save modifier.
  5. Can you explain this in a bit more depth? Ta.
  6. I think Warscroll builder is probably having an off day. Follows the book - you have access to them all!
  7. haha - Its perfect! I will now quote this whenever I pull off the move. And name the shaman to Timone!
  8. I've been doing this in my games too - its such a beautiful move. It should be easier to counter as you need to find space 12" away from opponents stuff. But getting a unit of buffed up angry pigs into a back line is great. Also adding in the +1 to charges from the Big Waagh buffs means that the charge cant fail. So as long as the spell is cast its pretty much a point and click death star of porkyness!
  9. You mean clarified to how it was originally intended.
  10. Anyone thought about putting Sword of Judgement artefact on the Megaboss on Mawkrusha (from Big Waagh army). With Waagh points and command ability, (and also the +1 to hit prayer from warchanter) you could be doing D6 mortal wounds in 3+ vs heroes and monsters. Is this better than Rend -3 artefact though?
  11. If a daemon prince kills a hero/monster - and then you roll 'replace with a daemon prince'. Presume you just heal it up to full?
  12. @Chris Tomlin I think we have someone else coming from Swindon. So happy to take @Carnelian and fill up the 6 slots!
  13. surely they will all have the Ogor keyword though? #guessing before seeing the book
  14. Would like to be able to vote twice here: 14 - when I bought my first bit of GW stuff (it was when the first bought out the LOTR model / paint subscription stuff to coincide with the movies). I never really did very much though other than play some random games ever couple of months using half the rules / half made up rules). I then stopped at 17. 25 - Found out a friend was into AoS and was drawn back into the hobby. This time with a greater understanding of gaming / painting / modelling / etc.
  15. Played my first game with the Warclans against a Gristlegore "Ghoul Patrol" army. Couple of caveats: (first time both of us had played for quite a while; my list was a "bring stuff to see what it does" rather than hone a list yet; both of us forgot rules along the way, but it didnt have a major impact on the outcome). Scenario - shifting objectives My list: Gordrakk, Wurgogg (General: command trait and artefacts to increase spell casting), Wardokk, 2 x warchanters. 30 savage orruks, 10 brutes, 10 ardboyz, 3 goregruntaz, Cogs Major win to me - 19/18 points. Was very close to tabling him by the end of turn 5 and lost very little in return. With some more intelligent play I could have reduced his points a bit (see caveats above). Take aways / interesting moments / notes: Whilst Gordrakk didnt pay back his points back in terms of what he killed, the fact that he gave me 6 Waagh points a turn meant that from turn 2 onwards I could pop the Big Waagh ability every turn - meaning my turns were an overwhelming numbers of buffed attacks. 11 Savage Orruks killed a GKonTG from full health! They were buffed with everything (damned terrain), +1 attack / hit / wound from Waagh. The sheer number of attacks going through to be saved was totally overwhelming. They were also super quick: D6" move in hero phase (damage from damned terrain) + cogs + extra charge distance + double movement spell meant they travelled 30" in a single turn (and could have gone a lot further!) At one point I had the Wurgogg prophet on +6 to cast, meaning most spells went off without fear of being dispelled. But it also meant his warscroll spell obliterated any horde units that came near him. Whilst Cogs did benefit my opponent during the game, the extra movement was of greater value to me and the bloodthirsty orruks. Throwing a unit of ardboyz or brutes buffed by a warchanter and the Big Waagh abilities will slaughter most things. The goregruntaz died before I got to see how much they have improved! Having the big unit of 30 savage orruks meant that after some turn 1 "spreading" my footprint was pretty significant and blocked off any chance of important characters being alpha striked / flanked by reinforcements. My opponent refused on a couple of occasions to double turn me, through concern he wouldnt kill enough to get value from this; but also more through fear of what my army could do to him through my own double turn. I'm going to use the list a couple of more times to get comfortable with rules, but I start to refine. Already looking forward to my next game - such a fun army to play now.
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