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  1. Have you tried Valkia or maybe a winged prince with a nice artifact and maybe command trait? Sayl can be allied in as well to drop a heavy hitting unit in his backyard.
  2. That's the chance you take buying into a model widely considered overpowered. It deserved the nerfs and was pretty much expected to get them. At least you didn't dump $150 into skyfires. They really took a drubbing.
  3. Yeah I don't care too much about the khorne battalion in BoC. I just want access to the cygor or the big minotaur for some lols. Putting them near the wrathmongers and getting the bloodsecrator buff would be pretty scary!
  4. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. God marks can pull units from any battletome with their mark, even stuff like chariots, harpies, or monsters as long as they can be marked. Hell Nurgle can even pull stuff out of the Pestilence list as regular part of their army. Skaven can't even take normal clanrats except as allies if they use one of the skaven battletomes. Skaven are really screwed right now compared to the rest of Chaos.
  5. This. Cheap small units to max out blood tithe. If you are running MSU to max out blood tithe these guys are even smaller than regular MSU. They also seem worth their points when you look at the buffs and damage output. They work well with all the regular mortal buffs and riptooth is a great 40 point throw in if you are left with an odd number of points to burn.
  6. Wrathmonger ability happens as soon as a model is slain. It only uses the attack profile not the out of phase ability. So you resolve the wrathmonger attacks if one is slain, then finish the evocator attacks, then do the evocator ability. I don't think they really conflict.
  7. I didn't realize that applied to charges and pile ins. Guess that leaves you in a strange position where you can't even pile in if you are out of coherence since you have to move towards the closest enemy model and then you couldn't move back into coherency. That makes attacks that target individual models pretty overpowered. Break coherency on an engaged unit and they can't even pile in to fight back. All they can do is retreat or die.
  8. I have done it to get more models into combat on a charge. Charge two separate enemy units knowing that you are going to suffer some casualties on the back end. Just pull your casuaties from the smaller detachment that charged out of coherency. There is no rule against it, though it is odd that you can choose to remove models from an entirely different combat.
  9. Hah! I've got stacks of armybooks going back to 3rd edition. All useless!
  10. Bluestacks is good for emulating the AOS app. What I do is cut my battletomes up and put them in a binder with those plastic page inserts. When a page gets updated print a new one off the app or off the GW site and replace the outdated one.
  11. Wholly within is pretty self explanatory. If you aren't wholly within the bubble of at least one shaman you get nothing. Being partially in one shamans bubble and partially within another is not good enough. The key mechanic is now wholly within for a reason. To limit buff ranges and make it more difficult to buff extremely large units or models.
  12. I like the gore pilgrims list. With 3 priests you can cover the whole table with the portal buff. Then try to synergize your combat troops. Portal + wrathmongers + hammer aspiring deathbringer buff is 3 extra attacks. Taking the dual wield option on your reavers and warriors is a great boost to their effectiveness with that many attacks. Plus I like the banner of rage + totem buff for the reavers. Insane damage output for such a cheap unit. And then you have the summoning! Khorne gets stronger as the battle continues. If you take blood sacrifice on your priests you can add demons eve
  13. Not just mortal wounds on a hard 6. The new books have most abilities trigger on a hard 6. Also units have to be "wholly within" a set distance for buffs so no daisy chaining a couple models for extra attacks or buffs. This will affect certain builds, especially the bloodletter bomb. It will be difficult to buff 30 models on 32mm bases and even buffed they will only deal mortal wounds on a 6. Assuming the older books get errata to match the new books.
  14. Has there been any confirmation that the brass despoilers can be fielded under blades of khorne? I'm hoping so because I would love to field a cygor or two with the mark of khorne to really stick it to some enemy wizards! If they have to be fielded as allies it doesn't look as tempting to go buy 2 start collecting boxes.
  15. I'm not running bloodletters. I'm running MSU mortals for lots of blood tithe and summoning every turn. Bloodletter bomb is all your eggs in one basket. Something gets your bloodletters before they do their thing your game is over before it starts.
  16. The priests can cast blood boil and blood sacrifice in the same turn. They can also charge into melee. I'm not saying I'm a great player, just that it is an effective build. You don't need to kill very many of your own models to build up the blood tithe. And turning 10 reavers or putting a few wounds on a korgorath or a character out of combat to bring in 20 bloodletters or a bloodthirster isn't a bad trade. I feel MSU and blood tithe boosters works better for me and the models I have access to than a bloodletter bomb that often gets charged and wiped out before they can do
  17. I think you are missing the point of the blood sacrifice in a 3 priest gore pilgrims build. With prayer rerolling and the +1 bonus if you kill someone it's quite possible to turn 70 points of reavers into 7 blood tithe by turn 2. Which means a single blood tithe point anywhere else on the field will turn those 70 points of reavers into a wrath of khorne bloodthirster that you can deploy anywhere you want in that movement phase. You can always sacrifice the priests themselves to build up some points to heal the rest of your army. The priests heal the damage back along with your all t
  18. Of course you can. He buffs everything with the "khorne" keyword. I'm just wondering if you can run that warherd battalion under a khorne allegiance and combine it with gore pilgrims battalion for some interesting shenanigans!
  19. Gore pilgrims with 3x blood sacrifice. You're swimming in blood tithe. Trade 70 points of reavers for a wrath of khorne thirster turn 2.
  20. 5 for 60 though, more expensive per wound than blood warriors or flesh hounds, who have much better damage potential. Good for capping an uncontested objective, but that is about it.
  21. I'm just saying, the way the clans are currently fractured it makes no sense for them not to have marks along the lines of now everything else in grand alliance chaos. Since demons, mortals, and beasts are all split, but unified through marks, skaven are the odd man out. Either unify the clans or give them all marks, since none of the clans really work alone now. Most skaven have to use GA:Chaos outside the cheesy skryre tunnel list.
  22. I've had skaven forever. With the clans split up they are really in a poor way right now. With the rest of Chaos seemingly getting unified with the ability to take marks it leaves skaven even further on the outside looking in. Skaven need to be one army, not 4 little mini armies with nothing to pull from. If they gave skaven full access to chaos marks instead of just nurgle they would be in a much better spot. Give verminus:khorne, skryre:tzeentch, and moulder:slaanesh if you really want them to fit into the rest of the chaos lineup.
  23. That battalion only uses one hero slot. Pretty light tax! Seems it should be able to run with gore pilgrims pretty easily at 2000.
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