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  1. I think an allied chaos sorcerer lord is better than the juggerlord and the stoker. He can turn a solid unit of bloodwarriors or skull reapers into a powerhouse with daemonic power, and he gets to give another unit a free no cast mystic shield. We are pretty hero starved in the gore pilgrims battalion though. It's only drawback. 3rd priest is nice to have also.
  2. Seems like that dragon needs some better special rules. As tough as it look what could it do vs Morathi? Or hand of dust? Even a lucky mighty lord of khorne could remove it. It should have some mortal wound or instant death avoidance.
  3. If you buy new box sets on ebay you are basically buying directly from GW. Employees using their discounts...
  4. Wrath of Khorne bloodthirster dispels at +2. There are a number of artifacts that make you practically immune to spells. You can spend blood tithe points to stop a spell.
  5. Kevlar1972


    Unless you are forced into it, ie skaven, I don't see any reason to run grand alliance. I don't see any way to mix daemons for instance that would be stronger than mono god lists with all the various buffs and benefits. It isn't just the crappy allegiance abilities that hamstring mixed lists, it is that most units can only give or receive buffs from their own faction group.
  6. It says "each time" a wrathmonger is slain, so as long as there is at least one enemy model within 2" that hasn't been affected by bloodfury then yes, he can pick a different model. You can get creative with model removal to try to avert some damage.
  7. The thing with khorne mortals is with buff stacking and priest range you are better off turtling over objectives vs assault armies. Layer your troops reavers first then warriors for counter charge. Put aspiring deathbringer between them for command ability. Backed up by wrathmongers for buffs then mix in your priests and blood secrator with another unit or two of reavers to guard the flanks and rear. Keep them together and summon daemons as needed. Like said above a 2nd turn wrath of khorne thirster is a fairly easy summon if you take 3x blood sacrifice and burn down a single unit
  8. Plus 4 units of 10 could throw out a ton of mortal wounds if you take 6 casting heroes.
  9. For just warscroll updates you can get them free off the app or games workshop website.
  10. You would be surprised how many people blood warriors will kill buffed to 5 attacks each. That's 51 attacks on the charge plus additional 5 attacks for every model you lose in close combat. Bloodthirster can be easily neutralized with wrathmongers. Skullreapers will do damage to heavy armor. Daemons get summoned where or when you need them to play the objective game, guard heroes, or assist in close combats. Just the fact you can keep bringing models back is a big deal especially vs the enemies that can't. Mortals with lots of attack buffs and blood tithe summoning a
  11. All of the summoning spells were removed. The god factions have summoning built into allegiance traits. Nurgle khorne slaanesh and Tzeentch all have their own summoning mechanics.
  12. He has priests doing 2d6 mortal wounds per turn, bloodwarriors and reavers getting 4+ attacks each. And can summon units of 5 or 10 bloodletters every turn. 2 pts to summon 5 and when they die you get a point back. Easy emough to summon a bloodmaster for the locus and they get double attacks from the secrator. He will put wounds out even vs 3+ saves.
  13. Eh 1200 points of warpfire throwers should ruin his day.
  14. I'd consider the daemon prince over valkia. He's fairly mobile and quite a nice beat stick when tooled up. Give him an artifact that will buff him and archaon. Crimson crown or mark of the slayer are nice. You could even make the prince the general since archaeon gets no benefit from it in AoS 2.0, and give him a nice battle trait like immense power or devastating blow. Though it would be almost criminal to take archaon and make someone else the general lol.
  15. Well the start collecting tzeentch daemons box will give you pretty much anything you could want to summon and it's a great value.
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