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  1. Right. That's how games workshop operates. They will leave an obvious open loophole in the rules even though everything else like that has been faq'ed. People will rush out and buy a ton of bestigors and spawn. 6 months later that loophole will be closed in an updated faq and people will cry the blues and have to jump on the next new bandwagon.
  2. It's the buff synergy really and the blood tithe. With gore pilgrims you are forced to run 4 mortal heroes. So its tough to mix daemons into that. It's the models I have too. I don't have 90 bloodletters, if I did I would run a different battalion and focus more on daemons.
  3. Well you can still run them under the beasts of chaos allegiance. Giving them the mark of nurgle would make them immune to a lot of nurgle attacks and give them bonuses or free healing when fighting vs a maggotkin army!
  4. Well you are going to be taking blood secrator and probably some other khorne characters for buffs so the general thing isn't a big deal. There are no casters in the khorne battalion so that's a non-issue. It's perfectly fieldable with realm artifacts if a beast player wants to branch out. I just don't see it adding too much to a khorne army. The cygors could be nice against certain opponents but the battalion tax is probably too heavy to make it workable. I don't think the mark of khorne will buff their shooting but if it can I guess you could make a half assed gunline with cygors a
  5. Slaves is a pretty disjointed faction. The heroes aren't that great and command abilities are few and far between. A lot of the units mix well into the god specific factions once you mark them and some are very useful. Knights, marauders, warriors with shields, warshrine, daemon prince are all great units and don't come from allies pool. But they don't fit into the good battalions so they aren't the most competitive choices. Just things you can take to fill out some extra points. Starting from scratch I'd shy away from them and go for a more god centric faction for the awesome alleg
  6. Means they are always battle line in GA chaos or Disciples of Tzeentch, or where ever else you can field them. But only battle line in beasts of chaos with the shaman general. I think.
  7. I am a bit curious how a setup like this would work vs a grot warboss with his tricksy ability. Would all the attacks turn into 1s and all auto miss?
  8. I'm more psyched about being able to ally in a shaggoth personally. I like gore pilgrims too much and don't think that beast battalion would work too great under the khorne umbrella. No spells, no artifacts, not much synergy. Beasts don't have mortal daemon or bloodbound keywords. I think it would be tough to make work. Its a pretty big tax to pay to just bring in some heavy hitters when we already have plenty.
  9. Awesome! Now I can ally in a dragon ogre shaggoth with the Tail of Judgement into my blades of khorne army! Before this I couldn't ally with thunderscorn.
  10. The colloquial term for this is they've been hit with the nerf bat. Sorry if you spent a few hundred dollars on them and hours upon hours painting them. Time to rip them apart and remodel them as enlightened.
  11. It sounds an awful lot like you are trying to say the sword hits without hitting. That doesn't pass the logic gate.
  12. I've never really done this because most of my characters use actual weapons to attack, but I notice some people suggesting to replace a hero's tail attack or claw and fang attacks with an artefact like the swords of justice. Something like a dragon ogre shaggoth or ogroid thaumaturge gets some fairly strong but few weapon attacks, but get many weak natural attacks. This is legal correct? I know it wouldn't be in older editions where you had to purchase wargear in lieu of your regular weapons, but in the extremely watered down AoS rules this seems to be allowed? Granted very few
  13. Are you really trying to rules lawyer a natural 1 being a hit? Shirley you can't be serious.
  14. Maybe they should just give the grand alliances decent artifacts and command abilities/traits. That would go a long way toward balancing out the playing field. No idea why the grand alliance rules are so terrible.
  15. Well Dorgar seems to have morphed into a chaos dragon. That compendium dragon looks terrible. 340 points for a 10 wound monster with a degrading profile? I'd stick to the warpfire dragon!
  16. Well that's precisely how deamons of chaos worked from 5th to 8th edition... You don't need too many books to play. You can get by with just the general's handbook 2018 for current rules and points, and the AOS app for all the current warscrolls. Battalions and allegiance rules are quite easily sourced online and there are only a handful of competitive battalions anyway. The armybooks are mostly fluff and pretty pictures with like 3 or 4 pages of rules and a bunch of warscrolls that are usually out of date a week or two after they are printed. Just use the free app.
  17. At least you can field most of your pestilence army under maggotkin rules and get access to a plethora of great heroes with awesome command abilities, summoning, and the nice nurgle buff wheel. No need to limit yourself to the skaven incompetent rules set. Heck the one lord of blights or whatever will keep your monks alive with the minus to hit buff and then there is tons of healing support.
  18. Yes, for a "glass cannon" army they sure seem to get a lot of saves!
  19. Yeah mortals are nice but won't help you tear through chaff units like immense power will. I guess if you built him for hero hunting or were playing vs stormcast but then I think the rend sword or sword of judgement plus immense power would still be better.
  20. What kind of loadout on your prince? I'm thinking mark of the slayer may be better than the crimson crown. No extra attacks, but the bubble affects units, not models, and they don't need to be wholly within so daisy chain shenanigans are in effect. It also affects anything with the mark of khorne so mortals, daemons, and monsters! Rerolling 1s to hit is almost as good as an extra attack on 6s, rerolling 1s to wound makes it even better, and you can potentially affect a lot more models. Plus a daemon prince will almost never miss with his built in +1! So immense power if he is the
  21. Tough bag since so many factions only have internal buffs. I have a bunch of tzeentch, khorne, and nurgle daemons as well as a huge skaven army but none of them really play well together. All need buffs from their own heroes and you lose all the great allegiance abilities. The chaos grand alliance doesn't really have anything going for it.
  22. Seems like half your army is fast and half your army is slow. Also you have daemons and mortals mixed so some of the buffs aren't transferred. Demons want a crimson crown while mortals want an aspy deathbringer for more attacks for instance... Also the bloodsecrator is almost impossible to use outside of gore pilgrims. With 3x priests the secrator buff covers the whole table. There is no way he is keeping in range of your crushers and blood thirster.
  23. The goal would be if you were one or two points short for crimson rain you could whack your priests but heal them right back up along with all of the rest of your army. Bloodthirsters or other heroes or your multi-wound troops when they are in need of it.
  24. Khorne is tough because there are so many options. Many of which look great on paper (cough.karanak) but don't work out too well on the table. There are many many characters that have great stats and abilities, but won't buff your units like an aspiring deathbringer will. What's better? A guy that has an extra attack or a guy that gives 20 skullreapers extra attacks? Also there is very limited synergy between daemons and mortals so even though you have a ton of powerful units to choose from only about half of them work with each other. I started out with daemons and moved to mostly m
  25. Give all your priests blood sacrifice. Sure you give up a useful hit or armor bonus but if you are going for max sacrifice then you are taking minimal sized units anyway. It is easy to get 8 tithe points turn 2 with 3 blood sacrifice prayers per turn. And you can even do things like have your priests hit themselves then use the blood rain to heal them back up, and also heal all your multi-wound models that are in combat.
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