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  1. Just out of curiosity without having that friend would you have any ideal of what the event costed? I've been wargaming for a long time, I've never been to an event that has provided that information. The main argument I can think of not to provide it, is because the event hall may try to take a bigger cut. I think they will anyways, because they are a for profit business. I think its awesome that you love the hobby enough to put a personal stake in growing the scene. I couldn't afford to do something like that, I just couldn't. That said I don't expect you to lose money on it. I wouldn't want you spending money on catering, prizes, and awards with margins that tight. Ask your players what they want to make sure if they expect some of this stuff, and see if its more important than keeping the ticket prices down. Maybe look at other ways to increase profit and value for the player like bundle in a T-shirt with their entry. IF their expectations are still unreasonable than cut your loses it isn't worth it. Its probably not the advice you want to hear but its clear your frustrated with your current position. Don't stay in it, but send out an email to people you have attended your events and hear from them not just the people on twitter.
  2. I do think part of the issue is transparency. I've been to several events I have no idea what it costs to rent the venues that there in, and why would I? I'm not going to rent out those event halls. People are going to draw conclusions that aren't fair simply by comparing events to each other, because we don't have a lot of information. For example I go to Adepticon every year, and when it was cancelled because of covid they gave us the option to refund our tickets and merch. I choose to donate the money from the tickets and paid for the merch. That said I have no ideal what costs they were on the hook for, it was a decision made in blind faith. Adepticon is basically a holiday for me, so I have no regrets but it wasn't an informed decision. Personally I would've expected TOs were making some money. If for no other reason than I can estimate the initial costs because I have my own table so I know what mats and terrain goes for. I would expect them to be confident they could recoup them fairly quickly because I couldn't afford not too. Granted I live in the US and I do think renting a venue should be cheaper here (we have a lot more land mass, and our population is a lot more spread out). Regardless its interesting to read about your experiences because its a side of the hobby we aren't exposed to. For what its worth as I think an average tournament goer, I don't think most events need to put as big of emphasis on prizes and awards. They're nice but I don't think the majority of the people entering the event have any expectations of getting them.
  3. Out of curiosity have you tried some sort of crowd funding? I'd definitely chip in for storage costs, upgrades, and labor costs for events that I attend as long as everything is transparent. A higher ticket price wouldn't bother me, but I'd also probably be less willing to try new events the quality of the ones I've attended has varied dramatically.
  4. @Sleboda - For me as a more casual AoS player I think its less overwhelming complexity and more adjusting to the structure of the game. Most of the new abilities are simple its just now each one typically has a specific time to use it. As an example I like 2d fighting games, but there are matches when I first start playing a new entry in a franchise where I whiff because they changed how a move worked, or took it out of the game entirely lol. I notice those mistakes way more than the things that I'm doing right. I think you'll get into the rhythm of the game fairly quickly once you start playing it on a regular basis.
  5. I wanted to quote this post because I think RuneBrush makes some great points but I wanted to expand on one of them. Stormcast are a great army to start off with, this is both the strength and weakness of the line. They have access to a little bit of everything, but they don't have the hooks that other armies have. This puts them in a really awkward spot because they have a ton of "Filler". I can't put enough emphasis on that point, because quite frankly there has been a ridiculous amount of churn for range. It is a direct result of having an army that has to many units that just fulfill the same role. Hopefully the new subfractions add some depth and purpose to a lot of the older units like the various chapters of space marines do in 40k. I really think this is necessary for the range because without those hooks stormcast are just a "starter army". People will avoid them, because the game is too expensive to commit to a force that isn't interesting.
  6. MawCrushers definitely count as dragons in my book. I'm not really an Ironjawz fan for whatever reason I can't handle bare foot armies but that kit is amazing.
  7. I'm pretty excited to see what they do on the dragon front. I've been enjoying 3.0 so far but a dragon that fits in with the new stormcast would be awesome. That said I really like the ideal of a dragon type for each order. No rider just pure allied dragon action that any fraction can take, I think it would be fun.
  8. If Crowe doesn't have the primaris keyword I think you'll be relatively safe with Grey Knights. I do think they will be up scaled probably with a new option or two, at some point to the death watch/new chaos size. So if the size difference between marines and deathwatch bothers you its probably a bad ideal to start them, but I don't think there is any danger of them being squatted or primarized.
  9. They've put too much effort in keeping the firstborn relevant, and units like terminators are too iconic to get rid of. Personally I think they make a lot of money just by updating army books to the point they won't alienate a large section of the player base.
  10. Yndrasta and Praetors definitely need a FAQ. I could be convinced either way at this point, though I tend to count the bodyguard rule as a ward because it can negate wounds. That said my limited experience with them suggests that its somewhat of a non issue. Your opponent will target the Praetors first, and I don't think keeping them within 3" and out of combat is going to be a easy. Its still a strong setup because she should last long enough to provide a lot of value.
  11. I really think Dominion has two drawbacks. 1) the new Stormcast aren't really that exciting. Yndrasta and the bodyguard unit are cool, but as a casual AoS player I have no need for more Stormcast battle line, and have support characters for days. I really think this spot should have been used for a different Order army. I can't emphasize this point enough fireslayers, sylvaneth, IDK, or KO all would have been better choices because they have limited ranges. 2) The Kruleboyz are a pretty basic fraction at the moment. They need to show something that makes fraction feel unique. They have a distinctive LotR look, which appeals to people but you need some substance with that style.
  12. The complexity has gone up, but I wouldn't say there is rules bloat yet. For the most part the new rules have made sense and been contained on a warscroll. With 40k I've felt like when I play get 85% of the rules right, the rest of the time I had to look things up, my opponent confused me, or I did wrong (grenades ), with AoS I don't need to look up things once I'm familiar with the army.
  13. One factor you should consider when comparing kurnoth hunters to tree lords is that we know points will be updated in the next generals handbook. Hunters are one of the more complained about units in the game and I think they could see a big point increase. Its just speculation but I think the only units complained about more in all of Age of Sigmar are stonehorns, and skyfires.
  14. My experience with them comes from playing against them and I think they are unit that does better in small games. Movement abilities really shine when you have a lot of room to operate and its harder to bubble wrap units in smaller games. It doesn't help that in bigger games the battalions start to almost feel mandatory, and I haven't seen them listed the popular options.
  15. As far as the Kurnoth hunters (bows) are concerned I think they work better the more you have. When you just have 3 of them, they are going to be more inconsistent because its a small sample size, so they're going to have games where they appear broken and games where they are horrible. I also think you tend to notice them more because they are almost the sole focus during the shooting phase, and in a lot of sylvaneth lists they make up all your offense turn one. The Sword and Scythe hunters have more attacks that hit on 3+ which makes them a bit more predictable so in smaller squads you tend to get what expect, and you have other close combats to draw your attention.
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