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  1. This is pretty rad, do you have some karadron ships to setup in simulation of said docking?
  2. Velonge


    Its a damn Tigrex... That is so cool! http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/wiki/Tigrex
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    Fungoid 04.jpg

    © Velonge

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    Fungoid 03.jpg

    © Velonge

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    Fungoid 02.jpg

    © Velonge

  6. Velonge


    My cave shaman for Malign Portents 2018 He is painted to match my Ironjawz (red & white) he was a blast to paint. Also one of the fastest models I've ever painted (in about 16 hours). I hope you guys and gals enjoy him as much as I do.

    © Velonge

  7. Those are excellent, they're actually so gross I was having a hard time clicking in to comment... Eww.
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