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  1. I think you do two mortal wounds, as on a 6 to hit the attack sequence ends so you no longer have a damage characteristic.
  2. Does anyone know where to find a good tutorial for sculpting acolyte gas masks? I’ve got a few from the lightning cannon kit but I doubt I’ll have enough to kit out all my acolytes so wanna try my hand at making some
  3. So this month I’m going with: convert 20 Skryre acolytes paint 3 gnawholes paint a grey seer paint at least 20 clanrats
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. Think I will go with the cave idea. @kamuffinz thanks for the link I’ll definitely throw a few of those in. @sorokyl your army looks fantastic!
  5. Hey guys, was looking for a little inspiration on basing Gloomspite models, was wondering what other people had done for them. I was considering going for the toxic swamp base with some grassy bits. Worried it might look a little bit too Nurgle though. What do you guys do for your bases?
  6. Hi all, looking into starting fyreslayers myself in the near future. I’ll likely end up with 20 or so HGB but I’m not sure what to equip them with? The poleaxes look great for mortal wounds but the Broadaxes seem a little more reliable. Which way would you guys go?
  7. I think you could have a lot of fun with a list like this. Highly mobile with Doomwheels and characters being skitterleaped about to support them, lightning cannons popping out of Gnawholes and some combat punch from the deceiver, highly doubt it would be competitive but a tonne of fun!
  8. What are people’s thoughts on mixed skaven with quite heavy Pestilins? I thought something like this. did consider dropping vermintide and congregation of filth for 20 gutter runners
  9. Looks amazing, is it just a concept atm or can you actually buy it?
  10. So if you have a brick of 40 plague monks, with no buffs are you better off with blades or woe staves?
  11. Completely failed the last time I made a pledge, hopefully I’ll stay motivated and have a bit more time in April so- finish 20 plague monks and an Arch Warlock (fingers crossed I’ll have them done by the end of this weekend) 20 clanrats warlock bombardier 3 stormfiends. if I can force myself to sit down for at least an hour every evening these shouldn’t be too Unrealistic! also just realised if I knock out a warp lightening vortex as well I’ll have 1000pts fully painted so I’ll add that as a stretch!
  12. Well I did a pledge for February but life decided to get in the way. Still managed to do a little bit which I’ll share here and hopefully next month I’ll be able to lay a more structured pledge!
  13. @Kramer that’s actually an interesting point I hadn’t really thought of it like that. Currently I use units of 20 and am looking at going up to 40 man units soon, was planning on going spears as it seemed the obvious choice but when you factor in that they die to a stiff breeze or less blades may be the better option! Perhaps if you use 3x units of 40 and maybe death frenzy you can be confident you’ll have enough bodies to benefit from spears but maybe less than that it’s not worth it so much. Certainly worth looking into for me.
  14. Thanquol and the grey seer warpstone tokens aren’t the same thing as warpstone sparks. Sparks are the Skryre resource, so it doesn’t cost for grey seers to use them. Spears have 2” range rather than one, so more rats can attack at once. It’s better with large numbers and buffs. If you go for less rats in a unit than blades are better. hope that helps
  15. Working towards this army atm, although I feel there are probably better options than the stormfiends. Gutter runners perhaps? Perhaps a verminlord? What do people think?
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