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  1. @swarmofseals well put. I for one feel only sparks of joy when any niche or group (be it game or faction) get new things - and people are getting new things at an unprecedented rate. It's great. I do get the disappointment though. I don't agree but I get it. I think what happens is that people simply see what they want in a lot of rumours. Those silhoutte reveals are the absolute best for this. It's like a rorshach inkblot test. They build an expectation (based on what they want to see) and then watch it get shot down. Disappointment logically follows.
  2. And this is as it should be according to the lore
  3. Folks, we need an update. I mean, Nurgle has almost nothing to compete with the big leagues. I recall those heady days of Jan 2018 when Nurgle had all these fine tools and potential and each release after hammered the weaknesses home. Luckily I've a SC army of around 5000 points to draw from so I've taken Stardrake and Prime lists to tournaments instead. But I want to play my sweet, pink Candyrot! Given a full, new book is likely a while away (we were one of the first 'new' tomes) what could come in GHB 2019 to assist our plight? OR do you just disagree with me and think Nurgle is fine and the competitive potential therein is just untapped (Pure nurgling list)?
  4. My candy nurgle are sort of what you refer to but in the execution I gave them a more acid feel than a pastel candy feel. Still worked out ok! As gaz says, anything goes really!
  5. But SC are debatably in a better place than Maggotkin at the moment in lots of ways. However, thats not because of their traits, artefacts and allegiance abilities. Those are pretty cool for Maggotkin so that point stands. Its just that SC have a waterfall of unit options in comparison to like 7 units then 24 named characters.
  6. More and more tournaments in Sweden are moving away from killpoints totally. I mean, often if you are dominant in a match you will have killed more than your opponent - that's a given. However, two different factions can be equally dominant in a match up and yet have a large difference in kps. So I think it's fine (better even) to have a strategy that isn't about killing everything or as much as possible. So long as it works for objectives and 2ndaries. My only problem with the units I have painted up is that I have trouble doing ANY damage against some lists which makes it hard to control and take objectives.
  7. Most of their rumours include wordplay and this one mentioned fire wizards
  8. Oh I have a ton of models like that! I want to fix every single one but in reality the best thing is to just move on, just move along to the next unpainted mini.
  9. I love this guy's (https://www.realmofplastic.com) name generators! I have decided, however, to really branch out creatively to name my Stormcast Lord Celestant on Stardrake. I'm taking the Table One parts from the stormcast doc and then the Table Two parts from the Gloomspite Gitz doc: Vandwonk Hawksniffa, Fist of 'iz own backside Has quite the ring to it! Alternatively I can play it a bit straighter and take part of the LCoSD's old name and finish it with the SC doc: Steelkex Steelheart, Hammer of the Mortal Realms. Niccce.
  10. Restored the celestant prime fully now. I like the celestant prime without wings look. I've never restored such a complicated model before. For those curious, I bought him so:
  11. Thanks! Yes I guess I take longer than an average painter on an army. Probably 4 to 15 hrs from base coats to finished model. For Candyrot. Depending on the size of the model. 4h for plaguebearers, 15 for drone. The guo was more likely 40 hrs + or so. Hard to tell given I only paint 1-2hrs most evenings so things take weeks or months I can paint faster than I think I do as well, sometimes surprise myself. All Nurgle painted so far took from Jan or Feb last year until, well, now but other projects were mixed in.
  12. 2019 progress so far. Bit of variation: Prime still WIP Base done though Candyrot not forgotten
  13. Some are listed on the boards here but a lot are just on the FB pages. The Swedish one The main Stockholm one I don't know where you are placed and don't want to upset any FARMERS (lol*) from Linköping or somewhere miles away like that but the pure odds say Stockholm is maybe where you are from. *Jag öva på min svensk skitsnack det går så där @Jonatan
  14. Oh ****** this is a topic I'm perfectly placed to answer! I've learned okay Swedish during my 5 yrs here but when playing (due to the mass of English terms) I often just speak English. Everyone is totally okay with this. Some prefer to speak Swedish back because I understand it now. I don't think it'll be any bother at all
  15. I don't have any excellent lists in mind but some things ppl include in lists often are: Combine the Glottkin with plague monks (or marauders with blades) for offense Combine the harbinger with bks for defense Combine blight cyst and gutrot Combine plaguebearers with a unit count of 30 (:P they really don't need much BUT a daemon hero - think herald - will give them a free mystic shield via their locus) for defense Combine any high attack count unit (perhaps attained by buffs - like glottkin and monks or GUO and 6 drones) with blades 4 has kind of fallen out of favour. Blades is very unreliable. You can still do great if you focus on objective play but often you'll lack a hammer. That's why a favourite is plague monks with a glottkin. I find that the things that you see in a lot of lists are: Gutrot and 5 or 10 bks; 30 plaguebearers; Rotigus & Festus I love the amount of units you can include in a Nurgle army but I think the main weakness of the faction right now is that a lot of damage and great combos that rely on a spell cast and there are almost 0 spell cast bonuses so you'll rarely have what you need when you need it on the board.
  16. I think thats a good point nearly all infamous units, combos and lists are until people figure them out. So, yes, the SD has been around now a long time and most people know it. So what I think the secret sauce is, is using it in new ways with other units or strategies. When that potential runs out (some think it has) then it's kind of going to always fall off the top tables. I, however, am not convinced all Stardrake potential has been mined just yet even if I agree that it's never going to be a damaging monster in the conventional sense. I'm using it in a very low model count list - against the current grain of thinking - and I quite like how it plays. It's by no means going to be taken on by the best and most experienced players and go on to win big tourneys, but it's something I'll play with for a few tournaments. Basically, if the Stardrake is the only thing for the opponent to think about, then you won't do well but the more tricks you add the more you keep ppl on their toes, anxious and mistake-prone!
  17. It can be worth the risk if the big guy/gal needs to be somewhere else in combat with a specific unit trying to avoid it (opponent knows to tarpit it with a pointless cheap unit)
  18. The only thing is the GUOs command ability only works on daemons. Glottkin is best if there are a lot of mortal units. Right now it's like Maggotkin have a lot of great base units, then some decent synergies but only from 50% of characters to 50% of units. Then the other 50% are only good for the other 50%. So you end up with mostly lists of one type, even if a mix is in theory excellent (because units are naturally so good). I like mixing and I am mostly punished when facing other buff or synergetic factions.
  19. I just gotta add that I love the stardrake as a SC player using one. I think with the right combo its nuts. However... I think it is pretty much in the 'not fun boohoo' category for your opponent. Fixing that (making it killable) would render it very much in limbo and the scroll would need a bunch of adjustments.
  20. Would it be accurate to say that, when thinking of a decent list to build (and models to buy) it's going to be a battalion from one of the races and then the rest of the points will be masses of grots?
  21. Thricefold befoulment with a bunch of chaff isn't so bad I hear
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