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  1. I like it! When I saw the title figured it was you heh. Myst Stone, the Walking City was mine. Glad to see other people taking an interest in the tables for narrative purposes.
  2. This was an idea for a Hinterlands setting which is actually close to Shadespire, in the Petrified Mountains. It was essentially a city during the Age of Myth that lies within Shyish, an was a popular stopping point for merchants heading to Shadespire from the Petrified Mountains. It was prosperous, until a warband of Khorne Bloodbound swept through it, killing everyone. Here is a bit of cinematic flair from the Storyteller's perspective: "Back during the Age of Myth, the Petrified Road was a long and arduous trek through the appropriately named Petrified Mountains, though, many who made the trek were rewarded for their efforts by gazing upon the City of Spirits, Kalii. Kalii was a popular stop for the many merchant caravans heading to and from Shadespire through the Petrified Mountains, a bustling settlement as far as I could see. They paid their respects to Nagash and he let them be for the most part, a fair trade I say. Kalii was the shining jewel in the mountains, and all who lived there knew prosperity. Then..unfortunately, came the Age of Chaos, and with it, the Goretides of Khorne. In merely a day and night they swept through the city, killing everything they found, and eventually, nothing was left except the few that hid in the deepest crevasses. When they emerged, they had seen their city in ruins, their kin slaughtered, and their prosperity fading away to the annals of time. Now the only thing left are Grots, Orruks and Ogors fighting the descendents of the survivors, backward tribals who pine for a past they no longer remember, for scraps of a dead civilization. A pity really, but so to all who perished in that savage age..." I was inspired by pictures of the city of Cappadocia in Turkey, and I hope that I could find time someday to recreate the city in miniature terrain form. But for now, these pictures and my imagination will have to do....as for the Storyteller, he is primed and ready for paint, I'll try and get to him this weekend. Until then, this is Nash, signing off.
  3. @Nin Win Thanks! I'm thinking I'm going to paint him in grays and browns, and paint the mask silver. The idea is that he's a simple wanderer, barely anything other then the clothes he has on his back. @Malburr Awesome! I'm glad you like him. Despite his eerie appearance, he's actually quite friendly, and loves sharing his knowledge with others. (Whether they ask or not) @Kramer Hey thanks, I'm glad you like him too! I'll base him tonight and try to paint him sometime soon. And I posted him previously on the thread. And yeah, i'd be more then happy to post future stuff on the there too.
  4. Hey guys, I'm new to the whole blogging thing, but I feel determined to bring my ideas to the wider world, and hopefully you guys will like them. To start, I have made a conversion of a character I made with AoS28 in mind, I call him the Storyteller! He's a travelling adventurer who helps the forces of Order wherever he finds them, despite the Order of Azyr trying to hunt him down for his extensive knowledge of the Age of Myth. In combat, he prefers to use his illusions do most of the action. Though, that doesn't mean he cant use a sword just as well. Far from it! He carries an ancient sword known as the Wanderer's Blade. He was made by using mostly the Wizard kit from the Empire, with a Stormcast Eternal head with the halo cut off. I think he looks pretty good if i do say so myself, cant wait to get some paint on him..anyways, that's all for now. I'll try and get more to you guys and gals soon. Until then, This is Nash, signing off.
  5. Hey guys, I've been lurking around the forums for a while, and saw this thread and fell in love with the idea. I pretty much made my own avatar, which I call the Storyteller. When travelling through the Mortal Realms, you could run into all kinds of strange sights. The Storyteller is one of the stranger sights to run into. The Storyteller is a traveler who is more than happy to share a tale or two with those he passes, looking at the world through his wondrous eyes, though he wears a mask to conceal his identity. He is a skilled illusionist, preferring to bluff or fool his way out of the various troublesome situations he finds himself in, which he does more often than not. The Witch Hunters have been after him for years, wanting access to his excessive knowledge of the Realms, not to mention his excellent use of Illusionary magic. But he has evaded them every time. He always lends a helping hand if there is a good story in it for him, and is never one to shy away from an adventure. He has seldom been seen travelling alone, and is often seen in the company of anyone from Freeguild, Duardin, and Aelf Adventurers to Knight Questors. Although one thing has been made clear, no one seems to know where his loyalties lie, and that's a risk the Witch Hunters of Azyr cannot allow to let standing for long... Hope you guys like him. This is kinda a version 1 of him. If something better comes along then I'll definatly make use of it. For now this is the mini I'm using now.
  6. Maybe call it an Ironclad. That's what I'd call it anyways.
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