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About Me

Found 9 results

  1. Whilst i putter away on fun side projects to distract myself I finally have the funds to start a new army, as with all of my older projects this will be conversion centric and something I can put unique flair and effort into. The issue is with the way my mind works I'm awash with potential concepts but finding it hard to settle on a fixed one to develop further. To give some context here are my past projects Fire Aelves - Born of the realm of fire these defiant aelves were in hiding (before morathis lot got announced) led by their demi goddess phoenix queen. The army was flame centric in paint scheme and came from scrolls all across the order faction. Stormcast (Anvils) - One of the few stock army concepts admittedly with alot of model conversions thrown in, again flame centric as it was built for the narrative campaign to go with the above. Trees of Shyish - A planned tournament army that got scrapped due to work commitments. The acolytes of Morghur reborn these skeletal trees were unlike other Sylvaneth Watery Ogres - Based around the toad dragon this beastclaw force led a great storm (as opposed to a blizzard) ravaging the coastlines to pillage and plunder As you can see there's a fair variety but i tend to lean toward forces of order, and with the Idoneth announcement as much as I'd love to do them I suspect they will become one of the most seen armies on the table and thus their appeal is massively tarnished to me. So I'm open to suggestions of themes or units to build and create an army around, aslong as its GW model centric I'll consider almost anything but searching for that specific spark. Any help welcome!
  2. Hanging out with an old mate of mine over Xmas got me addicted to Shadespire. Got a few groups playing in my local area but would like to still play my friend who lives in another state. Thought I would attempt some games over webcam or something. I was hoping for a bit of advice about how I could set this up. We have matching Nightvault boxes and could use proxies of each others models if we invest in new teams. I was also going to set up a simple rig to film from above. Any other ideas or potential pit falls that might occur would be appreciated. Thanks for any help.
  3. Hey peoples ! ? I'm trying to work out some simple additional rules for skirmish, inspired by other GW publications and unofficial mods out there such as Hinterlands. Here's one for injuries (a la Kill Team but better imo) and another for gaining experience points and levels between games. Would this be the kind of stuff you guys would like to try out during your skirmish games/campaigns ? Hope to get some feedback and ideas of your own !
  4. Hey folks! So I just had this pop into my head the other day: what sort of ideas and themes would you like to see for new armies in age of sigmar? The game already has some crazy themes and concepts (Idoneth Deepkin, shadespire lore, Nighthaunt, the realms themselves!) Thought it would be fun for everyone to share ideas they would like to see used ? Recently I've been thinking of a reimagined free peoples with a more generic look to them and less puffy shirts to really make it easier for hobbyists to do their own thing with them, but also things like mixed duardin and human artillery crews, perhaps more mad sciencey stuff like a a small unit of handgunners equipped with fire rockets (a la total war shogun 2) and weirder steam tank variants, maybe even clockwork golems like the Thallax in 30/40k? A lightly armoured but skilled unit of duellists that go into battle with swords and pistols or a mixed unit of human and aelf archers? The possibilities are endless for them and I would absolutely love it if they looked a little like the freeguild fighting the darkoath in this piece of artwork ?
  5. Ok guys I need some help making a 1000pt death list which MUST include Arkhan. I do already have a simple 1000pt death list but I have a game coming up in a week which I need to include Arkhan for reasons. I'm stuck making a list that'll actually work so maybe one of you amazing people have some awesome ideas Thanks for the help!
  6. Just for a bit of disscussion: im running a dnd campaign for 5e which is set in the mortal realms. The players aren’t from any factions but are just adventurers with the events happening around them acting as a backdrop for their story to take place i was wondering of anything interesting we could do with such an interesting world the campaign is set in: e.g story ideas monster Manual conversions magic items etc
  7. good I would like to consult something since it happened to play age of sigmar, I had the picturesque project of converting my primary army of high elves into what weapons and equipment is concerned, to give a more variegated touch in what to the miniatures refers mixing oriental ideas with the elven theme, since they live in savanna zone and are constantly attacked by chaos (khorne) and destruction (oruk), thanks in advance and any help or idea is appreciated
  8. This was an idea for a Hinterlands setting which is actually close to Shadespire, in the Petrified Mountains. It was essentially a city during the Age of Myth that lies within Shyish, an was a popular stopping point for merchants heading to Shadespire from the Petrified Mountains. It was prosperous, until a warband of Khorne Bloodbound swept through it, killing everyone. Here is a bit of cinematic flair from the Storyteller's perspective: "Back during the Age of Myth, the Petrified Road was a long and arduous trek through the appropriately named Petrified Mountains, though, many who made the trek were rewarded for their efforts by gazing upon the City of Spirits, Kalii. Kalii was a popular stop for the many merchant caravans heading to and from Shadespire through the Petrified Mountains, a bustling settlement as far as I could see. They paid their respects to Nagash and he let them be for the most part, a fair trade I say. Kalii was the shining jewel in the mountains, and all who lived there knew prosperity. Then..unfortunately, came the Age of Chaos, and with it, the Goretides of Khorne. In merely a day and night they swept through the city, killing everything they found, and eventually, nothing was left except the few that hid in the deepest crevasses. When they emerged, they had seen their city in ruins, their kin slaughtered, and their prosperity fading away to the annals of time. Now the only thing left are Grots, Orruks and Ogors fighting the descendents of the survivors, backward tribals who pine for a past they no longer remember, for scraps of a dead civilization. A pity really, but so to all who perished in that savage age..." I was inspired by pictures of the city of Cappadocia in Turkey, and I hope that I could find time someday to recreate the city in miniature terrain form. But for now, these pictures and my imagination will have to do....as for the Storyteller, he is primed and ready for paint, I'll try and get to him this weekend. Until then, this is Nash, signing off.
  9. I want to know some creative and competitive thoughts how you can get Nagash in a list. Let's go! In 3k battles, he's easy to fit. But, I want to dust off this model and try to play some other games. Hopefully, they'll lower his point values!
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