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  1. This is one of the reasons why I think a unit of 10 Black Knights is most of the times better than a 15-Knight block, because resurrecting 10 Knights is easier than 15, where you would need quite more space around gravesites that the enemy can deny more easily) Other reasons for that are: * Dropping those extra 5 Knights (and also 1 of those extra command points that you would be getting) allows you to increase one of your 10 skeleton units to 40, which gives you another big threat that the enemy has to focus on, as well as a much better objective control on the board * Getting all the 15 Knights into combat when charging is not going to be possible sometimes, specially against some armies or some scenarios, so then you are losing the main point of playing more Knights (damage output when charging); I feel that in most cases it is not gonna make an actual difference whether charging with 10 or 15 Knights * You are also losing some resilience and survaibility missing those 10 extra wounds, but since the aim is precisely letting them die to resurrect them again faster and more easily, that's not really a downside * So, even if you manage to charge with 15 Knights, then they will die slower than 10, and after that it might be more difficult to bring them back as well, whereas 10 Knights will die faster so that can be back sooner and ready to make another charge. This could lead to a comparison where you are comparing a 15-Knight charge vs 2 charges of 10 Knights (to me the latter is the winner for sure, since it can make a huge difference choosing a different target on the battlefield and doing a lot of damage once again) Do you think the same?
  2. Hello guys, I'm just getting started on FEC so I have to build my first 1,000pt list and I have the following models (not assembled yet): Abhorrant King (on foot) Abhorrant Archregent 30x Crypt Ghouls 9x Crypt Horrors/Flyers So which list do you think might be better? Thanks!
  3. So which list do you think is better right now for Deathmarch? 15 BK + 30 GG + VLoZD + 3x10 skellies 10 BK + 30GG + VLoZD + 40/10/10 skellies I don't know about it because having another big unit of 40 skellies seems quite tempting in order to increase bodies on the army (it seems pretty low otherwise). and I don't know if 5 extra BK are that worthy then, specially considering that it won't be easy to get all them in combat at once most of the times. On the other hand, which one of these is better to choose? Grand Host of Nagash for Lords of Nagashizzar and Ossific Diadem (+1 attack and an extra 6+ save for BK thanks to the Wight King on Steed) Legion of Sacrament for the 3'' extra movement, which may be nuts along with the 4'' from Deathmarch (but not much benefit otherwise)
  4. You guys say that GG should be pick basically on GHoN because they are battleline, but you are forgetting that when playing Deathmarch you are also meeting the battleline requirements (since you are forced to include 3 skeleton units), so you can just field a unit of 30 GG with the Legion of Sacrament for the extra 3'', and using the Soulkeeper endless spell for the GG. All that leads to an extra 7'' movement as well as a potential turn 1 charge with both the 30 GG and 10-15 BK with the Wight King. I know this is de GHoN topic, but I'm actually starting to feel that playing Deathmarch under LoS seems the most competitive list for Death, at least for the point cost.
  5. GG going down to 140 points for 10, and 360 for max size, so not a big drop unless you are running 30 of them (which I do luckily). So with those 60 points reduction we can take the Soulseeker endless spell and try a turn one charge on the enemy, which might be awesome (I don't know if someone has got success doing so). Other than that, Morghasts drop to 200, but substantial increases for magic tough: Necromancer goes up to 130, Arkhan goes up to 340 while Neferata and Manfred are 380 now, and our Lord Nagash also increasing to 850...
  6. It is said on the Wight King warscroll that he can be mounted on a skeletal steed... So yes it is an option I assume. I'm leaning towards LoS over GOhN now since there are also powerful realm artifact options such as the Ethereal Amulet, and a +7'' extra movement becomes so much important in order to be able to charge on turn one with Black Knights (which is a key part of the strategy).
  7. For me it feels quite tough to maneuver and move all 15, not to mention that it is quite unlikely that all of them would be able to pile in and attack in combat phase, that's what I thought that 10 Black Knights would be just enough for that purpose. Yet I get your point and I'm more and more leaning towards the conclusion that LoS synergizes extremely well with Deathmarch simply because of the `+3`` movement regardless of any other allegiance.
  8. Hello, I'm going to play this Deathmarch list: Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon Wight King on steed (blade & shield) Necromancer 40x skeletons with spears 10x skeletons with swords 10x skeletons with swords 30x Grave Guard with greatblades 10x Black Knights 1930 / 2000 points 1 extra command point The thing is I'm not sure about which allegiance to choose: Grand Host of Nagash or Legion of Sacrament. I know the +3`` movement from LoS is fantastic and adds an awesome movement capacity to the 4`` Deathmarch movement, so it makes the army insanely fast and makes up for one of the main weaknesses of this army (slowness). But aside from that, it feels to me that the other stuff from GHoN is just too powerful to ignore since it potentiates survability and offensive power from these units so much: Lords of Nagashizzar, Ossific Diadem... As well as other stuff that might become quite in handy such as Legions Innumerable (though the +3`` from LoS seems quite better). Which one do you think is a better choice? Is LoS worthy just for that increased movement capacity? Thanks!
  9. But battalion also benefits other units, gives you +1 artifact... So you are probably going to play one battalion anyway in most list, then Deathmarch becomes a really interesting one because all of the above. GG has smaller base size as mentioned before, so that makes up for the Reapers larger attack range. And that is considering only number of attacks, but when it comes to damage output, GG have a better one for the reasons I mentioned above (+3 To Hit, doubling wounds when rolling 6). I'm not saying Reapers are bad, they are actually very good. But they might not be an auto include over GG in all scenarios because, with the right support and under some specific conditions, GG can become at least as powerful as Reapers.
  10. Not only because of base size but also all buffs and synergies that exist for GG within a Legions of Nagash army battalions such as Deathmarch (better movement, more regeneration potential...) where they are actually mandatory for the battalion. Same happens with some other battalions. (besides they count as Battleline on a GHoN army, for example). And I don't think GG has a worse attack by any means: they have a better "to hit" stat (3+) and their damage is doubled if they roll a 6, so they are actually better imo offensively speaking.
  11. I still feel a big unit of 30 Grave Guard can work pretty well even at the competitive scene. I actually remember some very succesful lists at major events including the Deathmarch battalion with 30 Grave Guard on it (there was one at least at NOVA Open that was posted in this forum if I recall correctly). The only problem about Grave Guard is that they are really overcosted given how extremely squishy they are so that most of the times they can't do anything substantial on combat before being severely decimated. However, supported by the right units, heroes and rules which allow them to survive for longer they can reach combat stage in a much better position, thus allowing them to smash absolutely everything. This means the only way to make them viable is by playing them on big blocks for survivability purposes, and putting resources around them to make them faster (Deathmarch), enhance their regeneration (heroes, artifacts and command traits) and taking opponent's attention away from them (playing a VLoZD and big blocks of 40 skellies or 10-15 Black Knights are always a good way to distract your enemy and force them to divide attacks). All this allows them to get in combat as soon as possible in a good position, and that's when they really shine and become an unparalleled unit in terms of damage and killing potential. This way, they suddenly become just no that much overcosted, and perfectly viable.
  12. I'm leaning towards this list to start an upcoming league at my local gaming club: x1 Wight King with shield 'n sword on steed (General, Ossific Diadem and Lords of Nagashizzar) x1 Necromancer x40 skeletons with spears x10 Black Knights x10 skeletons with swords x10 Grave Guard with Greatblades The idea is to put pressure on the enemy army from the beginning with a big mobile block of 10 Black Knights supported by the Wight King which can survive long enough to either kill some of the key units and heroes or just keep them engaged on close combat (with Ossific Diadem and Lord of Nagashizzar the charge can be truly brutal). This gives the big mass of skellies and the necromancer some valuable time to reach the enemy positions and smash them all since the opponent is forced to pay attention to Knights and King from the very beginning of the game (the 10 skeletons with swords are there just for grabbing objectives). Meanwhile, the 10 Grave Guard are a flexible tool for summoning purposes: they start on reserve since GG are not resilient at all, but since they are extremely killy and able to kill potentially anything even on small units, they will be summoned on gravesites close to the enemy position by either the Wight King early in the game to add more pressure on the opponent side and try to shut down some key enemy units fast, or they will be summoned later once the Necromancer has reached enemy position to wipe out the weakened enemy forces along with the big skeleton mass after the Black Knights and Wight King's attack so that it is then harder for the opponent to deal with all of it.
  13. Hello guys, I'm deciding between these 2 different army lists, I've got some questiones regarding both lists soI might appreciate any insight and help to decide: LIST 1 Legion of Sacrament allegiance Necromancer (general) Necromancer 40x skeletons with spears 10x Grave Guard with greatblades 10x Black Knights 5x Dire Wolves And 40 points left for one Endless Spell. So I have some questions about this list: which endless spell should I choose? ¿Maybe better splitting Black Knights into 2 units of 5? I was also unsure about going for Legion of Sacrament and not including a Wight King since it could be great on a Deathrattle-centric army like this, so I have thought of this other alternative list: LIST 2 Grand Host of Nagash allegiance Wight King with blade and shield (general) Necromancer 40x skeletons with spears 10x Grave Guard with greatblades 10x Black Knights Extra command point And 40 points left for Endless Spell. This time with the possibility of splitting Black Knights into 2 units as well. Now with the GHoN benefits for Deathrattle and the Wight King's command ability, but not as much magic power and bodies as the List 1. What do you think about both? Which one seems more competitive or balanced?
  14. Hello guys, I'm struggling to find a suitable hardcase with proper sized foams to transport my skellies with spears and 28mm models with large weapons. The thing is, from what I'm seeing, the standard size for slots on foams are 25x50mm so that's a bit of an issue since the height of skeletons including spears is around 60-65mm tall... Damn spears! I haven't found any solution so far, how do you transport yours? Have you found proper foams for transporting your skellies with spears? Thanks!
  15. Yep, and maybe Darkoath won't have casters as well?
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