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  1. The maker of warscroll builder shared on Twitter a few days ago that he's already at work to update it for 3.0. So it's staying where it was.
  2. I played 3 games till now, yet only one with BoC, the other two were Troggoth and Skaven. Although I like it a lot, I feel this edition is yet more about extremes. A unt must have a role: either to hold the line (because resistent or unkillable or slippery) or you break the line (hit damn hard). Some units can do both ok-ish. For BoC the issue is we are always in the weak middle, not punching hard enough, not survivable enough. This is the reason I and others found bestigors in a weird spot. In 3.0 if you can't hold the line you want chaff, so you want those bodies as cheap as possible, no matter how hard they hit or what add-ons they get if they cost a lot more they are not worth it... So Centigors and hounds suffer the sa.me problem as bestigors: they add speed compared to gors but gors are already fast enough, and they still lack punchiness so why bringing them to the table?
  3. They were ok... I mean they are a 170pts monster, so they can punch waaaaaay above their weight, so as a first impression I can say I was satisfied, yet as all of our army they have major drawbacks: - slow compared to how our army plays (they could easely get run and charge and still wouldn't be overpowered) - they lose power super fast - they do not last long - rend -1 is a joke
  4. Yeah yeah! You basically get 3 different heals: - heroic action (leadership test make it unreliable but it's still something) - Dragon Ogor new ability (2+) - spell on his warscroll So a potential nice total of 2d3+1 He does not need any CP to trigger any of his healings. As for reliable damage, mmmmh he can be more punchy than before, but I wouldn't call him a damage dealer 3A with -1 rend and D3 do not really tell melee monster. Even with Gnarlblade from Gawespawn so D5, it's stil 3A, and then you need Sundering Blades to push that rend to -2... You could even take the Flamming Sword spell and push that D to 6 But still on 3A, that's a huge commitement to get a mediocre fighter to be deadly... Ifound him to be good mainly because he can survive a battle, deal with chaff and smaller units, kill minor things, but I would never considering him as a hammer or a damage dealer. That is why I played 2 Chimeras and 2 Ghorgons. As sad as it might sound we have no damage dealing heroes, our best hero for that was a suicide Beastlord with Gnarlblade before the nerf in BR: Kragnos. I still hope one day we will get a true scale Shaggoth and a Doombull that feels as a Doombull (back in WHFB we were week but Doombulls were melee beasts, I miss that a lot). I've been playing a mono-troll army the past year for fun, and although not the most competitive still the rockguts can punch hard, really hard they are soooooooo much better the our Bullgors and even more survivable. Want my mad cows back.
  5. So... I actually had a game after a year or so since I stopped using them and moved to playing Skaven and Throggots. I played a friend withs Slaanesh... My list was: WARLORD: 385 Shaggoth 185 (Amulet of Destiny; Lightning-fast Monstruosity; Sundering Blades ) Shaman 100 (Titanic Fury) Shaman 100 (Tendrils of Anthropy) REGIMENT: 720 Shaman 100 (Knowign Eye; Vicious Stranglethorns) 10 ungors 70 10 ungors 70 10 gors 75 Bestigor 135 Bestigor 135 Bestigor 135 Alpha beast Pack: 440 chimera 220 chimera 220 Alpha beast Pack: 340 Ghorgon 170 Ghorgon 170 He used: Godseekers -Herald on Big chariot (amulet of destiny and flaming sword spell) -Herald on small chariot -Syll Esske Chariot Chariot Hellstrider w/ Scourges Slickblade Seeker Blissbarb Seekerx2 Dread Pageant I will not annoy you with the full BR, but this was the first time in a long while that I actually felt I had some thing I could do, rather than count the dead and manage the surviving bodies in order to take objectives... Considerations: Slaanesh is really really week, maybe not weeker than BoC but I had the feeling we are in the same tier kind of. Shaggoths are actully good now. With heroic actions (healing mostly), spells (healing mostly )and monstuos actions they kind last long and for 185pts they are kind of cheap. Monsters can do a lot of stuff (units are smaller, they are hard to pin now and can get something with their monstruos actions) and Chimeras for 220 are not bad at all, maybe using 2 is too much commitment but I like agressive armies so I'll keep trying them. Bestigors are... situational at best. In my game they did as well as 10 ungors, but I feel that against a more infantry oriented army they could be useful, but 135pts for a chaff unit in ana army where you get those for 70/75 is kind of wasted. Hope these are useful...
  6. Is there a reason why you are using Thanquol rather than the Warpseer Verminlord? I made a very similar list, but I have one less unit of ratogres, one less master Moulder, and whit those points I got myself 3 stormfiends.
  7. I think I'll try a super aggressive one! WARLORD: 385 Shaggoth 185 (Amulet of Destiny; Lightning-fast Monstruosity) Shaman 100 Shaman 100 REGIMENT: Shaman 100 10 ungors 70 10 ungors 70 10 gors 75 10 Bestigor 135 10 Bestigor 135 10 Bestigor 135 Alpha beast Pack: 440 chimera 220 chimera 220 Alpha beast Pack: 340 Ghorgon 170 Ghorgon 170 Wildfire Taurus 110
  8. You are definetely not the only one, since Kragnos (limited edition) is still available on the GW's site... I my hobby group (it's quite large, over 20 players), almost half of them are mainly destruction players between Ironjawz, Gloomspite, SoB and Beastclaw, and not one of them likes Kragnos. Actually most of them are burning with anger because of Godrakk being put aside and in his place they got a "horse" (that's how they call it). I thought I would be the saffest one since I still belive he fits perfectly into BoC, but oh man did those Orruk players got mad.
  9. That would mean that GW actually does know how army works... 🤣🤣🤣 I've lost all hope in BoC army until the new book... I do feel we are behind the corner but still, I am always afraid when it comes to our rules update.
  10. There is no cygor in the battalion. It's just +1 to hit in melee for WARHERDS if wholy within 12" of the named shaman. The battalion is: Shaman (he gets +2A with his staff) 2x bullgors 1x ghorgon That's it, nothing more and nothing less.
  11. Whoever wrote these rules, had really little time/will/idea on what to do with BoC... The general faction rules are kind of OK, but still not a huge buff, the rest is pretty much wasted paper...
  12. The Beastlord is basically the same: - got run and charge - does NOT reroll hits anymore, but gets exploding 6s vs. heroes Jabber-thing is still pretty much the same but "Aura of Madness now is: "roll 3d6 for an each enemy unit within 3'' of this model selected to fight. If the result is superior to the Bravery value of that unit, the unit gains +1A on its melee weapons but for each to hit roll of 1 it suffers 1 mortal wound after all of its attacks have been solved." the Battalion is cool but limited to the box content (shaman, named so no artifacts) 2 units of Bullgors and a Ghorgon. All WARHERD units get to add 1 to hit rolls ONLY if wholy within 12'' of the named Shaman
  13. Ok guys so we have new KEYWORD abilities in Kragnos: Gors (unit not keyword)can repeat charge rolls if they were set in ambush WARHERDS get to roll on a charge and on a 4+ they deal d3 mortal wounds (add 2 if they are a HER0 or more than 3) THUNDERSCORN roll a dice at the end of a combat fase on a 4+ you can heal one wound (add 2 if it's a hero or there are more than 3 models); then roll for each enemey unit within 1'' on a 4+ they suffer 1 mortal wound (add 2 if hero or more than 3 models) These are in addition the the other rules we already have
  14. I think we all do.... Imagine a perfect world were our God-like leader is an overgrown beast-spawn...
  15. I'll never get tired expressing my overal disappointement when it comes to bullgors: VISUALLY: oh man they are bad; they look like a basterd child of a steroid grown bodybuilder and a hairless rat, with the same dynamism of a greek column... They are bulls... i mean we've all seen the spanish corrida or the american rodeo, those beasts are massive but they are powefull, nasty and a lot quicker than what one might think.... Bullgors should be in terms of aesthetics the most dynamic of all mostruous infantry side by side with ratogres, and at the same time they should feel massivly powerful. Just copy the models from Total War there is nothing to invent... They already did it! GAMEPLAY: everything about bullgors is wrong. They are slow, especially compared to other big dudes, but bulls aint's slow, they are big but massivly strong in proprotion to their size, so they should't run as aelven kangaroos but neither shoul be foot slogging infantry... Also, if there is a creature outhere that should be able to RUN-CHARGE-DEAL IMPACT HITS I think based on common sense it should be a massive 2-legged bull on speed with the same psychological profile of Hannibal Lecter... Let's continue: hitting on 4's... Maybe it could have been ok, but then trolls hit all on 3+... Trolls, the dummest creature in the entire universe, and they all have range 2'' by using their bare hands while a Bull-man as tall as a Troll and twice as large, with an axe the size of a horse rider, is hittin with range 1''' Keep on going: Bloodgreed, is just dumb... Bullgors seem a lot like a rampaging unit on the field, not some ghouls feasting on dead bodies... I can't imagine bullgors stopping the carnage to eat. I immagine bloodgreed like a lot more "active" thing than just feeding, I see it a lot more as a bloodbath, with these massive monsters "ignoring wounds" due to the testosterone overdrive in their bodies rather than " a poor's man vimper thing", just like it used to be in the classical "tauromachia" (roman and greek bull killing rites) spectacles. And again just look at them in Total War, Minotaurs are not a grinding unit, they are a hammer weilding a sledghammer, they hit, and than hit again, and keep hitting till their is blood in their veins, if they get bogged down theey are still naked 4m tall cows, they go down... Make them fast, super killy and force the BoC players to use them with dynamism (something that our army is already all about), and they will be great. I will not even mention the fact they have 2A (3A for a Doombull...............is the saddest thing ever since he is basically my overall favorite character in the entire WH lore since ever) and their horns are 4+/4+ NO REND 1D...... a 2m long horn is NO REND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I get carried away and I hate GW so much (which kind of is ok, and perfectly suited for a BoC player...) Sorry for the super salty post but bullgors make me so angry!
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