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  1. Splitbristle

    Hardest kit you've built?

    This thread is making me laugh I'm also in the Spirit host camp, super tricky but once you nail the sweet spot it's all good. Took me a few tries. I also struggled with Tree Revenant hair parts and the arms on the Wildwood Rangers. Fiddly little Aelves....
  2. Splitbristle

    Going for a wander

    Looking great!
  3. Splitbristle

    Describe your gaming group

    And a curry!! Don't forget the curry. Just to add to this -After returning to the hobby after a 20yr gap I bounced around a few other local gaming groups and didn't really find any of them overly friendly or particularly welcoming and was considering knocking it on the head. Thankfully the power of the TGA forums put me in touch with these chaps and it's been amazing so far. @RuneBrush and @Chrisdanish are both amazing painters so that helps push me (I'm still terrible though). The games we play are always in the right spirit and always a lot of fun. It's been a great journey so far and long may it last!
  4. Splitbristle

    Review - Maggotkin of Nurgle - Rotbringers Scrolls Pg3

    You try and stop me!
  5. Splitbristle

    Review - Maggotkin of Nurgle - Rotbringers Scrolls Pg3

    Oh wow, that was a good read. Even more excited for this than I was (and that was quite excited). Cheers @Chris Tomlin and hope you feel better soon fella. Off to buy a few more boxes of Blightkings now...
  6. Splitbristle

    New Nurgle models

    Very, VERY happy about all of this, have had to put up with my regular gaming buddies getting all the books and shiny new toys so it's nice to have something confirmed! Was supposed to be starting a new army in 2018 but that's not going to be happening now... Just wondering if the Blightkings on Drones will be benefitting from the disgustingly resiliant save now?
  7. Splitbristle

    Tell us your Christmas Projects!

    Might actually win inititative that way then wooohoo!
  8. Splitbristle

    Tell us your Christmas Projects!

    I think my Xmas break will be spent mostly trying to put together the Redemptor Dread for 40k but I would also like to start thinking about a Living City list for a new army next year and hopefully doing a few more Wanderer models for Skirmish. Oh and hopefully beating the snot out of @Chrisdanish this Thursday in a 2000pt game
  9. Splitbristle

    Nurgle Daemons - from zero to hero (hopefully)

    I'm a big fan of the 6 Drones backed up a GUO. He sets off their buff and his spell can heal them back up. Had a lot of success against a Khorne army with that little attacking blob.
  10. Splitbristle

    Nurgle blightkings good or bad?

    I love running Blightkings with the Harbinger for the extra save, I also make him my general and chuck Lord of War on him so the BK's Blighted Weapons goes off on a 5+.
  11. Splitbristle

    2000pts Mono Nurgle, first game need help

    I thought the same thing, then I looked at the Warscroll on the GW website for the Drones where the wording is a little different https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/aos-warscroll-plague-drones-of-nurgle-en.pdf
  12. Splitbristle

    When did you first get into GW games?

    I've had minis since the mid 80's when a school friend brought some of his older brothers pre-slotta goblins, knights and who knows what else into school. I had no idea what they were for but I was heavily into The Hobbit as a child, and they looked so cool I was hooked. Then via Fighting Fantasy books and, weirdly, the TMNT role playing game I discovered GW with a few school friends in comprehensive school. This was around the time of Rogue Trader and WHFB 3rd edition. We got heavily into it for the next 5yrs or so and played everything GW had - Blood Bowl, Epic, Space Hulk, Space Fleet - you name it we probably gave it a go! Then came University and beer and ladies and other types of fun and the hobby dropped right away. Got back into it around a year and half ago after chatting to a long time skateboard friend who is also into the hobby (and an amazing painter) - when I told him I had a ton of old stuff in the garage he got really excited so I sent him some to paint, he got stoked - I got stoked on him being stoked and picked up a paint set. I have a 5yr old with mobility issues too so figured this could be something we can do together, AoS came along at just the right time as something to focus on and a good way to ease myself back into the swing of things, and I'm fully back into it now! The boy still doesn't understand the need for set rules so usually makes up his own but we do have a lot of fun trying. Also got a great little local crew going now with @RuneBrush and @Chrisdanish which is really helpful.
  13. Splitbristle

    Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    Sounds good, might be one to draw some of the other AoS players in - perhaps a mini-tourney on one of the long opening days?
  14. Splitbristle

    Hello from Hamburg

    Glad you are enjoying the city, definitely one of my favourite places to visit. Hope you are getting to see a lot of it! Let me know how you get on at the games shop, that area of Hamburg (Sternschanze) is where I usually stay (my friend lives just round the corner from the shop) so I know it fairly well. Would like to visit again later this year but not sure if my finances will cover it
  15. Splitbristle

    Hello from Hamburg

    Hi, lucky you getting to move to Hamburg! Love that city. Afraid I don't live there but try to visit once a year - I stumbled across a gaming shop a year or so ago and it seemed like a cool little place where you might be able to get a game. It's called TableTopShop on Eimsbütteler Str. They did use to have a website but I think it's all on facebook now. I believe there are a couple of GW stores too, one in the centre and another a bit further out. Hope that helps, good luck getting a game!