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  1. I've paid. Can you confirm you received my payment for me (Rory) and Kieran?
  2. Is it too early to put names down yet? Really keen to get a couple of tickets.
  3. My big plan for the year is to focus on my Stormcast and Beasts of Chaos army. BoC probably won't be tournament ready until the second halve of the year. I've got a thematic Necromunda campaign running in Radstock, which will be the 3rd project I'm looking at finishing (not sure if I will ever finish the terrain). Im also hoping to finish a necron army this year as it is easy to paint as well as doing a bit frostgrave to help break up the slogs above. I've already got a million unfinished projects, but I'm really tempted to get CMON's ASOIAF as they look great miniatures and the game is suppose to be good.
  4. @Chrisdanish Sorry Chris, Sean has pulled out. Is there any issues caused by this?
  5. Hello All, I'm having issue building a cygor All was fine, until I got the part where you build the first arms. These 2 parts for the beasts left arm (17 and 18) don't seem to fit together properly. I either seem to have massive gaps no matter on how I try to fit them together. Has anyone tried this kit and is anyone able to help with this? I've included a picture showing how best I can get it to fit.
  6. @TheAdequateWargamer Yeah. That is fine.I'll get a 2k list ready.
  7. Kieran friend Sean has said he can make it. He also advised that he would like to attend the meal afterwards, but don't worry if its too late. What size games are we doing on the 6th?
  8. Kieran and Sean are both up for this. Guess the 16th is date we will work with?
  9. I'm in. Can do any Sunday. I'll ask Kieran and Sean if they want to. Christmas jumpers should be mandatory (for the game least). I personally reckon we should find one of those ridiculous deamon name's which is really hard to pronounce and watch the fun begin
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