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  1. When you're mixing paints in an effort to find the perfect hue for a Nurgle Daemon and the mark of Nurgle spontaneously appears, you know you found your recipe:
  2. My plan was to start with the feculent gnarlmaw today, but I got sidetracked by the Spoilpox Scrivener:
  3. I haven't painted for a couple of months due to being busy with work, family, life. But This month I'm hoping to finish my Nagash and maybe a feculent Gnarlmaw. And Mortarion, but he's not AOS so I won't post any pictures of him here. I did manage to paint my Lord of Plagues who was patiently waiting, all primed and ready for about 2 years now. Here he is:
  4. @MrCharisma I subscribed. I look forward to more videos. Keep up the good work!
  5. I'll have to hurry up. I pledged to paint the Sepulchral Guard and Garrek's Reavers, but I'm also participating is the Malign Portents painting thread on the forum. After this I still need to assemble and paint a Malignants Start Collecting! set. But my Sepulchral Guard is nearing completion, so the glass is half full.
  6. Oh my. This is wonderful! And after reading your backstory for them they totally remind me of Ren and Stimpy. They even look like them with the one being a skinny, small, irritable git and the other being a big, sweet complete idiot. Come to think of it, the cartoon was more often than not disgusting.
  7. Work in progress. I finished the basecoat on the entire sepulchral guard and got started on the cape of the warden. The cape is tons of fun to paint! Excuse the crappy iPad camera...
  8. I can't decide! I have a brand new Malignants, Flesh eater courts and Skeleton horde (Christmas haul was a good one!). FEC seems to be popular here already. I'll paint the Malignants.
  9. This month I'll paint the Sepulchral guard and Steelheart's Champions.
  10. I managed to sneak in some free time this morning, a rare treat! So I got started on Garrek's Reavers. I would have loved to get the base colours done, but unfortunately I ran out of time. I'll try to continue on Saturday.
  11. Well, the first part of my December contract is nearly finished. Now I'm waiting for the paint I ordered to arrive so I can complete the bases. These were the first Orruks I've ever painted. The yellow was a pain but I really enjoyed painting the skin. My second project is Garrek's Reavers, but the paints I need for their skin are also in the box full of goodness I'm still waiting for... I might start on the Grot Scuttlings of Silver Tower in the meantime.
  12. Ok, my Shadespire to do-list for December: - finish Ironskull's Boyz -Garreks Reavers If I have time left I'll get started on the Sepulchral Guard.
  13. I didn't play or collect the old Warhammer before. When Aos was released I was drawn to it immediately and got hooked in an instant. But by then, the old scenery sets were out of production and people ask a small fortune for them second hand. So I really hope they re-release some of them and make some brand new sets as well. I also want to see Shadespire expanded. It's a great game and the miniatures for it are awesome. Lastly, I hope that the Darkoath are a complete army, not just some characters and a squad or two, and that they are part of the Destruction grand alliance. We have more than enough Chaos already.
  14. I got started on the metals of the shoulderplates tonight. It's the first time I use Vallejo Metal Color. I'm impressed how rich this paint is and how smooth it is to use.
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