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  1. That's an excellent idea. Too bad I decided to give my Nighthaunts the egyptian look already or I'd do that too. ^^
  2. (x) doubt To be honest, with my current list building I only plan Katakros for >2k games anyway. I'm not about to min-max my lists but I feel like I have to leave too many things at home to add him to my lists at 2k or less.
  3. Ah right, I forgot that Gotrek is wrecking whole armies and has essentially ruined the game like predicted by so many people.
  4. Not sure it was that random but also as already said before there was a lot of lucky dice involved. The flank with the Crawler was holding for much longer than it should have effectively keeping the Slaanesh player away from the other half of the board with the rest of the Bonereapers including Katakros.
  5. Slaanesh had 2 regular Keepers, Shalaxi Helbane, two Endless spells, 3 Fiends, 3 units of Hellstriders iirc and potentially some other stuff I don't quite remember. OBR had Katakros, the mounted named character, a Boneshaper, 1 Crawler, 1 Harvester, 5 Deathriders and some Mortek Guards. Also the terrain piece right in the middle of the board.
  6. About as good as judging the balancing of a new army after just one game on a stream. ^^
  7. Even more fun when the unit in melee is the Harvester. Either he removes them from the front and triggers the Harvester or he removes them from the back and triggers the Soulstealer Carrion.
  8. Possibly, but not necessarily. Those are all just assumptions bordering on wishlisting. We'll see whether GW sees a need to make them separate factions. (your comparison with DEATH factions is pretty lacking though since you'd have to include CoS, SCE, Duardins and Seraphon in that comparison on the ORDER side as well).
  9. Yeah but we didn't get "Fire Skeletons" either but instead the Crematorians Legion as subfaction for the Ossiarch Bonereapers. GW can add in a ton of theme and flavour via subfactions and realms.
  10. Hate me, but I personally don't see the point of light or shadow aelves as an extra faction. GW can do that easily by a 'generic aelve faction or even Kurnothi and give them a Hysh and an Ulgu based subfaction along with some others.
  11. Acronyms are all good and fun, but they have to come naturally and there's a limit on how many you can use without the text becoming unreadable. It's also somewhat of a barrier for people new to a community.
  12. Just because one sells better it doesn't mean they can't do both. Good generic terrain is still highly appreciated. It just means it sells slower than faction terrain.
  13. Yeah they pretty much said themselves that terrain kits without rules/generic rules don't really sell well but once they do what they did with the faction terrain people jump on it.
  14. Oh jeez, Craftworld Eldar in 40k have been without new models for years until just last month. Not getting new models doesn't equal getting squatted. Not to mention that the post was about not getting faction terrain equaling getting squatted.
  15. To be fair, the Sylvaneth terrain is nothing special. People have been building forest terrain pieces for almost as long as wargaming exists so you could get your Sylvaneth terrain for much cheaper than buying the model GW provides.
  16. Sometimes I wonder where people get their confidence from considering there's no precedence for such a claim so far.
  17. Teenagers have a very different value for money than what we used to have back then. Not all of them but the average for sure. Technology is a fix part of their life and technology is expensive. While getting a Playstation1 or a Gameboy or whatever was a big thing for us in the past you barely get two games for the newest console for the same kind of money today, not to mention the newest console itself. Or a smartphone. Or friggin cloths. So while we see the increased price for a box of Warhammer models and know that it's way more expensive than it used to be ... teenagers probably don't think much more about it than what we were thinking about the boxes when we were teenagers. P.S. please hit enter every once in a while. A wall of text is very tedious to read.
  18. I'm missing some options in the poll, so I'll just make a post. I love faction terrain, especially that it's for free unlike in 40k where you have to pay for it with points and only get extremely underwhelming effects in return, but I also like it because it adds a lot of flavour to the armies and the board you are playing on.
  19. That's where positioning comes into play obviously.
  20. Last time Bravery really mattered I can remember was in warhammer fantasy where breaking morale was actually a chore mechanic to win fights (and it only worked there because winning a fight by X meant the enemy got a negative modifier of X for their test ... regular bravery checks like for Fear and Terror and such didn't work well either). In not a single of GWs warhammer games with loose unit formations I've played so far has Bravery/LD/whatever really worked as it should because GW keeps giving immunity, high values and dimnishing effects away like free candy.
  21. And they don't. They openly admit and report regularly that they make big cash ever since their restructure. Financially GW is doing better than ever and the fact that their sales keep rising despite increasing prices speaks a very clear language. One that very much disagrees with you.
  22. Uhm ... the Harvesters place is in melee. You WANT him to charge and to be "exposed to attacks". That's its place. The healing is a nice bonus, but the main point of that unit is to deal damage. Also the short range on the Crematorian explosion is a non-issue since it's supposed to be something that trigges in melee where everything stands close to eachother anyway.
  23. I'm very sure if that were the case they'd do that. There's literally no point in increasing prices if it doesn't end up generating more money for them.
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