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  1. I used to play WHFB back in the days but took a break from warhammer because WHFB 8e wasn't to my groups liking, GW introducing fine ****** and the FLGS owner being a ****** so we lost our place to meet and hobby too. Picked up 40k after a few years with a new group, after a while realised that even though I love 40k too the pure fantasy setting is more my thing and the AoS models are beautiful while 40k is only just ever so slowly getting updated models. Plus I have no hope that GW can ever reign in the rampant ranged damage output in 40k without at least half of the community starting a ****** that would make them go back on it and I'm pretty sick of a big part of my army being gone turn 1 regardless of terrain (more LoS blocking terrain helps but it's not enough tbh) and thus having to plan to bring multiples of a unit I like just to have a chance of using it in a game at all.
  2. For that kind of project I'd really go for center piece models or characters to be honest. They just offer more fun details to look at compared to your basic infantry guys or whatever. Also it's probably not particularly helpful to make a fix plan of what to buy for all factions just yet considering that over the time you're working through that list GW is likely to release new models for some of those factions anyway. So better start with the latest released factions and plan to do the oldest factions last to give GW time to release something awesome and new you might want to get instead of what there is today. So going by what I said above I'm going to list only a few factions: DEATH Ossiarch Bonereapers - Gothizzar Harvester. My absolute favourite model of the new faction with lots of fun details (just take a look at the 3D view in their webstore). Katakros would be another obvious choice, however imo any character would do as well. Nighthaunt - Black Coach or Reikenor the Grimhailer, but again any of the characters would work too. CHAOS Hedonites of Slaanesh - I'd go with either Shalaxi/Keeper of Secrets or The Masque, though a unit of Fiends would work nicely too imo. Also, again, characters.
  3. The 'Eavy Metal paintjob is usually to highlight details of model. There are other paintjobs in the battletome that look much better but aren't as good for showcasing the models themselves.
  4. You're asking for very specific things when the answer is much more simple and pretty unsatisfying. Literally anything can be good if it's undercosted. Mobility, huge damage output, durability and whatnot are all great things but even a unit of the weakest and slowest models would be good if it would cost only 1 point per model (or potentially even less considering back in WHFB the White Dwarf Gnoblar army had stuff costing half points already).
  5. Swords seem to be definitely better currently unless you field Mortek Guard of >20 models, however there's something to be said about rule of cool and the everchanging balance in warhammer. If in a few months or years GW happens to make spears better than swords and you only took swords because they were stronger even though you liked the look of spears better you'll definitely regret it. Personally I'm going with one unit of 20 with Spears and one unit of 20 with Swords (maybe even split them into 2x10) and for my 5 Deathriders I'll go with Spears as well.
  6. Because thematically the Mortis Engine is something a Necromancer uses that enslaves Nighthaunt so it would be pretty weird for them to use it in their ranks. GW would have to rewrite the whole thing or add a second version of it to make sense which is honestly just not worth it. They already got special attention with the Black Coach as is.
  7. It just means that instead of having to roll to wound and the opponent being able to do an armour save at -2 you wound automatically and the opponent can't do any armour save at all. It's not supposed to do additional damage, just make it even harder to prevent the damage.
  8. Yeah two of each is a bit much but 2-1 or 1-2 is perfectly fine imo. Personally I'm going to get two Harvesters for sure as they are my favourite models of the range which means only one Crawler. If it were not for the Harvesters I'd get two Crawlers for sure though.
  9. Yeah but that doesn't matter if mirror matches are something rare. Especially if it's great in otherwise tough matchups. Generally though, since I'm not really a tournament player, my advise is to buy models primarily because you likethem aesthetically or theme/fluff-wise and only secondarily for how strong they are.
  10. Just because many people are excited about them and them generating lots of talk at the moment it doesn't necessarily mean you'll see them on tournaments everywhere. It's a new army people have to buy all the models for and then assemble and paint as well. Also not everyone who talks about them will be starting them as well. And finally there's always a difference between global/forum meta and local meta. So it remains to be seen how strongly OBR will be represented in the tournament scene and more importantly in the tournament scene relevant to you.
  11. Definitely. In WHFB a big chunk of woods or impassable terrain on one flank basically meant that this flank was unplayable by default except for some of the fastest units (those in loose formations and such). The deployment and movement phase decide how most games went back then since you won most fights by getting into the opponents flank (denied the opponent passive bonuses from ranks and stuff and gave you additional bonuses which together with the casualties caused iirc decided who won the fight). Without being able to quickly surround impassable terrain or to quickly move through forests (which halved movement of most units) doing that was almost impossible. In AoS you barely care for woods or when there are two buildings super close to eachother unless the opponent actively exploits the terrain to put you in a disadvantageous situation ... which honestly is a great thing being able to do in games hence why it's a shame if there's barely any terrain on the board. Even the boards on the WarhammerTV stream usually lack terrain imo (then again I rarely watch those streams since the top down view they use 90% of the time is horrible).
  12. As a general guideline for me personally if a model costs 200+ points I'd take a max of two units. 3+ of such a model in a list I'd consider either a themed list for which it shouldn't matter too much whether it's a good idea or not, or a list that exploits a unit that's clearly stronger than it should be in which case the player should expect a nerf that potentially ruins that kind of list coming eventually anyway.
  13. Loadout is not an argument since monopose and multipart aren't exclusive to eachother.
  14. Who says you can't strike your foes when being on music and banner-bearing duty?
  15. It seems to be strong for now, but it's one of those things that can quickly backfire once you play with a bit more terrain or if GW decides to nerf them since they are a big chunk of your points and cost quite a lot of money.
  16. For an elite army it would make sense to have banner bearers be separated characters imo, so hopefully it's just that.
  17. Almost exactly the 2000p list I'm planning to build for my Crematorians. Just that I take 3 Immortis and a second Harvester instead of the 6 Stalkers and a Soulreaper instead of the Soulmason. Also I take way more spears but that's only because I don't care about min-maxing and prefer spears aesthetically.
  18. That's an excellent idea. Too bad I decided to give my Nighthaunts the egyptian look already or I'd do that too. ^^
  19. (x) doubt To be honest, with my current list building I only plan Katakros for >2k games anyway. I'm not about to min-max my lists but I feel like I have to leave too many things at home to add him to my lists at 2k or less.
  20. Ah right, I forgot that Gotrek is wrecking whole armies and has essentially ruined the game like predicted by so many people.
  21. Not sure it was that random but also as already said before there was a lot of lucky dice involved. The flank with the Crawler was holding for much longer than it should have effectively keeping the Slaanesh player away from the other half of the board with the rest of the Bonereapers including Katakros.
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