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  1. Like litereally any teaser. That's the whole point of them.
  2. The difference is stating something as a fact "x is dumb" and stating something as opinion and using it as opening to talk about it with others "I think x is dumb and here's why, let's talk about it". X is not dumb just because you think it's dumb. Is there any real point to the thread or is it just you ranting about something you personally dislike? When you state something like that it should be as a basis for a discussion since this is a forum, not your personal blog, and as such it should be somewhat objective or openly stated to be your personal opinion instead of trying to hide it as a fact. Additionally stating something like "x is dumb" as a fact about something you know several people enjoy without formulating it in a way that invites others to a friendly discussion about it, comes over as somewhat combative. I don't go into the Chaos forum and open a thread just to say "Chaos is dumb" either and there would really only be two reactions I could expect from such an approach ... either people being defensive because it was to be expected they disagree with me or people saying it's subjective in an attempt to smooth out the clumsy approach of the OP (me). You are perplexed by people stating that it's subjective ... I'm perplexed that I have to explain to you how interaction on a forum works. In germany we have the saying "Der Ton macht die Musik." which basically means "It's not what you say, but how you say it."
  3. I know reaper miniatures though. I've ordered a few times from them too. It's just a silly connection to make.
  4. 2 Harvesters is a lot for just 1000 points. I wouldn't recommend doing that. However at 1250p it would simply be adding another to my 1000p list so in my case it would look like this: Boneshaper Liege-Kavalos 20 Mortek Guard 5 Deathriders Harvester Harvester Bone-tithe shrieker You would even have 50p left for whatever.
  5. Considering I don't even know what you mean with "Reaper bones" I don't think it's confusing at all. Not to mention that "The Tithe" would've simply been wrong since they aren't the tithe. They are the tithe collectors.
  6. I'll be laughing so hard if GW releases an AoS Apocalypse or Epic AoS that plays similar to WHFB.
  7. Harvester because it's the best looking model of the range.
  8. So like in 40k the Landraider which is named after Arkhan Land who rediscovered the template for it and was called Land's Raider at first.
  9. As a native german speaker I have to say that I too find most Stormcast names pretty silly. ^^
  10. (x) doubt As long as you throw dice and there's even a tiny chance of failure it can't be 100% not to mention above 100%.
  11. Just because someone disagrees with you it doesn't automatically mean they aren't critical and are accepting every bs. You might want to take a step back and breath for a minute.
  12. A reason why I don't buy the german books. Names don't get translated, period. Hate it in games, hate it in books, hate it in general.
  13. Not sure why you would be rubbed up the wrong way by that comment or what it would have to do with him as person. It's just what it is.
  14. Oh wow that's some ancient website "design". They badly need someone who knows how to do stuff this century.
  15. To be honest, just like Mortal wounds on way too many things and rules and stuff that let people ignore anything to do with Bravery. GW has a talent for circumventing their own mechanics and adding "gotcha!" kind of rules.
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