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  1. ...huh? Sororitas Bloody Rose, Daemon Monster Mash (Keepers), Eradicator Marine Spam, Necron Silver Tide, and Harlequins were the early boogie men of 9E. In no way were Orks bad but I don't recall them being labeled trash only to present some dominant force on the scene. Goonhammer does have problems but I don't recall this being the case at all. Certainly not for years. Played a casual game at 1k against a newer player. List was Synessa + Syll'esske Blissbarb Archers + Hellstriders Blissbarb Seekers vs Eidolon + Akhelian King 3 Morsarr + 10 Thralls Allopex Went 2nd. Positioned carefully so that he would need massive charge and advance rolls in turn 2 if double failed. I did get the double. Moced forward and Pavane + the Blissbarbs murdered the Eidolon. Opponent felt really dejected by this but I assured him to keep playing. He doubled in response and tore through the entire army minus Syll'esske. Killed the Thralls and 1 Eel in the fight back but infamous turn 3 double for Idoneth was my doom. Closest thing to fun I have had. If I had the chance to take a turn I cold have retreated and screened out Synessa with Daemonettes. But due to the gargantuan threat range of his run and charge on turn 2, I wasn't able to even attempt to play the objective. Idoneth feels like a really powerful match up as they are faster than us thanks to flight letting them take shortcuts. 1000 is also agonizing as we don't have any hope of taking something like Gluttos, Keeper, or Bel'akor to help anchor us early game. Casual 1000 point game so I shouldn't be sweaty. Opponent had a lot of fun and learned a lesson about playing "on the backfoot," lol... Edit: Gluttos and Blissbarb Archers are overcosted. That doesn't mean they need a drastic change. They are still mandatory inclusions because they offer invaluable unique options for our army. 15 points off Gluttos and 10 off Blissbarbs would put them into a healthy catgegory. Same as the Exalted Seekers that need a 5 or 10 point reduction, same as Twinsouls and Painbringers that need 5 point reductions. The fact that Keepers, Shalaxi, Daemonettes, Fiends, Contorted Epitome (I'll die on this hill; beinf nearly the cost of Sigvald is appalling) and Slangors are so grossly overcosted that people are recoiling at the idea of "I get some use out of these units, why would we nerf their points?" Is genuinely a fantastic example of how sadly warped and overskewed our points costs are. That said, thanks Enoby for the work of cataloging all the data.
  2. All Heroic and Monstrous abilities should have the "Their Finest Hour" clause. Heroic Recovery slogfests ruin lower point games and warp 2000 point meta lists. I don't have a lot of other complaints for the edition because I feel like I need more experience, but this one seems real obvious.
  3. The pleasure barge is on its base and has seen games at our shop, it only lacks the characters which I don't have the desire to paint when Sisters, Tyranids, Soulblight, and Idoneth are all just as fun to paint with mutable lists. Go back in the thread 30ish pages and you will find me saying he is so good at 400 points he may need a points nerf despite the book as a whole being weak. He was great and one of our best units. Was...with the rest of our units going up and -1 to hit being capped with 3E, he shoild probably be 430 to 440. Only model I have no tabletop experience with is Syn/Dex. They look good, but completely separated from what the articles and story tried to convince us of. These models should have been the central point of the battletome with a new Faction, and the explanation of a mortal resurgence. Not a villain of the week in a supplement book. I was also there the night of leaks informing people Twinsouls would be one of the viable paths forward. They are good and likely where they need to be; maybe 5 points less, but probably fine. I love this army. I do. I still paint the daemon side and use them in 40k. I didn't even buy a Keeper in the years of our fresh battletome (Wanted to build up experience). https://imgur.com/a/WJkNAGE Progress on my Keeper (Can't find a current image) Magnetized poorly and still has a ton of work to be done but I poured my heart into this thing and pushed to the best of my capabilities. I can't find success with him outside of summoning. Maybe I am a bad player; maybe we all are. But bringing my centerpieve in a "Maybe I get to use this" box is not what I signed up for. In my 40k Daemons list opponents are terrified of this model. Sometimes it gets shot before it makes it in... But it started on the table. The fact that I have more fun being deprived of using this model on turn 1 vs bringing it on the table turn 2 or 3 speaks volumes. Again, I love the army. I do. And I will offer any advice or input to list building I can. But we spent 2 years smiling and nodding with the nerfs. The book came out and was seen as a miss, we submitted feedback, and the 3E changes flew in the face of all of that. So yes. I do see negativity as a possible option. Not toxic negativity, calling for people or directors to be fired. But negativity; unified, unquestioningly apparent consensus across all media platforms that GW can possibly see, expressing dissatisfaction. And I don't want triple keeper 70% win rates, let me make that clear. I literally want something in the range of 45 to 50 win ratio based on match ups and list design. My word choice and tone is harsh, but I feel my expectations are pretty reasonable... I just want to use my models. I own 12 armies between 40k and Sigmar, and even my Nighthaunt have semi viable builds like protect-Olynder. Only one feels bad every time I use it -- my favorite one.
  4. That's what happens when you release some incredibly expensive, difficult to build and paint models, and reward your fans with the 4th nerf in a row over a 2 year span while having the audacity to make a 110 dollar centerpiece kit not even 3 months later that is completely detached from the book. Then hype them up lorewise as the children of a Chaos god, only to have no reference to this plot shift in the book and in the lore they job to two humans and a Stormcast. Refer to then as Greater Daemons in the hype articles and deprive them of that keyword in their scroll... My Gluttos is still in sub assemblies. It has been months since this book came out and talking about it or thinking about it for more than a minute still makes me livid. They had a slam dunk and missed it; then the ref paused the game and gave them a ladder to climb up on their own with the advent of 3rd edition points change and they threw the ball into my face and broke my nose in response. I know this forum really encourages positivity where possible but pretending like the way this was handled is peaches and cream, and that it is okay to just be sub 40% win rate for 3 years until our next book is actually insane, and nothing will change unless there is unanimous outrage. A reminder to spark your frustrations if you somehow forgot: Slaangor Fiendbloods received the same points hike as Lumineth Sentinels into the 3E transition. There is nothing to delve into or uncover from the book and our points. Playtesters got it wrong. We need a change. Winter FAQ cannot get here soon enough.
  5. A 20 of Zombies has been really lackluster for me in practice. 6s are such a swingy mechanic. The unit also really wants bodies between shooting and fight back, on top of tar pitting. 40 Zombies and 30 Skeletons is showing up in a lot of lists for a lot of reasons. I was also a fool for not including Blood Knights, but I finally found a box and built them up. Very excited to have them done in time for our Path to Glory league!
  6. Slaanesh locus is no longer fight last, it is "can't pile in." It also only comes from their Daemonic HQs, which cost a truckload of points atm. As someone that plays both armies, if you are losing to Slaanesh atm with SBGL please show me both lists. I can either help you with a gameplan, or you may be playing against someone capable of polishing turds enough that I could put Slaanesh on the table again and not spend the next hour of my life being a salty whinerbaby.
  7. Played The Trap against Kharadaron Overlords today. They deployed in the corner and popped Spell in a Bottle Soulsnare Shackles. I'm Soulblight Gravelords. Our Path to Glory campaign officially starts in August and I think I went from being fantastically excited to dropping out of it before it even starts. The idea of PtG is awesome but tying win conditions to killing things exclusively amd eschewing the objective based gameplay is such a bad idea...
  8. Path to Glory has been miserable in my experience. Soulblight Gravelords, 2 games so far and I didn't even get to play in either of them. Game 1 I was surrounded and stuck in the center, and forced to split my army in half before the game began. Boingrot Bounders flanked both positions and rolled an 11 and a 12 on charge, Loonboss bolstered a block of 40 Grots on left flank, and Mangler Squigs smashed into Vengorian Lord. Since the opponent was allowed to set up within 7" of my units... about 630 points of my army were charged on turn 1 by 1000 points of Gloomspite Gitz. 6 wounds got through on my Necromancer (3" range attacks) amd rolled 2 1s and 3 2s. Instadead on turn 1 in a list of Skeletons and Zombies meant to be supported by him. Fun! Game 2 was against Kharadaron Overlords, and there was an invader and ambusher to select. He was the Invader holed up in the corner and dropped Spell in a Bottle Soulsnare Shackles in front of his army on turn one...honestly the worst experience of Sigmar I have ever had. Literally "So, you spent 500 dollars on an army that has no ranged units? In 3rd edition? What are you, stupid?!" I sure do feel stupid.
  9. Nope. Just got a massive release/overhaul. Nighthaunt, FEC, and Ossiarch are all in great need of attention for different reasons. A warband or a new Necromancer/Corpse Cart may come down the line in a battle box, but I wouldn't count on a "wave 2" for at least 2 or more years.
  10. SBGL has several shenanigans to help combat shooting. Fell Bats. Fly. 14" move. 75 points. Eat Unleash Hell on charge. Basic and likely ineffecient but the maneuvering ability of this cheap unit is invaluable because of the versatility. Deadwalkers (Dire Wolves with Belladamma Command also apply) are eligible to pile in and fight from 6" away. This is not a Charge and is not eligible to be "Unleashed" upon. Gorslav hidden behind terrain with a command point + a 60 man Zombie unit is actually gross durability. Back it up with a 30 man Skeleton unit and a 10 Dire Wolf to escort Belladamma... Belladamma + Spell Portal: tie down a ranged unit and then charge their screen. If you kill 2 Musketeers they have to do 4 wounds on the swing back, which may require them to pile in awkwardly and set themselves up to being engaged in when you pile in against the screen, or allow you to claim an objective if they must pile in to a wolf that is placed opposite the ojective.
  11. Conquer, Ferocious Advance, Aggressive Expansion, Monstrous Takeover, and Savage Spearhead are all really solid tactics for this army to score. And while the army hits low, Radukar, VLoZD, and 80 Zombies are absolutely capable of getting Broken Ranks. Amulet of Destiny really feels like a mistake of an equipment, but I also feel like we would be one of the hardest hit by having it removed.
  12. To be fair, it is a similar situation to the Bonereaper Catapult. 3 of them in 2nd edition just meant you weren't getting to play with your support piece heroes, period. Those models tend to be the ones that draw people into the army and as such get more attention to paint jobs. It is no surprise that my OBR with even a single catapult or your LRL list with, say, 20 Sentinels opposed to 50 or 60, is still going to draw ire. In my mind, it is fine; it isn't like I am spamming the "problem" unit. The opponent doesn't care; they will remember the time their 200+ point support unit benefiting from Look Out Sir!, 7 wounds, and a 3+ save got targeted with a single catapult, all 3 shots hit and wounded, and they rolled a 1, a 5, and a 2 for their 3 saves. They're going to remember the time you got 5 6s on 20 shots and failed to make a single deathless save and picked up their Guardian of Souls turn 1. In their mind, the fact you even have the problem unit is the problem. Does it suck for us to be sneered at for things outside our control? Sure. Do I think situations like this should even be in the game to begin with? Noooooo. Honestly, points adjustments or whatever won't fix Sentinels. I like the no LoS threat they pose, they are just plagued by a problem that is running rampant in the game. Mortal wounds on 6 need to be moved to the wound roll, as rerolling wounds is a far rarer ability and is also a 2nd layer of rng gating the powerful effect more appropriately.
  13. Vyrkos Dynasty Belladamma Volga - 200 Gorslav the Gravekeeper - 75 Radukar the Beast - 315 Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon - 435 [Hunter's Snare, Amulet of Destiny, Flame Slash] Deadwalker Zombie x 40 - 230 Deadwalker Zombie x 40 - 230 Skeleton Warrior x 30 - 255 Vargskyr - 115 Fell Bat x 3 - 75 Spell Portal - 70 The update to Cursed City models being selectable on an individual basis has me tickled and this is the new version of the list I've taken to playing. Lots of fast ways to get charges, tons of dorks to clog the board afterwards, Belladamma Lycancurse shenanigans... by far the most fun army of 3rd edition for me. Almost feels like a blue+black MtG control deck. The army as a whole hits like a wet noodle but it is a cockroach that can tarpit an opponent for ages.
  14. Radukar the Wolf Anna Belladamma 20 Skellies 20 Zombos 10 Dire Wolves 3 Fell Bats Prismatic Pallisade Vs Liege Kavalos Boneshaper 20 Mortek 5 Deathriders Crawler Oppo took turn 1. Killed 9 Zombies with the crawler. Got 2 back, ran everything down field with heroes screened. Bella and Wolves took left flank against the Deathriders and Kavalos. Bats took far right flank. Doubled and collapsed; the Bats tagged the Mortek brick on a far flank and the Zombies smashee into the front of them. Literally no damage but they were forced to pile in backwards toward the Bats to pile enough attacks in. Oppo has seen me play Mortek and has been using them against my Slaanesh, but had never played against an attrition based list, or been properly zoned off objectives. Was a great learning experience. At the bottom of turn three I had 12 points to his 5. The only units left were Radukar, Anna, 4 Wolves and Belladamma. He literally only lost his Deathriders, but without them he couldn't threaten to steal. A big learning experience for us both. The Skeletons are really pillow fisted, and the Zombies basically need to be taken in blocks of 40. They do feel a bit overtuned as MSU 20. A 20 brick of Skeletons is good for blocking a lane, but you want to maintain a shape that makes it so the opponent's charge will be awkward to pile in with. Dire Wolves and Fell Bats are seriously our best units. For real, the Bats just warp so much of a game when the rest of our army is moving 4" on foot. Wolves are a fast tar pit that keeps Belladamma alive. I think at 1500 or higher you can start filling your list with more heavy hitters like Chadukar, Vengorian Lord, or VLoZD/Vhord. But at 1000 or less? If I didn't love the sculpt so much, replacing Annika for another pack of 20 Zombies would be pretty much the ideal list.
  15. Likely, yeah. Either way, on fringe cases like this I would lean toward the ruling that favors my opponent. It would be a powerful trick but propping your strategy up on it and having it taken away right now would be like falling out of a building, getting kicked while you were down, and thinking you could crawl away to safety only to fall down an open manhole.
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