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  1. Likely, yeah. Either way, on fringe cases like this I would lean toward the ruling that favors my opponent. It would be a powerful trick but propping your strategy up on it and having it taken away right now would be like falling out of a building, getting kicked while you were down, and thinking you could crawl away to safety only to fall down an open manhole.
  2. I missee Syll'esske entirely. Agreed, keep Sigvald and try to squeeze an endless in; even if it is something lackluster, we stand to benefit from small chip damage mortal wounds more than any other army really.
  3. 10 Twinsouls is 370, not 270. Drop a Painbringer unit to make room, swap Sigvald to get an Exalted Chariot Bladebringer and use the last 60 points on Soulsnare Shackles. Our army is dead against opposing Shackles so we want a Dispel chance for it in every list until it gets FAQed (And it will because it is unbelievably meta warping imo). If you are intent on going casterless, the extra 60 points can be thrown into upgrading 5 Painbringers into 10 Blisbarb Archers to be screened and utilize Unleash Hell, or 5 Blissbarb Seekers to help harass backfield objectives.
  4. Gluttos - 475 Lord of Pain - 155 (General) The Masque - 135 Twinsouls x 10 - 370 Blissbarb Archers x 11 - 180 Hellstriders {Scourges} x 15 - 405 Blissbarb Seekers x 5 - 220 Soulsnare Shackles - 60 List building is like squeezing blood from a stone... Anyway I don't own a Lord of Pain, 0 Hellstriders and 0 Twinsouls. No interest in rewarding GW with 200 bucks for bad behavior so I cannot play this list, but figured I would share for anyone that does own these models, I think it might be able to hold i
  5. I just bought a SC, Broken Realms Box, and a Creature Caster Queen of Malifica I have spent about 45 hours on now. I know painfully well what you are going through atm...
  6. Blissbarb Archers 180 at the top of the list made me nearly choke and then the changes got worse. We also lost access to our only cheap battleline in Chaos Warriors, which in and of itself increases our points on min battleline reqs alone by nearly 150 points on its own. It hurts, and it hurts a lot. On topic: A 15 unit of Stalkers + Morathi, some screens, some Khinerai... I think this is easily poised to be a top list in the meta still. The major things we lost, all other armies lost too. Morathi making it out at 660 is an actual steal.
  7. Bargaining, already? I'm still hung up on Anger, myself. Impressive.
  8. I only took 1 as it stood because Gluttos and Seekers along with Cavalcade tricks were the literal only way any unit in the game didn't mulch us on sight, which we now no longer have but still have to take the points increase on anyway! Yeah no stepping away from the internet for the day. Angry. To anyone who likes being stomped on, Symbaresh Twinsouls are the only way forward from what I see. Which I own 0 of. Have fun folks enjoy your gorgeous models I am gonna go be a sulking manchild for the next... ever.
  9. Literally selling my entire Slaanesh force after 4 years of collecting the models. I would say how I really feel but I would be banned. 4 points nefs in a row. 11 Blissbarb Archers are 180 but 10 Sentinels are 150? What an absolute joke.
  10. Got some games in against Tzeentch. Lost one, won one. Lists were: Vyrkos Dynasty - Belladamma Anna Cursed City Radukar and friends - 40 Zombies 30 Skeletons 10 Dire Wolves - 6 Fell Bats Spell Portal Chronomatic Cogs Vs Conflagration Faction Lord of Change Fateskimmer Gaunt Summoner 10 Pinks 10 Pinks 6 Flamers Exalted Flamer Chariot Flamer Chariot Flamer 3 Skimmers Emerald Lifeswarm The game I won involved Cogs and usin
  11. I have tried to make a post for like an hour now and keep deleting it because of how negative it is. I am instead going to say that, as a grown man, I should not be so crushingly disappointed in words and numbers associated with plastic toys. But boy oh boy I sure am.
  12. Kroak is confirmed from what I have seen. Denial was the first stage for me, too.
  13. At this point I unironically want the Twins to be auto win absurd OP levels of power. My playgroup has selective bias memory of "triple Keeper was unbeatable!" (I didn't purchase a single Keeper until last year, precisely because Keeper spam from the OG tome looked unfun to play against). Watching Tzeentch, KO, LRL, and Seraphon players all tell me my book is fairly pointed because "you know the alternative" yet collectively shrug their shoulders at my IDK and DoK armies with near 100% win rate... I just have absolutely stopped caring. I have one friend in the group that tries to be
  14. OH. It says "is treated as a general in addition to the model chosen as the army general." Is this the first time we have seen auch a stipulation outside of Slaanesh Invaders that allows 3 generals? Either way a battalion perk that turns on old General-locked Command Abilties or Battlelines like this is absolutely brilliant and I am happy to be wrong. I have a game in the morning and may honestly put my ghosts on the table, holy ******!
  15. Cute but doesn't work. The Olynder battalion specifically states she MUST be the general of the army if using the battalion. EDIT The battalion says "in addition to the model chosen for the army general." VERY pleasee to be wrong here!
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