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  1. You shouldnt have any issues using the Flesh Hounds as Salamanders/Razordons with a bit of conversion/kitbashing in an event. As long as it is somewhat obvious what model it is, it is generally fine. Many people have used Flesh Hounds and changed their backs + used a Cold One head from the Saurus Knight unit. Google is your friend.
  2. I personally dont think this is a good design - Duplicating the batallions. I find it somewhat lazy, boring and it actually limits design space imo. I would much rather have had 4 entirely different batallions focusing on different units, which you could pick regardless of subfaction/constellations. The issue with the current version is also that you might want X bonus from Y batallion, but oh wait, you are playing the wrong subfaction/constellation, so you are getting a different, likely less interesting bonus. Right now I feel like Seraphon is really missing a batallion for just Skinks or one for heroes like Slann/Kroak + Priest guys. Shadowstrike is OK, but it shouldnt force you into either Terradons/Rippers. What if I want Kroxigors or Razordons/Salamanders? It is literally impossible to make a solid but low drop army with primarily Skinks, without being forced into one route or feel that your list is severely gutted, which seems like such an odd design when they just released Changehost that is pretty boy "pick whatever the hell you want". I realize older tomes have it as bad if not worse, but I dont think we should look backwards and based things on that, rather improve. I dont want every army to be a no-brainder 1 drop list, but it seems odd some armies are just "yep you wont ever get to decide who goes first, enjoy your 10+ drops". Apologize for going a bit off-topic here. But yeah in general Im really happy about subfactions and having a forced artefact. Seraphon takes it a step further and lets you give up the forced command trait for a generic one, if you simply take a different general. I dont like the idea of a free buffet. There should be choices to be had, otherwise you would likely always pick the same artefact and same command trait.
  3. It gives you options. What if I want my Orruks to be some dank swamp living tribe. Doesn't fit any of the 3 subfactions - My army can be its own thing. You get to pick your own trait and artefact, not locked by any subfaction. That in itself can be a huge power boost - Considerably more than a subfaction's bonus. Edit: Again, I realize this HEAVILY depends on what battletome you have experience with. I might be spoiled by the Orruks Warclans one, but I absolutely love it and think it is a perfect design and it should imo. be expanded to current and new tomes too.
  4. Yeah it could be that Im just spoiled by the Orruk Warclans tome. I do think they did a great job at it and creating interesting choices, which I would hope they continued with onwards in future tomes. Having invested a fair bit of time into the Seraphon tome Im rather happy about the new sub factions too, although the way they set up the batallions is horrible. Way too restrictive when it comes to army building. Again, it could be Im spoiled by the Orruk Warclans tome where the batallions arent restrictive at all, especially Ironfist that is literally just "bring whatever you want".
  5. I think to a certain degree it makes sense that some sub factions have a forced artefact. Like if you're playing the "Sons of X", it makes sense the leader might have some relic that is related to these "Sons of X". I do think many tomes are written in a bad way, but looking at Ironjawz in Orruk Warclans as an example - You have 3 subfactions with forced command traits and artefacts. There are stronger things from the generic tables within the tome, but also from Malign Sorcery. This creates a situation where you technically have 4 choices - Sacrifice the good stuff for unique bonuses/abilities through subfactions, or sacrifice these goodies in order to pick superior traits/artefacts. Imo this is a good way of doing it.
  6. I am really curious what their plan is for the giants. How will they be different and play on the table? From what I gathered in the preview video, it said "giants and nothing but giants" - I guess there wont be any "gnoblars", but I guess you can always ally in goblins due to destruction if you wanted some more bodies. Outside of "hurr durr big giants on the table", I wonder how they will be much different than the current hyper elite forces we already have, like almost pure Stonehorn lists etc.
  7. Im honestly considering fielding 1 Bastiladon in a FoS list, simply to throw Mystic Shield on it and then use it to tie up things for likely multiple turns. If you can prevent spells (in my list my Kroak will have +3 to unbind from my turn 1 and onwards) dealing MW to it, and prevent units charging it with impact hits, you have good odds of keeping it at the top bracket for a while. Obviously I wouldnt throw it at a bunch of Hearthguard Berzerkers with Poleaxes, but if they have Boardaxes, you are having a laugh. Those dudes wont be moving for a long time.
  8. I mean you play whatever you want to play, but the list imo doesnt really make sense. You have 2 incredible fast hammers in the 2 Maw Krushas, but the rest of the army is super slow. You also have almost no bodies on the table to take objectives. Bonesplitterz are generally great, but they require buffs/spells to really bring the oompf, which you dont really have. Maw Krushas are generally not good for their damage, but for their speed. If you have 2, you really want to play to their full advantage which alas is speed. So the remaining army should compliment this by also being fast - That's why 2 Maw Krusha lists in Ironjawz always run 4x3 Pigs - They can somewhat keep up, instead of slogging behind and effectively be a waste of points.
  9. If you are gonna run Thunder Lizard with 2 Bastiladons, I would 100% get the Thunderquake Batallion and get the Aetherquartz Broch artefact. Otherwise, as the others have pointed out, you will have a rough time getting enough CPs to keep it going. Sure you might run OK the first round or two, but you want to keep going. Limiting yourself to Thunder Lizard with just 1 Bastiladon seems a bit weak imo. I would consider just going straight Coalesced so you arent locked into a specific artefact (if you dont want to change list to fit a Batallion), or possibly consider Starborne with Dracothian's Tail to deepstrike Sallies. But then again we are getting into this weird area where you want to run certain models in a certain subfaction due to rule of cool, neither might be optimal, but at the same time want to optimize the list.
  10. Not sure how much it will really affect things. I mean 10% is ok for people in the UK (no idea about Aussies or USA), but for most other people in the EU, it is still a significantly better deal to order off stuff like Elementgames due to exchange rates. At least until they leave the trade union in 2021. Most locals around here offer a 10-15% discount anyways, so it really makes no difference for me. I have no reason to ever buy directly off GW.
  11. I agree with this. On one hand it is kinda unique about Death that is it pretty much unified under Nagash' banner, on the other hand it is very boring to me. He seems way too strong compared to any other character within the faction and it seems like nobody can really question his rule or commands. All the factions follow his lead. It makes for a very boring and monotone grand alliance for me personally. Destruction is also kinda just.. There. I guess it doesn't help that almost all lore/story seem to be fixated upon Chaos (esp Archaon), Stormcast/Sigmar and Nagash. They started to tease Gordrakk and his ram made partly of a godbeast, but not too much so far.
  12. So my question is: How does deploying a unit inside a faction terrain that you can garrison, upon the start of the battle, actually work? It seems really hard to find any clarification on this, but it is also extremely rare - KO got almost similar rules, but they garrison a model/unit, not faction terrain, so obviously said model must be within the deployment zone as per usual. I have personally never played with a garrison situation before. According to the core rules for garrison: The rules above specifically say that you can set up a unit inside a terrain feature at the start of the battle, if it is wholly within the territory. No where does it state that the terrain feature must be wholly within the player's deployment zone. On many battleplans, half the table is one player's territory - See below. If the green is player A's deployment zone and red is player B's deployment zone, you have the middle which is each player's territory. What is preventing me from putting my (player A) faction terrain where the blue oval is located, and per the core rules above - Deploying a unit straight inside, which would be outside the deployment zone? If the typical deployment rules for this overrules the core rules above, the rules for garrison seems kinda redundant.
  13. I would always get the english version of the book to prevent mistakes like these. You really only have Brutal Beast Spirits for +1 to hit and then the Maniak Weirdnob warscroll spell Bone Spirit, gives them exploding hits on 6s. To be honest I'm really not fond of the Arrowboyz and would prefer the Stikkas any day of the week. The damage just seems lackluster from range and would prefer to beef the Stikkas up to a 3+ save etc.
  14. It is from the Designers' Commentary to the AoS Core Rules:
  15. I mean sure, it is a viable list you can run. You are very limited as to what you can actually do with the list - You will likely just launch stuff forward in every game and get in your opponents face turn 1. What happens when your opponent wont just fall over and die to that? You have no real way of changing your gameplan. The question is also how much fun the list will be to play - and play against. The games will be short and likely determined by the double turn.
  16. To be frank they are not decent at anything at all. Granted I haven't played with one, but as I see it, their only purpose is being a moving spell portal for stuff like Kroaks CD spam while he sits back. 260 pts is way too much for the model on its own. Unbuffed 1 Trog will do an average of 3,5 damage against a 4+ save. This is without any buffs, but I doubt you will ever find yourself in a situation piling buffs onto this piece over something more killy. I mean by all means go for it, but I think you will get run over fast. The only threat you have in the list is Gotrek and he is super slow without any buffs. If the opponent avoids him/gives up whatever objective he runs towards, I dont see how you would ever cap the other objectives. In general I think your list lacks synergies/buffs. Seraphon warscrolls are pretty poor and rely on buffs/command abilities being stacked ontop of each other to really shine. Units on their own are just really not gonna do anything.
  17. @Aleister What is the purpose of the 2 Trogs? I don't see the value in 1 let alone 2. You can't cast Endless Spells through him, so I guess the only point is the healing spell from the Slann? Personally I would go for Kroak to at least be able to spam Celestial Deliverance from the Trog and use it offensively.
  18. Kasper

    Seraphon Allies

    For reroll 1s to hit I would probably rather invest 40 pts into a Bound Burning Head, at least for shooting. Maybe the Azyros for heavy melee/Saurus lists? Since you don't want the enemy to benefit from the Burning Head aura. I think Knight-Incantor with Everblaze Comet can be very interesting. It is a 240 pts combo, but potent coupled with the Comet's Call spell from the Slann/Kroak. The Knight-Incantor can auto unbind 1 spell a game. Could see it useful in some matchups. Normally it can be an issue that the Comet is thrown down outside of dispell radius, but with a Slann/Kroak you have boardwide dispells, so you can always dispell it the turn after it has been cast to benefit from the 10" radius.
  19. I think the Everblaze Comet is really underrated, especially considering Slann/Kroak got boardwide dispell, so you can dispell it no matter how far away you dumped it the previous turn and keep getting maximum benefit from the aoe. That and Comet’s Call from Slann/Kroak is alot of almost boardwide damage to important key units/support heroes, especially if they are within 10” of each other. Picking off stuff like Warchanters/Weirdnob from Orruk Warclans is massive. Plently of other armies rely on buffs and synergies. I think the better list would be Starborne - Fangs of Sotek and focus on more bodies, some bound Endless spells like Geminids + Purple Shy, maybe even a unit of 20 Camo Skinks to deepstrike wounded characters or other stuff like OBR catapults.
  20. Pretty disappointed with the release of this tome tbh. I mean it is great for those who already got plently of models, but kinds awful for those that wanted to get into the faction with the new release. Talked with my local as he had tried to order some more stuff with the new tome and new sc box. He said GW support had told him that they were massively behind on the production. Like around 40k boxes behind on the Stegadon model alone. Half the range is pretty much out of stock and has been for a while. It is really beyond me they are so unprepared for a new release. Stuff like getting a Slann shouldnt be almost impossible at this stage.
  21. You only get to charge. It is actually the strongest effect if used correctly. The MD charge - retreat - pile-in trick has been explained a number of times a couple of Pages back. I wonder if we should make a stickied FAQ at this point.
  22. I mean... Basing your opinion off 1 dice game alone is kind of worthless tbh. Did you trash the old Bastiladon when it rolled 2 attacks on 2D6 too? I did the math a couple of pages back.
  23. Generally everything stacks, unless it specifically says it doesnt, like on a command ability. So yeah it would bounce back 2 MW.
  24. Big blobs of Chameleon Skinks look pretty awesome too. Sure they cost 50% more than normal Skinks, but being so reliant on buffs you will likely have to focus on 1-2 units anyways. But even if you dont intend on using them for damage in FoS, having 20 guys in a reserve for when your opponent forgets to screen every part of his backend of the board, capture an objective later on etc. seems pretty awesome. They look quite good even without any buffs.
  25. What makes you think Bastiladons are trash now? They do almost the same damage as before with double rerolls, but it is much more reliable now. In Coalesced they can have 2 extra wounds and reduce damage taken by 1. Thats insane against factions that deal 2+ damage a hit like Ironjawz.
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