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  1. Hey all, I'm looking to get back into Khorne after being away from the army for a while (since before the new book came out) and I'm trying to get a list together. What are your opinions on taking more than one of book's battalions (I'm thinking of using Bloodforged and Dark Feast with the Goretide allegiance) - and for my last 120 points in a 2000 point list would I be better taking a second Bloodsecrator to give a larger area of effect on their Portal of Skulls and affect more Bloodreapers with their totem keyword, a second Slaughterpriest for an additional Blessing and more mortal wounds from Blood Boil or Skarr Bloodwarth to try and deal with the couple of people in my local meta who like to spam Plague Monks? Current set up is; In addition I'm planning to use any Blood Tithe points collected for buffs rather than summoning as I currently have very few daemon models in my collection, the majority being mortals. Any help with the above questions or criticism / advice on how to improve the list would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Y'arr! Tis amazing to see pirate rats. It's making me consider picking one up to convert into a cannon firing bombardier from Clan Scurvy from the old Skaven uniforms and heraldry book.
  3. If you're moving up from 25s I would recommend 25mm to 32mm Base adapters rather than outright rebasing You can commonly find them fairly easily on eBay
  4. Personally I quite like using Skaven blood bowl minis for Acolytes, using plague claw/warp lightning cannon/doomwheel gas mask heads, BB gun pellets for their globes and biohazard backpacks from Maxmini. I was worried about their base sizes initially, but with the new errata/faq putting them on 32s, they even come with the recommended size bases
  5. Hey guys, apologies if this is the wrong place to ask but I was hoping to get some advice for transportation, particularly for gnawholes. What is your preferred method for transporting them to tournaments or your local game store? Do you keep the base and the wooden structure separate until you reach your destination, do you have them glued together and if so do transport them in foam / bubble wrap etc?
  6. I would think that as SKAVENTIDE are not listed as allies in the allies section of page 128 that they can't. While the example on the Designer's Commentary uses Clans Moulder as an example (which is where the confusion arises) the only listed ally is NURGLE if your general is PESTILENS. While it may not be the most reliable way of checking I tested this in the Azyr app. In this I first attempted to force a Clans Skryre allegiance using an Arch Warlock and was able to count Acolytes as my 3 battleline. Opened up the allies tab in the battleline section and Stormvermin were there but for some reason not Clanrats, which were also absent from the allies in the "Others" section. As soon as the Stormvermin were selected as allies the Acolytes shifted to Others and the list was invalid. So I then went the opposite route to confirm Nurgle allies, Plague Priest general and 3 units of Plague Monks, was able to ally a Great Unclean One and the list remained valid. Removed the Monks, replaced them with Clanrats, remained valid as it met the requirements of a Pestilens unit being the general, so at the very least that's working as intended.
  7. @Lucentia Thank you very much for your response and the picture. I'd thought the cloak wouldn't be all that good due to their 5+ saves but had no idea it was outright detrimental - so their Bloodshield ability effects themselves as well? But yeah, the Ragged Cloak looks like the only artefact worth looking at on that list and even then its usefulness is minimal at best as it's only once per battle. Oh well, worth a thought. And wow, I had no idea how relatively tiny the Yncarne was compared to Morathi, I'd thought that since I recalled there being an article on either the Community site or in White Dwarf stating that Morathi's torso was sized to be similar to Alarielle that the same proportions would apply to the Yncarne, but I suppose because it's an Avatar its size is better compared to the Avatar of Khaine. I've been looking for a comparison shot like this for ages and this really helps, thank you
  8. Hi all, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I was looking for some advice regarding the Daughters of Khaine as I've been considering picking them up. I've been thinking of making a force based in Shyish and as such I was hoping to use the Realm of Shyish artefacts rather than the faction specific ones. Do people have any experience using these with the Daughters and do any stand out as particularly useful or have any synergy? Also may I ask how tall Big Morathi is? I was thinking about converting an Avatar of Ynnead to represent a stand-in for this death-based force but I'm unsure of the comparative sizes
  9. As RaritanAnon said the bodies are fairly tough to customise. The best I could do to make them a bit more unique was leaving the front armour plate off the second shock gauntlet rat (since the muscles look pretty okay without it) and a few head swaps using left overs from the Hell Pit Abomination (with liberal use of greenstuff for gap filling)
  10. May I ask others their experience using Doomwheels and your opinions on the same? I've recently been trying to use a pair in my games and they've been rather underwhelming (though that may be due to rolling 1s every time for the number of attacks they get ? ), potentially even detrimental considering the last time I took them out I rolled doubles on More-More Speed on both of them and my opponent basically took them both out of the battle. I've yet to take them as part of the Clan Skryre battalion however, as I lack Doom Flayers, but as that's just extra movement would that help in any way?
  11. If you're going for an elite list perhaps a Balewind Vortex for your Arch Warlock to sit atop and laugh maniacally from while raining down warp lightning at an extended range, an engineer to give a vigor dust injector to who can follow a unit of Stormfiends (while also pumping out d6 mortal wounds a turn), then either grab a box of Storm Vermin, Blood Bowl dudes or whatever you feel like to convert into groups of 5 Acolytes to act as objective huggers and area deniers (for teleporting ghosts, ninja rats or nurgle boys who want to flank you from behind) in the back field while your meat goes into enemy lines? They can also be nice just to act as a cheap third battle line unit if you choose to expand your Skryre force beyond 1000 points. I would have suggested mortars (as they can help deal with larger chaff units and ignore things like the grave tide, palisade and the new rules for trees as they don't need line of sight to fire) or warpfire throwers but they're a devil to get ahold of at the moment, at least in plastic.
  12. I suppose you could say the changing of the keyword his spell applies to really took the wind out of his Sayls
  13. I thought Sayl's rules were changed to only work on Slaves to Darkness? I suppose I could use him to teleport my Warshrine into advantageous positions
  14. Hi all, I've recently been considering allying a filthy, unfluffy wizard into my Khorne list in order to put Cogs onto the fields for better movement and charging (don't mind if my opponent gets it as well, as Khorne cares not from where the blood flows). Maybe also the endless spell that allows an extra unbind and punishes wizards by exploding when it's absorbed enough spell energy. What's it called, the Maelstrom? I wouldn't mind having a second opinion on my choice though - Festus the Leechlord. My thoughts here are that after he puts down his Cogs he can be punished by nearby Slaughterpriests using Blood Sacrifice on him, then he can heal himself using his "Delightful brews, splendid restorative" ability for d3 and another 1 automatically at the start of my next hero phase allowing for a constant flow of Blood Tithe points. His spell "curse of the leper" can also be used to permanently reduce saves on enemy units allowing my Khorne boys the ability to better kill their opponents.
  15. If this is the case would that mean a Deathrunner equipped with (for example) a Thermalrider Cloak or Gryph Feather would be revealed as soon as it moves as those change its move characteristic? Poor Deathrunner isn't allowed to have any fun.
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