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  1. The miniatures are beautiful, albeit too detailed (GW's worst sin). I don't know how someone could dislike them, unless having a fixated idea of what they should look like. That's completely fine of course, and I understand some high elf veterans might want different things. However, if we just focus on the outlook I think the sculpts are very pretty.
  2. Thanks for the feedback and help! This is the "polished version". Not a big change, but feels good on paper having 10 more archers and it goes for 2000 pts exactly. Alarith Stonemage (130) Alarith Stonemage (130) Alarith Spirit of the Mountain (340) Avalenor, the Stoneheart King (360) 10 x Alarith Stoneguard (200) - Stone Mallets 10 x Alarith Stoneguard (200) - Diamondpick Hammers 5 x Alarith Stoneguard (100) - Diamondpick Hammers 20 x Vanari Auralan Sentinels (280) 10 x Vanari Auralan Sentinels (140) BATTALIONS Alarith Temple (120) TOTAL: 2000/2000 WOUNDS: 116
  3. I want to avoid Wardens, because I really don't like the figures. If 1x10 and 2x5 Stoneguard would be enough, I could get more Sentinels and possibly Dawnriders. It could also remove the need for 2 stonemages. Surely this looks fun: Alarith Stonemage Avalenor Alarith 1x10 Stoneguard 2x5 Stoneguard 2x20 Sentinels 1x5 Dawnriders
  4. Thoughts about this list, even remotely playable? Avoids playing Wardens, max cows and has ranged element Alarith Stonemage x2 Avalenor Alarith 3x10 Stoneguard 2x10 Sentinels Alarith Temple Battalion It's a bit slow, but I don't know how else to go for Wardenless battlelines. 3x5 Stoneguards doesn't sound like they'd do much.
  5. I wish it was. I don't like games with ton of models.
  6. Calm down. I think the new Slaanesh models look awful as well. Sigvald has 1$ base, spaghetti hair and stupid horns. Also the flow of the cape is horribly done. The golden dudes.. too many details, Santa's elf shoes and they have no focus point at all, nothing to look at. On the other hand, put on the faces and you can't unwatch the horror - not that they look scary, but rather make you feel if this is the pinnacle of miniature design, perhaps there are some other normal hobbies like mountain biking or guitar playing, where you actually get good feelings instead of abysmal hatred. I still liked the models though.
  7. Thanks a bunch! Heh, it seems I keep painting my KO then.. I've seen casual and hobby sides of the coin already (for several years, as mentioned), time to try the hard hat
  8. Anyone else have any overpowered lists? Thanks for the Slaanesh tip, they are very interesting as well, but buying units for summoning is probably the stupidest thing I've faced during my 20+ years of playing a huge variety of miniature wargames both competitively and casually.
  9. So. If I want to play this stupid faction, what do I need to buy to make my opponents want to quit the game? 2k list please. Or is OBR bad already after new "patches"?
  10. Shallow or not, the old world was relatable. Mortal Realms.. idk, I just don't care. It's simply not interesting. Was very enthusiastic about KO new book, and I still am when it comes to the faction as whole, but reading the fluff is a chore. Everything is over the top and way too complicated to be captivating.
  11. Frigate looks competitively priced..might defend its purpose. Not buying one myself though, gonna run 2-3 haulers and a clad.
  12. Holy moly, you're correct! I absolutely hated Teclis after the photo, and now I suddenly love it after seeing the video. Rollercoaster of emotions. Bold sculpting and idea, but it actually really works live it seems.
  13. How Thunderers should be built? Fulmigator and then what? Planning to run 5 first, expand to 10 later.
  14. No matter how "non-constructive" the complaining is, it is very much needed. Dealing with things is certainly helpful, but rule-development requires feedback.
  15. This is what made me to start KO project, and possibly (finally) AoS. I've had 3 AoS projects during the last year, but all failed before even playing as the "correct" way to play seemed to be: "buy ton of dudes full of details and mold lines". Yuck. I love painting, but painting 80-160 same guys is not a hobby - it's a job. Needless to say, finding out this the hard way is what basically made me focus on other games like Malifaux and Bushido. Don't get me wrong, the models are another thing. I tested the waters with the Nightvault warband, and well.. the steampunk dwarves really hit the spot for me. I've never been more excited of GW's miniatures! Even if the clutter could still be less, I still adore these models. This is probably an entire discussion by itself, but I really don't get why the community let's GW push them towards insane model counts. I want my models to matter, instead of being chaff just to be removed inc multitudes after 10 seconds of playing and moving my army with a snow-shovel. Tongue in cheeck btw, don't take it too seriously. I merely wanted to say I love KO for multiple reasons, and low model count is one of them!
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