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  1. I’m concerned that it will be the last 2.0 tome, which means it will have a long wait to get a 3.0 update and might lose out quickly to 3.0 powercreep
  2. A combined Dispo/Fyreslayers/Ironweld army led by Grombindral and some new units would rule
  3. The Dispossessed plastic models are relatively new and pretty great. I’d like to see them expanded and available outside of CoS too. The White Dwarf stories hint at Grombindral attempting to unite his kin so that’s where these rumors come from.
  4. It’s not Grungni. The “white dwarf” in the White Dwarf serial that clearly prequels BR: Bel’akor directly states that he’s not a God like Grungni.
  5. The new Kroak won’t come with a Generic Slann option, I think. This is meant to be a named God centerpiece model and that means the generic Slann will eventually get a new plastic model too but less powerful and with a smaller base.
  6. Some of us haven’t even had a chance to play the new Seraphon tome yet due to COVID
  7. My newly painted Glutton is not afraid of Be’lakor
  8. I voted no for one reason: I want MWs in melee & shooting to trigger on the wound roll, not the hit roll. That makes more logical sense to me, and would draw down a lot of the spam we see for melee/shooting MWs. For certain things like magic and MawKrusha charges and stuff: lots of MW makes sense as a mechanic. I think the occasional shrug is appropriate. But both are spammed now to a point of passivity.
  9. Yeah I just want to use them as alternate models but I think they’ll need rebasing
  10. I’d like to paint 3x Vargheists & 3x Gluttons
  11. I tapped out at 3x Vargheists & 1x Glutton but I did prime 2K worth of Mawtribes so I can’t say I was unproductive.
  12. The Dispossessed plastics still look fantastic and could easily be expanded on — another Gyro option, some mounted duardin, and maybe an Anvil faction terrain.
  13. For all complaining about LRL rules, I hope you do the same if they give Soulblight some similar stuff — which I expect they’ll do as they are clearly trying out some new mechanics ahead of 3.0
  14. At first glance that reads as ridiculous but there are ways to mitigate them.
  15. Any word on Vargheists? I’m in the midst of painting some. Hope they stick around.
  16. No offense to any other army but if Kragnos isn’t a new, named BoC Hero, I’m gonna be very disappointed. BoC have need some love badly. And he looks like a Centigor.
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