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  1. What is your recipe for the top picture front guy’s shoulder pad? The heavily weather brass/bronze one.
  2. Just a quick question, has anyone based their heroes on 32s instead of 25s? I’m thinking of doing this so they stand out more and I can do more with the bases.
  3. Chamon is an easy one for this you can just paint flesh or clothing from any faction a metal color.
  4. I did and I mentioned specifically at the end “please update the Dispossessed” so if enough of us do this well it might speed it up or show them we want a separate tome aside from a free cities book.
  5. I feel this entire topic has just turned into talk about dwarfs. Also hazzah the forums been fixed I can speak again!
  6. Ah don’t worry about it lol. There’s a specific chaos section on the forum, I’m sure the mods will move it lol.
  7. This isn’t the place for this question btw. But on to it anyway, ungors aren’t very good themselves, the only place I see them is to be sacrificed for points at a herdstone. So I would keep a unit of 10 ungors in every game on top of the stone to be killed for points, the other 10 make raiders, once you expand your army further get some more raiders and a big blob of them can do some work. I have some beasts of Chaos and I’ll never make more melee ungors, I already have my unit of 10 to use as sacrificial points.
  8. Yeah once we get a tome I’m preordering the limited edition one, along with a couple packs of dice (if they’re not too over the top), and the warscroll cards.
  9. I can agree there. People just need to be patient, us dwarfs are stubborn and our time will come. Again, besides some elves, I don’t see any other army leaving us in at least 3+ years.
  10. No I don’t think Darkling Covens will get an update, I meant that the high elves and dark elves are going to be new things. I think about 50% of the current Aelves section will be removed and it will be put into a couple new armies like malerion and telcis elves, and some sort of wood elf thing. The reason generic orcs and goblins weren’t safe are because they were never mentioned in the lore, GW didn’t want them anymore. Generic humans, dwarfs, and elves are all mentioned a lot.
  11. I don’t think any more factions will be going away. Gitmob grots and plain greenskins were hardly ever mentioned in any of the lore. The remaining factions have all been mentioned at least some. The current sculpts/factions I would worry about are some of the Aelves mostly. The dark and high elf styles I’m feeling will get redone, not sure about the wood elves though. Regular dwarfs, humans, and oglers are not going anywhere. People just complain too much honestly, I mean come on poor you your army hasn’t gotten updated yet, waah. It will happen just give it time, honestly people talk about this too much. Sorry for the rant btw.
  12. Being a big Dispossessed fan, I don’t expect anything to do with us tonight. I also don’t know where anyone is getting the idea that a combined dwarf faction will ever become a thing. It’s a dumb idea that as far as I can tell was started by NDA breaker a while back and now we now everything he said was worthless. Im fairly certain that when we do get a tome it will be standalone or combined with free peoples, and dare I say it, elves.
  13. Awesome looks like a lot of fun. It’s almost always the same weakness I see in every battle report though.... we’re just too slow.
  14. Try cork on the bases.
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