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  1. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I already have one built as a gyrobomber, but I think I want to build a squad of copters instead. If not solely for the reason that they are much faster.
  2. What are opinions on Gyrocopters vs Gyrobombers for CoS armies?
  3. What is the best option to build my arachnarok spider as? I will be using it in a mixed force with a bit of everything if that helps.
  4. Update: the seller I bought from on eBay had to refund me because he couldn’t get it to ship it to me. So I guess I’m still searching.
  5. @Oath Stoned We started this hobby at all most the same time, and we both have quite large collections of dwarfs, and it is hard knowing that so many of our models are now discontinued, but we have to hold out hope for the remaining line to get included, and possibly expanded upon later. At the end of the day we’re dwarfs, we never should give up. I’m holding on to all my dwarfs, even the old ones that have been discontinued. The ones remaining I will buy more of and make a cities of Sigmar army.
  6. Thanks for all the replies everyone. I got a grombrindal off of eBay. I had no idea it was still being sold on GWs website lol. Also I am most definitely also buying the Gotrek model.
  7. I never got the chance to add this model to my collection, and when I went to buy one during the last chance to buy they were already sold out. Does anyone have one they would part with?
  8. This doesn’t look great lads. I’m very disappointed, I held out hope that we would get our own tome right until I seen the CoS tome, and even after that I held out hope that we would be able to play a pure dwarf force. This is just awful though, I expected the quarellers and thunderers, but the cannon, organ gun, unforged, and warriors!? That’s most of my force of dwarfs and I guess they’re all just useless now. That’s really sad and I hope GW know that they’ve upset a lot of people by doing this. With saying that this is going in the book, and will not be taken out until we get new models. So most likely never.
  9. Yeah this is awful the more I think about it. I’m hoping this is a sort of temporary thing as well. If this turns out to not be temporary though, I vote we collaborate and make a tome ourselves.
  10. Yeah I’m a little disappointed and surprised actually.
  11. Grungni is the Pope. And I shall answer his call. Deus Vult Dawi!
  12. I don’t agree. If they combined Dispossessed, free people, ironweld, and any elves, that would become a bloated mess of an army. Also they haven’t done this before like you say. Gitz, BoC, and LoN are not like this at all, they all were once a single army like they are now again. Free people and dwarfs have never been one army, and if elves were included that would put 3 armies together into one. Also I feel one reason people are up saying we are going to get combined again is that during that interview they said, “Dispossessed would be included and the book itself won’t be called Dispossessed.” Well this is obvious. BoC weren’t called BoC before they got their book, neither were Gitz or LoN. They all had their small respective group names and when put into a battletome they got a new name labeling them all as something new. This will also without question happen to our dwarfs. If I'm to guess the release for dwarfs will come out later next year most likely, and combine Dispossessed and the dwarf portions of iron weld. Like the fyreslayers we’ll also get some sort of endless spells, along with some sort of terrain piece. At this point I don’t see us getting a DoK style release with a couple new kits, but hey we can still hope for that.
  13. What size and strength of rare earth magnets are you using? I’m about to buy some but am kinda stumped on this issue. Also for larger models do you simply apply more magnets or do you have larger, stronger ones for bigger models?
  14. You could try to glaze in some purple on his robe yeah, I would go way thinner though then 50/50. More like 10/90 or something like that and add or coat let it dry, another, and keep repeating until you get the look you’re going for. Maybe keep a second damp brush handy to try and blend it in with the bottom. As for the piece you missed I would just go over it if it bothers you, just did what ever you did with the rest of the robe. It might be a pain, but it would look better to you, and a helpful learning experience to not miss spots next time lol.
  15. Even if it doesn’t have the dispossessed keyword, looks like a Warden King to me lol. Also yeah I’m most definitely pre-ordering this.
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