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  1. Where can a new player buy the cards for LoN ? Have they discontinued the band from warcry ?
  2. Alright, finished the Temples and Batallions as well. Grouped them via sub factions to be as easily understood as possible
  3. I actually have it in a box on the first time it is written at page 4, Slann spells (ii). I knew I should have written it at the top of the page but had no room at the time πŸ˜…
  4. Hey fellow lizzies. So as I couldn't wait for the actual book to arrive, I took notes of our Allegiances, Traits, Artefacts and Spells. Thought I should share for people that might be interested 😁 I 'll share at all Seraphon platforms. Every page is numbered and has a "whole page photo" and then 2 more with half the page zoomed in so it will be as readable as I could get. Kinda suck at taking photos but still think they are readable πŸ˜… Still missing batallions as I didn't have the time for it. I wrote the notes as careful as I could. If a spell misses the "visible" word for example is because it doesn't need it ( most of them do so it 'll seem weird that one or so doesn't ) Finally a NEW BOOK ! ** Edit : Found the info from the YT Videos by freezing the screen and so on so credits to the guys that uploaded it for us . Used the Dark Artisan video but it's also been uploaded by the Guerilla Miniature Games
  5. @SzPtr I 'm a Troggoth lover myself but my pick is the Mangler. Since you want someone for rerolls after tp and so on, you need something mobile to have a good chance to be close. Another thing that it's gonna help you with, is that you 'll have a threat that is super mobile AND can fly and thus fly OVER the opponents' screen. This will make him think twice. Also the damage is way more stable and thus way more :P
  6. I 've tried hard building around them but the difference it's just too big. Riders almost doesnt exist damage wise, worse bravery ( which was already bad to begin with ) 2 saves less AND their ability works per MODEL which is the final shot to the "maybe I can use them". You can't. Not if you want to have a good fight ( unless the opponent also takes the most random units that are as weak as they can etc ) It is a shame but it is what it is
  7. Both look amazing but over big units of Grots you should definitely go for the vibrant orange. It will be amazing, good job
  8. @Mcthew saurus warriors should be more than fine due to weaponry
  9. Your realm problem - and unlike the double turn is totally understandable - is the lack of balance between armies. Ideally this must be fixed, agreed. Double turn has nothing to do about it. If the balance won't be fixed, you' ll still lose 95% of games against a top tier army. Only thing that would change is that you 'd lose a couple of turns later - same result. Just waste time. The only thing that double turn does in these situations, is give an extra chance to the underling
  10. Guys Gortrek only can be taken in Order Allegiance. We can't have Great rememberer and so on ( thank god we can't cause in specific allegiances he would be broken af )
  11. @ColonelJay the ETC is being played with "outdated" lists as it's with GH2018 which makes sense as it happens in August and they wouldn't have the time to check the lists etc so when they are published, keep that in mind. It also has many house rules - some of them don't even make sense. For example you MUST take artefacts only from your ALLEGIANCE and not generic order and thus an Order Draconis player with 2 batallions is left without any artefacts at all πŸ˜‚
  12. Hey everyone, So I am interested into buying a wargaming table so I can play AoS at home whenever needed. It definitely has to be foldable so I ll be saving space whenever not playing. I know that there are some out there but can’t recall the names of the companies. I would love your suggestions / feedback for a table that works well without spending too much money on it. Thanks a bunch !
  13. This guy was a great choice. Benjamin is one of the hobby figures. Great video indeed
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