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  1. Guys Gortrek only can be taken in Order Allegiance. We can't have Great rememberer and so on ( thank god we can't cause in specific allegiances he would be broken af )
  2. @ColonelJay the ETC is being played with "outdated" lists as it's with GH2018 which makes sense as it happens in August and they wouldn't have the time to check the lists etc so when they are published, keep that in mind. It also has many house rules - some of them don't even make sense. For example you MUST take artefacts only from your ALLEGIANCE and not generic order and thus an Order Draconis player with 2 batallions is left without any artefacts at all 😂
  3. Thanks a lot everyone, appreciating it
  4. Hey everyone, So I am interested into buying a wargaming table so I can play AoS at home whenever needed. It definitely has to be foldable so I ll be saving space whenever not playing. I know that there are some out there but can’t recall the names of the companies. I would love your suggestions / feedback for a table that works well without spending too much money on it. Thanks a bunch !
  5. This guy was a great choice. Benjamin is one of the hobby figures. Great video indeed
  6. No. It will slow the game and make it more complicated for no reason. I believe it is fine as it is
  7. @Doom & Darkness best reps with great advice. Hands down 👊
  8. Both are nice but I am a fun of the 2nd one - and also made a similar list due to this : If the opponent lets you go first, he needs to be afraid of something or else you are losing a whole round without really doing anything. Another thing to keep in mind, is that with all these ultra strong units, having big units is probably not ot our biggest advantage. A terrorgheist will wipe Breakers even at 20. Better to split them at units of 10 - also more manoeuvrable - and hit the enemy in waves. You can always keep 1 x20 unit of course, but 1 should be the max imo !
  9. Mediocre allegiance ? No dice involved, this is a huge improvement. No more gambles. Hope it' ll stay this way. Also 3 out of 6 are useful - 2 are top. This is what happens with all the spell lores pretty much so it;s not like we got the short end of the stick. @Calebexnihilo when playing on a tournament that you wanna hit top 3 -> and thus win all the games not some of them, the gamble ain't worth it due to the times you stay still. You can program better this way. Oh, the Cogs are better than ever for us
  10. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/09/coming-soon-the-generals-handbook-2019/ Yep ! We are getting upgraded in a weeks' time from now no matter what 😎
  11. Any idea where to find the Guardian of Souls with Mortality Glass? Does anyone know what happens in the tournaments if you don't have the actual model since it didn't get published everywhere unfortunately ? Or do we know whether they sell this in Nottingham ? thanks !
  12. We still can't buy him somehow from somewhere right ? What about from GW in Nottingham ? Gonna be visiting for Heat 3 so would be a great opportunity !
  13. And that was so kind of you - too kind to be expected from a pointy ear person ! Thanks a bunch man, really gives the beardlings lots of hope ( and many more other factions of course ! )
  14. Start using a combat gauge my friend, can't suggest this enough. That's all your problems solved !
  15. I mostly agree with @svnvaldez if I exclude the " have the edge.. if not careful I could lose.." which sounds like we are really really close. Whenever we have non optimized list against an optimized list the optimized list should have many chances of losing and easily. Else, there is no difference between optimized and "hey those are the miniatures I decided to bring 5 minutes before leaving home." However, as he said, balance for me would be to not have armies that table you turn 2 or 3 in the vast majority of times regardless of scenario or match up. FEC have scored 5 - 0 at every single tournament since the book came out. And this happened to all the tournaments registered all around the world. This is an example of "non balanced" army imo. We can't have all armies be equally strong but when situations that one player doesn't even get to play happen oftenly ( and the players have similar level of skills of course, not a full - fledged tournament player vs a new hobbyist ) something is a bit out of place !
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