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  1. Seraphage

    River Basing Tutorial

    Those chaos warriors are amazing, good job bro !
  2. Seraphage

    I Hobbied Every Day for 2018

    Congrats !
  3. Seraphage


    This is so amazing man, AWESOME convsl, looking forward to see em fully painted !
  4. Seraphage

    Starting the Jalopy of Doooooooom!

    Do you really not have inspiration on machines ? Because the part you have painted looks damn amazing man 😎
  5. Seraphage

    Wrath and Rapture

    Guys this is an honest advice and not an offense anyhow : Learn your army better. Khorne is top tier right now. Strong as hell *you see what I did here * just needs lots of training in list building and synergy using. Literally it is one of the top tier. The reason you don't see him taking part at huge tournaments all the time at the moment at top 5, is because that the best generals in their majority, tend to swap to "new" things all the time for change ( only top tier ones of course ) and get to use new minis etc etc - > Death all over after years and years of nothingness + DoK ultra powerful but also N E W ! Another advice is : if you wanna perform top tier, unfortunately you have to put out of your mind things like " I love this awesome miniature, it rocks and I am definitely using it. " Or let me rephrase properly as I am doing it myself : " I ll use this 1 miniature or unit that I love for sure but knowing that I handicalp myself ! *
  6. Seraphage

    Nurgle Army Painting Diary

    Wow you got some amazing skills bro, what an astonishing army !
  7. Seraphage

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    @HammerOfSigmar well let us be honest : Heavenswatch was badly made to be honest and needs total rework to be viable. And maybe they will update us soon and thus are waiting for this ! 😎
  8. Seraphage

    The Gunmaster

    Lovely miniature, great gif ! Good job !
  9. Seraphage

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    @Skinnyboy while you are correct about the non comp game thingy, as your opponent made a choice that made no sense in the 2nd round for example, your conclusions are on the spot. 2 Shadowstrike army is indeed totally different than 1, we do end up without any board presence, screens are a big problem and as you said, the 2nd batallion doesn't really worth it cause we lack the man power and the survivability. Not for end game anyway. It is really good and still makes a strong list. Great rep, looking forward for more !
  10. Seraphage

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    Double Shadow is definitely strong but we end up without any board presence at all and can't score objectives, otherwise it has really big strength *also have no means to go through screens unfortunately *
  11. Seraphage

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    Haha don't worry you are not bringing anyone down. AoS is too new for everyone to have a battletome - unless the name of your army is literally in the Game Title so they get more updates which unfortunately does make a bit of sense The armies are just too many since they separated them, so I 'm guessing we'll be waiting 1.5-2years more till our own battletome but when the time comes.. oh boy, mighty beards will be conquering everything yet again ! 😎
  12. Seraphage

    Clan Pestilens: A list for the Masters

    Loved the post and loved the explanation of each role even more. Started myself 2 years ago and was totally getting smashed all the time *oh well, choosing Seraphon, one of the most complex and unforgiving armies does that I guess * but as yourself, kept learning, trying and changing my list. Really curious to see how it turns out and I am looking forward to analytical battlereports if you feel like it ! Best of luck !
  13. Seraphage

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    My thoughts exactly beardly fella, that's the spirit !
  14. Seraphage

    Gaming army SCE - Anvils of Heldenhammer

    Great looking army, good job !