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  1. And that was so kind of you - too kind to be expected from a pointy ear person ! Thanks a bunch man, really gives the beardlings lots of hope ( and many more other factions of course ! )
  2. Start using a combat gauge my friend, can't suggest this enough. That's all your problems solved !
  3. I mostly agree with @svnvaldez if I exclude the " have the edge.. if not careful I could lose.." which sounds like we are really really close. Whenever we have non optimized list against an optimized list the optimized list should have many chances of losing and easily. Else, there is no difference between optimized and "hey those are the miniatures I decided to bring 5 minutes before leaving home." However, as he said, balance for me would be to not have armies that table you turn 2 or 3 in the vast majority of times regardless of scenario or match up. FEC have scored 5 - 0 at every single tournament since the book came out. And this happened to all the tournaments registered all around the world. This is an example of "non balanced" army imo. We can't have all armies be equally strong but when situations that one player doesn't even get to play happen oftenly ( and the players have similar level of skills of course, not a full - fledged tournament player vs a new hobbyist ) something is a bit out of place !
  4. I m in love with your army bro, A M A Z I N G
  5. Thanks a bunch ! Looking forward to see more of your painting !
  6. You are a fantastic painter. May I ask how did you manage that extraordinary brown quiver on the archer ?
  7. Nice vid, thanks for the reps !
  8. Magnetizing worked totally fine for me - had a 4 hour flight but I did take it on the cabin. Although we did have some turbulence ( if that's the word ) everything was fine. Sole way of honestly safe transport imo. Problem is that I m guessing you are taking way more than 2k army with ya
  9. What a top notch army. I hope I can be half as good one day man
  10. Oh wow.. I am actually LOVING your suggestions and they do make perfect sense as I read through them. You really got me excited and I hope the release team will make half of your proposals true as it 'll make me the happiest man edit : dwarf. I mean dwarf. There's no man without a beard anyways 😋
  11. Age of Sigmar really doesn't need Space Marines. It is a 40k thing and it's great but it has really no place at this game I consider it a horrible possibility to be honest, and really hope it won't happen ! And it is not due to releases of one faction, that I don't mind. It is just that it will copy another game and lose its own personality !
  12. Seraphage

    Sylvaneth Dryad test

    This is an a m a z i n g and not usual color scheme. Excellent !
  13. Thanks for the reports @Cblackaus and congrats on the amazing results ! Looking forward into reading more of those from ya !
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