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  1. mcbrain

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    Where's your third battleline?
  2. mcbrain

    Stupid lists! Who can out-dumb everyone?

    That list would cost $4065 if you live in New Zealand. Skryre Acolytes are $23 each, and Warlock Engineers are 2 for $40.
  3. mcbrain

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    So basically what you're saying is his list was illegal because of an oversight on his part...blame whomever you want, but the points were out and available before the tournament...The forgeworld document was available at the beginning of July.
  4. mcbrain

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    How do you write a list that's illegal in the first place?
  5. mcbrain

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    Yeah bro, Moonclan bows are bad. I just play my Moonclan bows as Gitmob and play one of my Moonclan shaman as a Gitmob boi and all is good.
  6. mcbrain

    Allegiance: Stoneklaw's Gutstompas

    I'd go a completely different route with my Gutstompas list. × List Summary FullShort Allegiance: Stoneklaw's Gutstompas Mortal Realm: Shyish Leaders Orruk Warboss On Wyvern (240) - General - Trait: Bellowing Tyrant - Artefact: Ethereal Amulet Orruk Warboss (140) - Great Waaagh Banner Gitmob Grot Shaman (80) Moonclan Grot Shaman (80) Grot Warboss (100) - Git Cutta & Git Shield Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (440) Battleline 30 x Savage Orruks (300) 40 x Gitmob Grots (200) - Bows & Slashas 40 x Moonclan Grots (260) - Pokin Spears & Moon Shields Units 3 x Grot Fanatics (100) Total: 1940 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 185 The Warboss on Wyvern becomes nigh unkillable with the amulet and provides a mobile hero with an amazing command ability. Warboss with Waaagh! Banner because his aoe buff is amazing, and again, he has an amazing command ability. Gitmob Shaman to cast Sneaky Stabbin' on the Gitmob bowmen, and his ability to pass mortal wounds off on a 5+ makes him more resilient than one would think. Moonclan Shaman for an extra dispel and Curse of da Bad Moon if a couple of mortals are needed. Grot Warboss for the cheese. Mega-Boss on Mawkrusha for another fighty hero that could also potentially be brought back for free after he dies. Max unit of Savage Orruks reroll all failed wound rolls, and that's a metric ****** ton of rerolls if they get doubled up with warboss command abilities. 40 Gitmob to hold objectives and benefit from sneaky stabbin'. 3/4/-1 is no joke from 40 shots. 40 Moonclan super grots again for the cheese. 5/2/- with double (or quadruple or more) damage on 4s to wound is gross. Thats my gutstompas list. Reckon I'll give it a go at a GT here in a few weeks.
  7. mcbrain

    Allegiance: Firestorm

    I really think that Stoneklaw's Gutstompas can be competitive for mixed Destruction armies that want to focus on Greenskin units. Let's see you make a list for them!
  8. mcbrain

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    Question for you guys that are more experienced than me: how do I stop Morathi from sniping one (or more) of my shamans turn 1 with spells like the Geminids? Played a game against DoK last night and she set up 35" away from my casters and because of bad positioning (and ignorance) sniped both of them on turn 1 with 2d3 mortal wounds from both models in the spell. Admittedly, it's 100% my fault that I lost both of them, but there's nothing I could have done to prevent losing at least 1 as my opponent deployed her last, out of my unbind range, but within 36" of me. Cast the geminids, and zipped them over me with their effective range of 44". 2d3 mortal wounds will average enough to kill a shaman in one go. It's a pretty brutal combo.
  9. mcbrain

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    The issue I have with this is where the hell do you get the command points to make it work?
  10. mcbrain

    Best wizard to ally in for BCR?

    Troll Hag now has 14 wounds on her updated warscroll.
  11. mcbrain

    Destruction FW changes

    Magma Dragon has only increased 20 points, not 40. Was previously 520, now is 540.
  12. mcbrain

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    Yeah dude, one model being within 1" was my side of the argument. His was that each model had to be within 1" (not wholly within, but a piece of each base must be within 1"). Like I said we couldn't agree so we diced it. The dice went in his favor, but it didn't matter as I made the 6" charge and gave his sisters the business.
  13. mcbrain

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    That's how we ended up playing it and it was no real worries either way. They ended up doing 18 damage to his Blood Sisters anyway. 😂😂
  14. mcbrain

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    Since the fanatics scroll says "within 1"", does that mean just one guy has to be within 1", or the entire unit? You could effectively reduce the length of a charge by 4" if you chained your fanatics perpendicularly out of the unit they were hiding in. I had this discussion with a mate the other day during a game and we couldn't agree so we just diced it.