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  1. I think spears make sense when you are adding more attacks to the unit. That third row of grots fighting means more when it’s adding 3+ attacks per grot. In all other instances I would agree that normal stabbing stabbas are better.
  2. Played my first game since the new rules with a Grot heavy list. The fully buffed Death Star of 60 stabbas was awesome. He will definitely pick on the snuffers and sporesplattas first next time. The moon refused to leave its corner edge but I did fine without it. I used a fungoid Shaman to make extra command points and he made all his rolls. I tend to spend them like candy anytime my grots might panic . So far so good. I really like the book so far. Even with just Grot stuff I feel like I have a bunch of tricks to try out still.
  3. The loonshrine makes you want to take at least some. A max block of stabbas is really good. You can buff them sneaky snuffers and Sporesplatta Fanatics up to up their attacks. The more attacks the better spears are and the loonboss command ability are, the less buffs I think stabbing stabbas are the way to go. The Shootas don’t get a discount at max unit size in points but some of the buffs apply to them both in shooting and in combat. Most seem to find them pricy but I want to love them but we will see. I’m still insanely spoiled from gitmob archers, going to be hard to say goodbye to those gits. I’m thinking I’ll probably go max netters and use the shooting as a extra attack. The clamy hand command ability can let you roll to bring back up to two units in your hero phase with the shrine, and you get a roll at the end of your turn. You can only bring back a unit once, but you can keep trying until they are successful. The one battalion let’s one unit come back at full strength, it seems a little pricy to me in points but I’m going to give it a try anyway. Squigs, spiders and trolls have everyone all excited but it’s always been about Grot mobs for me!
  4. Milandro

    Grot Scutlings

    I have a friend who has converted spiderling infantry out of leftover crew from the Arachnarok. He converted netters and he has made fantactics that have webbing balls. i love the idea of mixing in a few scutlings! With the free shrine to all Gloomspite a unit or two of Moonclan even without the spider keyword seems to be a solid idea for sure. They can hold objectives, come back and are fearless near the shrine! I would take the cauldron endless spell and you could hand of gork them to objectives etc late game if it works out In a fun pickup game if you wanted to add the keyword I’d say sure, but I think they would a little too good without a points increase (if you wanted to do it regularly). Tournaments id say no. I think they will preform just fine without the keyword though
  5. Nighty Knights Knights of the round Toadstool Charge of the dank (blight?) brigade Squignado Squigs on the plane (insert realm here) Knights who say Sod off The order of no baths da moon howlers broken tooth loonies
  6. I had them made by a local 3d printer. (Ontario Canada). I really like them. I have a 20 block which my main command sits (most netters and champion). I have 5 sized ones for the flanks which snugly stack in and a ten or two in the bank which are usually the first casualties. It made setting up and switching tables at tournaments easier. And the first turns or two were a lot faster. When big combat starts they pile in and the trays are largely discarded, but by then a lot are dead so it’s easier to manage and they are already on the objective so they likely won’t be leaving. I added a picture below. I was running 60 blocks before but will probably try some smaller units now that we have access to more command points and the shrine of fearlessness
  7. Yeah I usually would use giant units of 60 and preferred spears. Although really the units were just wounds for my net delivery system. The nets would do most of the work/attacks. I think if I was building new units now I would do stabbas, especially for anything less than a 60 blob. i have custom movement trays to max my attacks though and stop my casual game apponents from walking away from the table whilst I shuffle my little Gitz around
  8. Whoops, yeah I got a little hasty there. My apologies More dice not more accurate I’ll still take it, and in retrospect, as you mentioned earlier, more accurate would be too elf like, I’ll take the bucket of dice though
  9. Snuffer Squigs = +1 to hit (multiple times but anything over 1x is 2d6 mortal wounds) Spore Fanatics = +1 to hit bad moon = reroll 1s
  10. Anyone have information on the warscroll battallions rules?
  11. They look really solid, especially with all of the things at you can stalk on them. I refer to them as the “Nighty Knights”
  12. I’m not sure how to fit them in to my 2k list but I used them in smaller games and expect to use them in a Firestorm campaign im playing in. They sat on an objective and tossed out a fanatic to defend a flank and stop a charge from a large monster. They seem pretty solid for the points and were able to deal with supporting on a flank well enough. I like having a few fanatics to stop charges and at their points they seem a valid choice if you can’t fit a full unit in and you have your battle line covered. The shaman has a “madcap shaman keyword”. I think all the shamans will be even better with a few new spells to cast. overall I didn’t expect much and they didn’t disappoint. Not auto include to me, but solid. You can play up the surrounded spell to scare some people a little, but I wouldn’t knock yourself out trying to pull it off
  13. Same scale as the current box and battle for skull pass goblin. Fanatic and Zarbag are bigger.
  14. Perhaps Interestingly, Zarbags Gitz are referred as “scuttling” cut-throats on the box and “the Moonclan shaman and his scuttling band” on their card. just a adjective or maybe referring to Grot scuttlings?
  15. I agree. I’ll be sad to see them go though. I liked my small bucket of extra attacks
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