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  1. I'm not sure what all this means, but it's amazing work! Kind of reinforces what people have been saying about Beasts of Chaos languishing in "Desperately-Needs-Updating-Ville." I'll be contributing to that loss column for Seraphon once I decide it's safe to return to tournaments!
  2. I prefer keeping the threads separate. The Rumor Thread is already a near-incoherent mess that I wind up just scrolling through.
  3. I came here to say that very thing. Well, not in those words. Your words are better than what I was going to say, which was "check out that start topic button!"
  4. I think print magazines still have a place in the world in general and in the gaming hobby in particular. At the least, White Dwarf is usually pretty.
  5. All the GW publications I've purchased have been via the iBooks store and they work great on my enormous iPad. I realize that's probably not helpful, but maybe it is?
  6. Off the topic of dragons for a moment. The FAQ/errata for the Core Rules seems to have disappeared from the Warhammer Community site. Anybody have insight into that?
  7. The goofy smile on the one's face just keeps cracking me up. "Well, yep, yep, and laws yes, I'm just happy to be here, yes sir, just happy to be here."
  8. Lorewise, these dragons make for natural allies or even...whatever that other thing is that's kind of like allies...for the Seraphon. "Say, about those eggs we were holding for you..." Mechanics wise, it might be a harder sell. I'm sure they'll bust 400 points and thus the ally limit, and I personally don't like the mechanic of being able to ally in certain high-dollar units even if they bust the limit (Gotrek), but I guess we'll see. Good looking sculpts. I had that TSR Great Red Dragon mentioned up thread. I remember my first wife saying, every time she saw it, "Hey, Red! Where's your neck?"
  9. What are those spiff symbols? Have I just not seen an updated warscroll for so long that I don't know the lingo anymore? Reminds me of Warcry stuff.
  10. I'm 51, had my first 3.0 game two days ago (which game was a total comedy of errors as each overlooked, forgot, misread, or flat out didn't know a rule or two for everyone we got right), and am largely in agreement with the first post here. But I don't think it's just age (or brain "suppleness"), as others have said, it's a tremendous amount of information and options to take onboard and effectively execute. Neither am I really worried. I'm just going to concentrate on learning the Core Rules and how my Battletome and FAQ interacts with them and modifies them. I'll be lost for three or four games, yet, but eventually I'll have at least one list that I can manage well (I hope, anyway!). Of course, as a Seraphon player I really need two lists, one for the magicky guys and one for the fighty-fight guys, so I can't get away with just one list. Anyway, as somebody advised on here the other day, I am personally not planning on doing any tournaments or leagues or anything until I've played a given list at least ten times.
  11. I'm going to say the last. It would have to have the keyword at the start in order to meet the requirements of the tactic.
  12. I'm looking for the rule, either in the GHB '21 or in the Core Rules, that states that a given game is over when one player has no more models on the table (I'm guessing with a Major Victory being credited to their opposition). I'm 99% positive it's there, but I just can't put my finger on it for some reason. After my game yesterday, I started wondering about scoring and objectives, and I realized that there are certain (rare) cases where a player taking the first turn in round five could have all of their models removed in that turn, but still win the game if their opponent is unable to catch up on Victory Points in their remaining turn, during which, presumably, they'd be running all over the place trying to score more points. This seems goofy on the face of it, thus my question.
  13. Just played my first 3.0 game on a 44" x 60" battle mat. 2,000 points, about thirty models from my Seraphon (including five Dinos) and about forty, forty-five from his Ossiarch Bonereapers. Used the recommended minimum of eight terrain pieces, all "official" Games Workshop terrain. It made for some tight maneuvering but the game didn't seem particularly fast (of course it was the first game for most of us so we were looking up a lot of rules) and shooting didn't seem overpowered. Unleash Hell only came up once and it wasn't game swinging or anything. He had two skeletal catapult dealies in one corner of the board but I was playing for objectives and more or less just ignored them.
  14. Just had my first 3.0 game as well. My Seraphon vs a friend's Ossiarch Bonereapers. We played for about three hours and got to the halfway point in the third round before he conceded (I'd just removed the only objective marker he controlled). There's so much to keep track of, so much going on all the time, but I really had a great time and so did he. We have a lot to learn. I think I'll need ten or twenty games with my army (maybe ten with this Coalesced list and ten with the Starfolk for variety) to really onboard all the new rules and the abilities of my own army. Still, big thumbs up from me.
  15. I hope they stay in the game. I think they're pretty cool, even though I've never actually played a game with them.
  16. Has anyone heard any talk of the spell models from the Malign Sorcery boxed being re-released, either as a complete set, in boxes of three or four, or (doubtful) individually? They're still a big part of the game, as is evidenced by the whole section on new rules for them in the General's Handbook Pitched Battles 2021 volume, but the original box of models isn't available anywhere that I've been able to find it.
  17. That would be pretty sweet! But those rivets or whatever look a little "sloppy" for Seraphon kit.
  18. I'll be playing my first game this coming Sunday, my Seraphon versus a friend's Ossiarch Bonereapers. I don't know much of anything about that army, so we'll see how it goes. It's 2,000 points and I imagine it will be pretty slow as we go through all the new options. Right now I'm busily building Saurus Knights!
  19. How long are people finding 1,000 and 2,000 point games take? I've got a game day scheduled next month and I've got two tables. I was planning on running two-hour blocks (six games) and taking the suggestion from my local Warhammer shop manager to cap AoS games at 1,000 points for that amount of time. But I'm getting some pushback from players who want to play 2,000 point games.
  20. Wow. That science fiction version of Warcry looked pretty cool.
  21. Well, again, the GW site says to expect shipping delays due to COVID precautions. I know that Ingram & Baker & Taylor, the two major distributors in the bookselling trade, along with the smaller Barnes & Noble distribution center (two of the three of which are, like GW's major Eastern USA hub, are in Tennessee, curious that) are all still running on reduced staff due to social distancing. My local Warhammer store is still closed to gaming and hobbying and has a new limit on the number of people allowed in the store at a time. Maybe GW is just one of the fair number of companies who are being extra careful. Cases are back on the rise in the southeastern USA.
  22. This banner is still at the top of the Games Workshop homepage. "Delivery Update: We're still taking extra precautions to keep our staff safe. This means that your order will take longer than normal to reach you. Thanks for bearing with us."
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