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  1. I am literally shocked that poor hygiene is not #1 on everyone's list. ?
  2. This is a big issue in casual games? (original post inquired about casual games)
  3. Lack of hygiene. Lack of social skills. Right attitude for the match type (Casual, be casual. Competitive, be competitive) Skaven players who talk all skaven-y.
  4. chord

    Skirmish in AoS 2.0

    Thinking of starting a skirmish league in a month for my local area. Any idea on how to integrate the skirmish book and AOS 2.0 rules? Has there been any guidance?
  5. I believe in GodBeasts there are a couple of battleplans that are connected and can be played at the same time. One is top of mountain bottom of mountain. And the bottom can be impacted by events at the top of the montain
  6. chord

    Stormhost Silver Seperated?

    Thanks I'll give it a shot!
  7. It's been awhile since I've used my stormhost silver (6 months?) I went to use it today and its all separated and not very metallic at all. I've been shaking and shaking the pot but no luck. Any suggestions?
  8. For me it's changed ( not for the better). I originally started with AOS near launch, when a GW Store opened in my town. Loved the idea of just buy whatever you like and play them in a GA. I liked the stormcast pure paladin approach and went with the starter set. Then just started adding whatever GA Order/Chaos models attracted me. Then with Matched play this left me with armies that were not very competitive and not much fun to play with anymore. Now I just buy stuff second hand for the most part or on discount. I really enjoy heroes as I don't have much time to paint so painting a lot of models is daunting.
  9. chord

    Wishlisting Thread

    THIS !!! x 100! Man those books are so good, lots of fun to play and read.
  10. With 3 dragons, if you could ally in a Knight-Azyros, it would allow re-roll hit rolls of 1 against enemy units within 10", with his 12" move, that would help get more hits landing.
  11. chord

    Help with Reaver Themed Army

    Maybe a Carnosaur with a high elf rider?
  12. chord

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I've been toying around with the idea of pairing a Knight-Azyros general with a Celestant Prime. Knight-Azyros has Staunch Defender and Fury Brand, this could give the CP, Re-Roll Hit rolls of 1, an extra attack and a +1 save. Additionally the Knight Azyros can keep up easily with him and prior to the CP dropping down, can take the +1 attack for themselves.
  13. They should lower the price on these. Its not like they would be reboxed...it would just be thrown away. Waste of good trees.
  14. These books are awesome!!! Would recommend for everyone, the battle plans rules, etc are a lot of fun.