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  1. WAIT! I wasn't supposed to enter into the survey that we desperately need more Khorne and Stormcast?
  2. Which ones have great sound quality? I can't listen to ones where some people are closer to the mic than others and the speakering volume fluctuates
  3. Garagehammer for sure!! Great content and the audio is top notch
  4. @ndino87 Loved the battlreport!
  5. The phoenix is much better in a competitive environment. I use the drakeseer mostly because it's spell is a lot of fun. Sometimes it ends with 1MW, I had it end with 15MW once time.
  6. You may be able to find the older GHB's on ebay for cheap, they have a bunch of battleplans.
  7. As a stormcast fan I want new releases every year, and want them to be the focus But I understand why others do not want that
  8. I like terrain but would like more generic terrain and less army specific, i. e. Generic castle etc.
  9. Thanks but only if I can get the book without the spells.
  10. Super disappointed on Forbidden Power. We are drowning in endless spells. I was hoping for campaign books like the Realmgate Wars so we could have a living narrative.
  11. What do you do for the conversion?
  12. They can only attempt one unbind per spell.
  13. Sometimes that's how the dice roll.
  14. I play both SCE and Khorne. Khorne was mostly nerfed and a lot of things are changed. You deal with them with shooting, and alpha striking
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