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  1. Personally I prefer playing 1K games on larger board sizes, as you get more opportunity for movement .
  2. Interesting perspective. I'll need to think on that some more, but thank you for sharing that way of looking at it.
  3. Also changing LOS to not shoot through other units, elevation becomes important. the high ground is something you would have to grab
  4. That would have to be a large gap between your screening unit and the shooting unit as the flying unit has to end movement 3" away from opposing units. That would be over 6" gap. That aside I believe this change would be good for the game, as the way it works now makes no sense, and makes movement less important.
  5. It wouldn't break the stormcast protector rule as they just have to be wholly within 6", doesnt say directly in back of them. It may break some of the "shieldwall" formats but would shift focus to movement and positioning rather than just the standard line up behind chaff and shoot.
  6. I'd be fine with this but rather than a penalty just not allow the shot. So if your line intersects with another one of your units the shot is blocked. would be quicker than true line of sight
  7. Agreed that really annoys me. Bring a flying unit if you want to scale terrain. Also the line of sight rules are all wonky. Nobody every checks anymore and just shoot through other units in their army. Kinda of crazy.
  8. Yeah the odds are not great but I once had my drakeseer do 15 MW's at once with the spell. Nothing like seeing a horde unit just vanish when combined with battleshock! It's a fun spell.
  9. Great and informative post Thanks! I agree that early AoS warscrolls are very out of date and have been left behind, but yet GW does not update them when given the opportunity. Take the early stormcast units for example. The newest tome could have updated some of those old warscrolls but instead left them as is. This applies to any AoS 1.0 army that has had re-released tomes without updated warscrolls.
  10. The core rules are fine, and the warscrolls are fine. The Allegiance abilities, spells, artifacts. Those are not fine for matched play. They seem to be written as "wouldn't it be cool.." and then lots of issues. But overall I'd say the rules are fine it's the players that are not. Too many times you see a player trying to interpret a rule in such a way they gain an advantage instead of just taking the rule at face value and not trying to twist to their advantage.
  11. What I don't get is the points on the Celestant Prime. Does GW just not like him?
  12. Disappointed by these point changes. (ok I agree with the Vanguard Pallador point change). Seriously the paladins needed more of a point drop and does GW really hate the Celeatant Prime that much they don't want him on the tables?? I really believe they dont want Stormcast to be highly competitive due to all the vocal minority complaining about them.
  13. They had regiments of renown in the all gates campaign book. It's great and a lot of fun. I hope it's not a copy paste your inclusion. Oh I care about narrative so that's three
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