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  1. chord

    Chaos - so how does it all work now?

    You can play Daemons of Chaos as a Chaos Grand Alliance army. You get the grand alliance command traits, artifacts, etc. "the fact that you have to take one as an ally " I'm pretty confident this is said nowhere.
  2. Agreed!! (although I liked the original vision of AoS) I really dislike the move to list building. IMO mini wargaming is not good for list building because of the reason you cited, the army is just picked from a realm for an artifact not themed that way from a hobby perspective. But since I'm unhappy with AoS 2.0 I just buy a lot less. I'll vote with my wallet.
  3. WOW!! Great idea!! I would much rather have this.
  4. Realm spells are fine. The artifacts not so much. Really dislike the whole "my army is from" approach. Feels like the game has tipped WAY too much into list building.
  5. chord

    Order Serpentis Models as Order Draconis

    I'd be fine with it, but I'm not uptight. You'd have to ask the TO
  6. chord

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Agreed!! This new battletome is so frustrating. I read the DoK one and wow it's awesome, everything is useful and battalions are useful then compare that to ours...
  7. Clash at Dawn is easy to play with multiple people.
  8. chord

    How to deal with a Behemoth

    No points are not balanced. Balance occurs with a conversation with your friend. Just be like hey I can't compete with the carnosaur, can I add in x unit to help balance our armies out?
  9. chord

    How to deal with a Behemoth

    You can always take the Mighty Lord of Khorne as Korghos Khul (if points and ptg allow named characters) same model, but you get to pile in and attack during hero phase as well. That's double the chance of pulling off the reality splitting axe. Sure the axe is only on a 5+ but when it goes off against a large model its great to see your opponent's face.
  10. chord

    How to deal with a Behemoth

    Grab a mighty lord of khorne...gives you a chance to install kill the carnosaur if you damage it. do that once he'll keep his unit far away.
  11. chord

    Wrath and Rapture

    *looks over at my Celestant Prime....*
  12. Maybe its different in different nations but in the US that is a falsely held belief. https://www.brookings.edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Stout_Corporate-Issues.pdf
  13. Yes I know that 🙄 . But maybe you don't realize several factions have no spell casters. (Sure they could ally in one, but many don't fit the lore) so thus the endless spells are not useful to all but those artifacts are. Or maybe like myself I'm not interested in the spells even though I have casters and I also think several of the models are just plain ugly. But I'd like the artifacts.
  14. I disagree about Malign Sorcery being a sensible release. By putting the most powerful/cool artifacts in it, they are pushing people to buy it even if they didn't want (or can't use for some factions) the endless spells. I believe the rules are too scattered, just had a game last week where, we had a question we knew it was answered somewhere, but were like oh ****** it, just agree to whatever cause we couldn't be bothered to look through multiple files/books.
  15. chord

    CP having more variation

    Actually its not a strong summoning ability. Blood tithe is the only allegiance ability the army gets and using any points wipes them all out. You are better off comparing to the Seraphon, than khorne.