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  1. chord

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I built the Venator, and then kitbashed an Azyros out of the leftover bits and a prosecutor prime
  2. It didn't feel like a real strong epic story. The realmgate wars the way the stories went, interweaving, etc. Really felt like a good strong narrative. Plus I loved how they gave you the optional rules for the story as it went along. So you could play in that section of the realm with your own armies (even if they didn't match)
  3. chord

    Gryphon and bird army

    And the Knight Venator has a bird as part of the model.
  4. Would LOVE to see books in the realmgate style come back. Was not a huge fan of the malign portents book.
  5. This describes several armies and they don't even have the wood spam to start with. It's just a balance, maybe hand out bonuses in a different way that is less spammy (but then again allow spam increases sales)
  6. I agree if its holding a sword its holding a sword regardless. But colors? Its very limiting IMO for creativity
  7. If SCE goes the way of SM with needing certain colors, etc I'd just stop. It's a turn off in 40K so it would also be a turn off in AOS.
  8. chord

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    How are people dealing with death/summoning armies? With proper screening they just start flooding the board and I'm overrun.
  9. chord

    The Big Community Survey 2019

    I would love to see a return to the campaign books in the style of the Realm Gate Wars. Really disliking the summoning aspect, lately in my meta its just who can spam the most number of units onto the table. it's not much fun.
  10. In our area, as the competitive types have moved into AoS the games and discussion have done the same way. With AOS 2.0 its pretty much a lot of unfun players.
  11. Yes they are great from a lore and from a gameplay perspective. I would like to see GA's on the same level as straight factions to encourage more diversity
  12. I think the stormvaults will be a terrain piece and maybe one model (hero?)
  13. I hope its more stormcast! Well not really I just want the Lord-Commander
  14. Agreed we should not be raising points of new sce units
  15. Wow, this thread went downhill fast. For me internal balance means making each unit in our army have a reason to be chosen. As it stands liberators are not as good a battleline choice as sequitors. Not even close. To solve this we should just lower the point cost of liberators a little bit. This would help boost the order grand alliance even as well. Same with the paladins, all we need is to make them a little lower in point costs to help balance our army internally and not compared to other armies.