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  1. On android I found Google Play Books worked once I uploaded it. But still unable to find anything for windows 10 which is insanity. Very anti-customer on this front, especially in this day and age
  2. It's not since I am using Windows 10. But thanks for the attempt
  3. I did, I've been pretty much told tough luck, no refunds and no help. Crazy town. If anyone has a physical copy and can make a pdf of the AOS Solo rules I'll show you my receipt to prove I own a copy.
  4. I heard back from GW, but they are being not very helpful. I will attempt more software but even the ones they recommend for windows 10 do not allow the epub3 file to be zoomed so its super small and hard to read.
  5. It opens but is unable to zoom (nor convert) due to the file format (epub3 fixed layout)
  6. GW uses epub3 with a fixed layout and these are not able to be converted. I have attempted multiple times and talked to various developers of those tools.
  7. I purchased White Dwarf 458 digitally (for solo rules as covid increases here) but I can't find a reader app for windows 10 that will read their epub3 fixed layout format properly. If it does read its tiny and I can't zoom in, but more often then not it just is all garbled. Any recommendations? The app they list for reading it on their site lists an app that doesnt even support windows 10
  8. No armies but just models I bought back in 1.0 when it was buy whatever models you like. So much for being a supportive early adopter.
  9. 325 for the Celestant Prime? Ok I know with the correct setup he can dish out the pain....but still.... just sneeze in his general direction and he falls over.
  10. As a stormcast player from AOS 1.0, the paint scheme thing is annoying. I painted mine in the Hammers of Sigmar, this was before there were any rules for different sub-factions. Had there been I wouldnt have gone with that scheme, I just figured this was how they were supposed to be painted based on marketing materials. Now that there are rules for sub-factions am I supposed to strip my models and repaint?
  11. As stormcast player this set did not interest me at all. SCE players are stuck where the older models are made less powerful every time a new release comes out. Why should I encourage this? I may pick up some of the models off ebay
  12. That could be, I dont like 40K so I don't know much about how the current 40K app is. You pay to download the app?
  13. As a fellow beer and pretzels player I agree with many of your points. I'm still on the fence and hoping to stay in AOS but time will tell
  14. I'm on the fence about continuing with AOS or leaving. I Want to stay I enjoy it. But if the App is put behind the subscription that is a big minus to me
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