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  1. Question: is there ever was a case, in AoS or WFB, of a Beastlord/Bray-Shaman/Doombull/Dragon Ogre Shaggoth ascending to Daemonhood?
  2. Honestly, I would love to see new Forsaken and some monstrous infrantry like Chaos Troggoths. Also a Lord of Chaos on a Chaos Dragon... C'mon GW, you know that we want a massive centerpiece like this! Darkoath Godspeaker as a new wizard is pretty sure, according to Godsworn Hunt warscroll for AoS. Also, looking at the warscroll... New hounds on small bases? According to "Warqueen" novel - Warqueen on a chariot pulled by huge wolves? The Darkoath barbarians will replace the Marauder kits - the "Godsworn Warband" have no Marauders in it, so I think that what's inside the box will still be here when the Slaves to Darkness/Everchosen/Darkoath battletome will drop. What's not inside, is at risk of being phased out/replaced (except for heroes, naturally - maybe some minis will change, but the Sorcerer and the Lord of Chaos will stay with us for some time, I guess). I think that the Chosen will be replaced by Varanguard without mounts. I would prefer something like this rather than see them disappear completely. Maybe... just maybe... The Hellcannon will return? A man can still hope! Terrain piece... Have no idea, because we already have an altar dedicated to the Chaos Gods with the Chaos Warshrine. Maybe some sort of demonic portal? Chaos Temple (like, you know, "demonic" Stonehenge)? Who knows!
  3. Hi there folks! I want to ask a question that, is simple to many, but not to me 🤣 How to do layering well? I started painting minis in the early 2000s with Confrontation wargame. Then I had some chaos stuff for my Hordes of Chaos (6th ed of WFB), then some Necrons for 40k, and then minis for Hordes and Warmachine games. I wasn't a good painter honestly but recently (at the beginning of this year) I improved a lot. Some of my minis to give you an idea (Lord of Chaos, three Skeletons from Shadespire, a Glaivewraith Stalker and a Vampire Lord on a Nightmare steed): I am satisfied with them but I think I could learn something about layering and by doing so, improve my painting skills. Can you guys help me somehow? Do you know an article, a blog post or an online video tutorial that shows in a very detailed way how to do layers well?
  4. Hmmm... Hey guys, do you think we will ever get new minis for the Forsaken unit? I hope a Chaos Undivided/Darkoath battletome will have them. Do you think is it possible?
  5. I would love to see a Freeguild proper faction but, and this is huge, an update to Seraphons! I mean, in my humble opinion, the Saurus models have not aged well (warriors, cavalry, guards). Skinks and Kroxigors also need an upgrade. It would be lovely if GW added some almost sci-fi looking weapons and technology to our beloved lizards, something that look like for Stargate or something ?
  6. A small, 500 points (AoS second edition) army of Legions of Nagash. A Vampire Lord and a Necromancer lead a horde of Skeleton Warriors with a support of the former bodyguards of the Vampire, now serving him even in the undeath.

    © Assembled and painted by Axebringer

  7. I would love to see a fully fleshed out Chaos Undivided faction. So, the Darkoath. I would like to see new Marauders and new barbaric unit that share the look similar to Marauders and Horsemen Marauders, with javelins, throwing axes and so on. Maybe a kit like the one for the Ungors, with the option of building Marauders as close combat unit and as a ranged unit. Also, the return of the Forsaken with new minis (extremly awesome if they get an option to have wings! Like the 40k Possessed) and Chaos Spawn with other marks - why the Chaos Spawn can has only the Tzeentch mark? It doesn't make any sense since any Lord of Chaos can turn into a Chaos Spawn. Lord of Chaos of Khorne changing into a Chaos Spawn of Tzeentch?! New Chaos Warriors and Chaos Chosen would be great! Big as Stormcast Liberators and Stormcast Retributors, please. Since the Dragon-Ogors were moved to the Beasts of Chaos then what the Darkoath should get? Chaos Throggoths? Some crazy barbarians riding bloodthirsty beasts (something like the SC's Celestial Dracolines but more metal)? Werewolves? A unit made of the guys that bring the Chaos Warshrine around?
  8. Such a lovely army! The Marauders are so "simple" yet they look awesome ? Have you used bits from the Marauder Horsemen to reach this effect? Also, where the slaaneshi shield is coming from? ?
  9. Still got no occasion to try out proper Age of Sigmar rules but I keep playing with the skirmish ones. Here is my 50 points warband: Lord of Chaos (Lady of Wrath by Avatars of War) 2x Chosen (Wasteland Warriors of Wrath by Avatars of War) Chaos Knight 3x Chaos Warriors We used a homebrew method to get out points for units that are not covered in the skirmish book (yep, I know about the topic with all the points on this forum). I played yesterday against the Orcs. It was a draw! ?
  10. Ok, I need still to understand some of those things. So, I will leave Gorecleaver and Slaughterborn on the Lord on Juggernaut and just take away the Blood-forged Armour from the Slaughterpriest and the Talisman of Burning Blood from the Bloodsecrator and I am good. Right? ?
  11. Let's see... ? 1k: Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut: -Slaughterborn -Gorecleaver Slaughterpriest -The Blood-forged Armour -Killing Frenzy Bloodsecrator -Talisman of Burning Blood -Banner of Blood 5x Wrathmongers 5x Chaos Knights -Mark of Khorne -Chaos Glaives 10x Chaos Warriors -Mark of Khorne -Chaos Runeshields 20x Chaos Marauders -Mark of Khorne -Damned Icon -Flails & Shields Faster and more killy. It should do pretty well on the table ? Happy wargaming!
  12. How about something like this? 1000 points: Mighty Lord of Khorne (General) -Slaughterborn -Gorecleaver Slaughterpriest -The blood-forged armour -Killing Frenzy Bloodsecrator -Talisman of Burning Blood -Banner of Blood 5x Wrathmongers 15x Chaos Warriors -Mark of Khorne -Chaos Runeshields 20x Chaos Marauders -Mark of Khorne -Damned Icon -Flails & Shields 10x Bloodreavers
  13. So, what kind of units would be most useful in order to expand my existing force and transforming them into Blades of Khorne? More infrantry or maybe something a bit faster? Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut, the Skullcannon and Mighty Skullcrushers? Slaughterpriest? His ability to "drag" enemy units seems pretty cool. Happy wargaming!
  14. Hello to everyone, you lovely people! I was a WFB player a lot of time ago (6th and 7th edition of the game), my Warriors of Chaos were all covered in dust for a while... So, with the new edition of AoS coming out I was thinking - why not give a chance to this game? I tried the Skirmish version of the game a couple of times. It wasn't bad ? My models: - 1x Exalted Champion of Chaos (the limited one from Gamesday 2009) - 1x Chaos Sorcerer - 5x Chaos Knights - 16x Marauders (Flails and shields) - 15x Chaos Warriors (Shields) - 2x Chaos Spawns I also have some some non-GW models, made by Avatars of War: - Lady of Wrath - Wasteland Warriors with Great Weapons (I plan to use those as Chaos Chosen) I was looking forward to buy some models from Khorne Bloodbound/Blades of Khorne subfaction just because I like how they look and I could always use them in my Slaves to Darkness army as allies. Since there is a new edition coming out really, REALLY soon I can imagine some things are going to change. Now I'm asking two things: 1 - So, what is the point of not having Chaos Marks on things? There is no more something like Mark of Chaos Undivided (and for some strange reason Spawns have the Tzeentch keyword ?). So, it would make sense to run an army with mixed Marks. Or there are other options for playing the good old Undivided? 2 - Is it a good idea to mix Blades of Khorne with Slaves to Darkness? From the competitive point of view. I'm not a competitive player, but I don't want to have an unplayable army ? Or maybe I should wait for more Darkoath models to be released. I always loved an idea of a faction of human barbarians but GW did something like that only with Crom during the Storm of Chaos campaign. A big hug to all of you guys and happy wargaming! ?
  15. I WILL BE BACK - said Arnold Schwarzenegger a lot of time ago. Well, now I'm back. A lot of time ago I was trying to play WHFB. I loved the setting and the models. But I didn't like the rules, at all. I always thought that they were somehow clunky. Those were the times of the 6th and 7th edition. I played 40k instead with my Necrons. But now, I was hearing so many positive things on AoS, even if at the beginning I didn't like how GW was handling one of their main games. But the rules are free, so why not to try those one day? So, I still have models that I can use as Slaves to Darkness. Are they a solid choice for Slaves to Darkness army? - Exalted Champion (two weapons, one is a model from Avatars of War range) x2 - Chaos Knights x5 (old ones with swords and axes, metal minis) - Warriors of Chaos x15 (weapons and shields) - Chaos Marauders x16 (flails and shields) - Chaos Spawns x2 - 15x Chosen (great weapons, they are from Avatars of War range) Second question, how the marks work? In WHFB I was running a Nurgle themed force but I'm painting again all of the models to be a mix of Undivided and Khorne. Are the marks working like in 6th and 7th edition (when the army's General has a Mark, all troops with different Marks than him are rarer in the army - Troops become Special choices and Special become Rare) and you pay extra points for them? I need to run a god-specific army (like Khorne Bloodbound) or can I (without any penalties) run a mixed force? Have a nice day, guys! Happy wargaming
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