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  1. This is a shot of the army so far. Another soulgrinder and 5 more knights, have 15 warriors but thinking about nurgling them up for a small maggotkin force I have just started to paint something totally different than pink!
  2. Thank you! Pretty happy with them so far. Yellow sounds rad!
  3. After starting these a year and half ago finally got around to finishing them off! And finished the last 5 chosen and sigil.
  4. Hi all. Does anyone know if the pussgoyle blightlord riders fit straight onto the varanguard horses?
  5. Work over the last month or so, coming along nicely. Next some more chosen and endless spells.
  6. Finished the sylvaneth allies to use with a wanders living city force. So quick and easy to paint!
  7. And finally finished the warshrine, absolutley love the model. Next some endless spells, 5 knights and 5 more chosen.
  8. Group shot of painting over last few weeks.
  9. Finally gotten some paint on these guys, loving the models!
  10. Added my first reinforcement since cities of sigmar was released. Had fun painting this guy up, psyched to get the 6 kurnoth hunters with scythes done before some wildwood rangers and sisters of the thorn
  11. So is anyone running these guys? How have they been going?
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