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So I came into some Aelves lately...


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So I recently got hold of a huge lot of unopened boxes of Aelves (for cheap too!) consisting of 

Glade Guard box (16) x 2

Glafe Riders (8)

Sisters of the thorn (5)

Dragon Knights (5)

White Lions (10) 

High Elf Spearmen (16) x 3 (plus about 5 reaaaally old spearmen) 

and the Aelfs from the Spire of Dawn box.

So there you have it, A LOT of aelves to play with and Im not sure where to go with them. I think im going to turn the spare  2 glade guards into a nomad prince and waystalker. The white lions seem to be a bit unimpressive so they may become swordmasters. The real conundrum im having is with the 50ish spearmen. Run them as is? Run them as darkspears and use a sorceress? Maybe use them as Eternal guard? Im planning to paint the entire lot the same color so this can be a little more flexible. Im also thinking of picking up either a phoenix or a dragon to round things out, what do you guys think?

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You can turn the White Lions in Wildwood Rangers. With a Shadowdancer cast on, they works great as a glass cannon against behemoths. The cast is to make them faster, then doing something like 8-9 D3 dmg wounds. Just pick theme as the first fight.

Spearmen can changed into Eternal Guards, or still High Elves. 

Just try to get out a Shadowdancer from those bits. Plus, you can use the Spire Dawn Batallion which is pretty good. 

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"came in" vs "came into" :P


That's not a bad start.  Glade Guard are okay but you'll find they let you down as you play more cause they don't contribute as much as you would hope over a game.  


The Sisters of the Thorn can cast their spell on your best save CC unit.  I would be tempted to suggested you run 20 Eternal Guard (the spearmen counting as EG) with Mystic Shield and Shield of Thorns on them, with 3 x 10 Glade Guard behind backed by a Nomad Prince.  


That's not a terrible start?

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You could use the glade riders as wild rider who comho nicely with sisters of the thorne and  a spell weaver.


The spell weaver would then combo well with your pheonix.


Darkspears would be a nice tough unit, but youd get mpre syngery out pf eternal guard with yhe above spell weaver. a sorcress would also work well with a phoenix, and would br just as well with either dark spears or eternal guard.

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