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  1. I've watched this and it is one of the better shows out there for Lumineth, focusing on the rules and strategies rather than complaining or trolling about our rules.. 🙂
  2. This sums it up very well in one sentence me thinks.. 🙂
  3. I believe the unit is very good, no argument there! But in my opinion it will have value with just 2-3 units outside the battalion and it's charge with 6 inches and fly will be very useful in scoring objectives far away reaching behind chaf units or clearing said units from objectives. I think they pointed correctly and will have value in lists. Just not with this combo. In casual games Idon't see people using this strategy anyways and I think casual players won't be bothered with more complex strategies etc, so I believe it won't be used as much in casual games too, but for other reasons
  4. Most units will have enough models to string and do damage to thw Windchargers. They are just 10 wounds with 5+ save. With more careful formation on units a good opponent can mitigate the effect even more. Against a single model it is certainly more doable what your're suggesting. Again this is a very unrealistic in the way that Your opponent will have screens, chaf and can deploy in a way that you won't be able to do such tricks in the first1-2 turns by having each of his units cover the other. There are may armies also who will strike first and be equally fast as you so they may ruin t
  5. Can you describe how the Windchargers will be able to lockdown units outside or inside the battalion?
  6. Both shows exaggerate. In order to make use of the Batttalion you need either Sevireth or the Windmage to be wholly within12 inches of the windchargers and that limits quite a lot what you can do with the battalion. And the windmage can die quite easily from afar crippling this strategy quite easily.. After some time I believe the windcharger fashion will subside..
  7. If you go for Ymetrica Avelenor and Stonemage for sure. Now regardless of what other way you go a Loreseeker and a Windmage for the teleportation are also safe choices.. 😉
  8. If you want to focus mainly on the Mountain aspect of the army with some support from other aspects (a few vanari/hurakan units) the Ymetrica is the way to go. If you want a more all around list or focus on another aspect Alumnia is the better choice of the two.. If you want to go Ymetrica do not use more than Avelenor as far as Mountain spirits go and use the battalion. So after Avelenor, a Stonemage and 2 large units of Stoneguard, fill the rest with units that complement you weakness, which is speed. A Windmage with teleport, Dawnriders, Windchargers are your options here and
  9. But you can't know for sure if power of hysh will be cast. If it fails the Sentinels really almost lose a turn of shooting in terms of damage. Also the 5+ or 6+ may not roll the average. On top of that if the enemy character has a mortal wounds protecion then Sentinels get much less effective. In the end yes fewer dice get rolled but luck is still there. Small heroes could be buffed but then we risk having unkillable deathstar units with tons of buffs to make their damage etc insane.. That too if the opponent has no similar ways to buff their units can lead to advantages one of the
  10. Regarding what you say in 40k I haven't been in the know for some years now so it may or may not be better, I have no informed opinion regarding this.. The army is not top 3 and all the stats so far are proof of that. That is a FACT that you cannot deny. Now in the future if they actually become top 3 the stats will show it and you'll be able to state your claim backed up by facts. Anything other than that is our subjective opinions and views so as I said not interested to have a debate with you. Have a nice day!
  11. Mate the army is not overpowered. I respect your opinion on the sunmetal ability but I dissagree. If Lumineth would have to lose the rule they would need much more robust stats to make up for it or else they would be the new Sylvaneth. I've seen your posts on the generic topic on regarding Lumineth and I'm not interested in having a debate here for a topic we'll never see eye to eye.. So let's agree that we dissagree and both be happy! 🙂
  12. Yes I hear that. Mortal wounds can bypass some abilities and that can be annoying.. but if I am to get 8 damage for example on my unit in the end I care what damage I endured and less how it was applied. But I do see your point. Regarding fly high yes it can be annoying as are all extreme movement tricks.. in general AoS in my opinion can benefit greatly from toning down th edamage units can apply and the extreme movement many armies have.. An easy fix is to make the first turn priority happen on a dice roll rather than the player who finishes deplyment getting to choose.. Just give
  13. Personally lore-wise I find the sunmetal weapon ability very fitting as a way to incorporate the precision strikes of aelven warriors. The only case where it is perhaps annoying is on the Sentinels but if we look at the damage output it is not greater than what other armies can do with their shooting options. Ultmately damage is damage so while some people may want to roll their saves if the damage at the end is the same, does it really matter?
  14. They look awesome and their extra poses make them even better!! 🙂
  15. Making the Wardens expensive won't solve anytning. You can't make something good my making another thing bad. Wardens are not broken,, they're fine as they are in points. Making the Bladelords 100pts won't fix their problems but will make them a less expensive choice.. Because at 300 pts for 15 Bladelords you can then compare them to 20 Wardens for 60 pts more making them a much more appealing choice than they are now.. The best solution though is giving them Sunmetal Weapons rule. Then not only they become better, but make the Lord Regent a much more viable choice and giving them somethi
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