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Kitbashed Khorne Lord on Juggernaut

Ollie Grimwood

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15 minutes ago, Double Misfire said:

Personally I would go for a crackled up Balrog-style lava skin for the dracoth. Bronze, even dark bronze might look odd on a surface sculpted to be organic.

Good point I was thinking Bronze with verderis in between scales. Balrog style might be just the trick 

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That's seriously cool. Ironically, Stormcast make the basis for great chaos warrior conversions!

I'll be stealing this idea too! Can I ask, is this a starter set Dracoth, or one from the newer box?

Do you have any plans to work on the left arm? It's the only bit which looks a bit odd on an otherwise perfect conversion.

I'll be watching your progress.


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[humor] Zomg! It can't possibly be the lord on juggernaut model. Your model is right handed. The real lord is left handed. [emoji6] he's an imposter I tell you! [emoji6][/humor]


It is a pretty sweet conversion. I like it. [emoji4]


Some bftbg on the juggernaut teeth would be a solid addition.




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