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  1. Skaarac the Bloodborn dropped 10 whole points, rejoice brothers!! 😂
  2. That would be my interpretation as well, thank you both!!
  3. The Slaves to Darkness battalion "Godsworn Champions of Ruin" has the ability "In your hero phase, you can pick 1 HERO from this battalion that is within 3" of an enemy unit. If you do so, that HERO can fight." Can that Hero fight once again, later in the combat phase? The core rules state that a unit cannot attack more than once during the same Combat Phase but the battalion allows the selected hero to attack during the Hero Phase.
  4. I sympathize, this is the same feeling i have for my Chaos Warriors, Chaos Chosen and Chaos Knights and their battletome was released half a year ago, which likely means i will have to wait at least 3 years for a chance that they might get better. These units haven't been good since warhammer fantasy Hopefully the stormcasts from the first release (Liberators, Retributors etc) get some love.
  5. I think these three plastic kits hold up really well for their age. They are multipart kits, with extra bits/weapons/heads and respectable detail. They were designed for fantasy so the poses are not as dynamic as todays armies, but they are all horde units and i think they work better this way. What i think Beasts of Chaos would really need are: New named characters. The only one we have is from the warband in Beastgrave. A big centrepiece model. It could be a huge chaotic creature, or Morghur himself. Remake of old resin/metal units. Chariots, Razorgors and Centigors come to mind. This could be done in one boxed kit, like the current Slaves to Darkness Chaos Chariot. it could be a chariot that you can build with two tuskgors or one razorgor (like the two horses and gorebeast from chaos chariot). There would be an option to build the Chariot with a Beastlord hero instead (Two heads for the Beastlord with one of them being for a named character). If you built it with tuskgors you can use the spare Razorgor as a unit himself. Essentially we would get options for up to 8 different warscroll units from one box. (Tuskgor Chariot, Razorgor Chariot, Beastlord on tuskgor chariot, Beastlord on razorgor chariot, Razorgor, Beastlord on foot, named beastlord on chariot, named Beastlord on foot). I know i would buy several sets to have a variety of the different units in my collection.
  6. I am lucky to live in my own house at the moment, otherwise i doubt i would even think of touching a warhammer miniature with these prices. One could find a small studio apartment at an old building in a non-commercial area for around 200 euros but the rent prices jump to above 500 euros when you get to better areas. And that's without electricity/water bills.
  7. Indeed, looking at minimum wages, there are countries in Europe who have it way worse than Australia if you compare how many work hours are needed to buy a Start Collecting. I am in Greece and minimum wage is 3,90 euros per hour. (549 euros per month, net earnings) If i want to buy one of the cheaper Start Collecting sets, which costs 70 euros here, i have to work 18 hours for it.
  8. So far, Dwarf factions are not into my liking in warhammer, but you can bet i would start an army of Norse Dwarves riding bears!!
  9. The bears look great, a two player set of Kislev vs Norsca would be fantastic, especially if the miniatures are the same scale, to be used in AoS too.
  10. Now compare the Light of Eltharion with any "Slaves to Darkness", "Blades of Khorne" or "Maggotkin of Nurgle" hero near or above his points that will also need several buffs to faction in combat. (I am sure this goes for other Chaos, Order and Destruction heroes as well, just picked those three armies from my own personal experience. I don't think the set of rules previewed for Eltharion is healthy for the game overall. Sure, tournament players will be able to crack him up and deal with him easily but in the bigger picture, people who meet up for a casual game with their favorite armies are likely going to have a one-sided game with less fun for both of the participants. For example a Khorne player with not that much experience having a meet up game with a Lumineth player with similar experience in the game, who just picked Eltharion because it is a cool miniature with cool rules. The khorne player (who likely picked khorne because they are barbarians and warriors who excel in melee combat, is likely to be massacred and feel uncomfortable facing Lumineth in the future. I have seen this happening in other instances as well, and there are many people with too little time for tournaments, who just want to have a chill game 1 or 2 times a month in their limited free time. Such one sided games usually end up leading these players to abstain from their FLGS and create home clubs for their wargaming. Not a rant here, just a little bit of worrying for the game's direction. 😊
  11. If i were to face mega gargants on a regular basis, i think a pike and a shield in the shape of a lego brick would be the best equipment indeed.
  12. As cool as they usually look, i very much dislike miniatures with long spears/pikes, especially when they all hold them facing forward. It is a nightmare when playing with or against them, trying to rank them up without breaking bits off or damaging the paint.
  13. The Lord on Karkadrak is on a 90mm oval base so you might be able to squeeze Shar'tor on that one. Manticore with some added wings is a good idea as well!
  14. I have to agree on the Jabberslythe. I love the model, but the current warscroll keeps it completely unplayable. Makes me worry that they are going to ditch the model from the line in the future, since most people are not interested to buy it for their already underdog "Beasts of Chaos" armies, and it is an endangered species (Finecast) as well.
  15. The mounted chaos lord is at 4+ save with his shield providing a 5+ save for mortal wounds. Same for the Lord on manticore. Would love them to be at a 3+ save like the Khorne Lord on Juggernaught as that would make them more playable. Oddly enough the new Lord on Karkadrak enjoys a 3+ save without having a shield. (I guess they justify this with his heavy armored mount) The exalted Heroes of Chaos also have the shield bonus integrated by default with their "Dark Blessings" ability that gives the 5+ save on mortal wounds, which was the "Chaos Runeshield" bonus in their old warscroll.
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