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  1. It will get even better.. When GW gets around to releasing a battletome for Slaves to Darkness, they will delete every warscroll that doesn't correspond to a miniature they still sell. So the Chaos Sorcerer Lord will lose the mount option when the update comes, like the Necromancer did in the Legions of Nagash book, and everyone who converted their model on horse is going to own another model that will be invalid for matched play games.
  2. I really want to run any of the Maggoth Lords, or a Tamurkhan's Horde without severely handicapping myself, but after today's preview i think i will have to agree with @Oldshrimpeyes The only points drops they mentioned are for one of the most recent plastic Nurgle kits. Go look at the warscrolls and points for the Maggoth Lords and anything in Tamurkhan's Horde like Plague Ogors or Bile Troggoths, it is disheartening to see that approach.
  3. The general thought process that Lord of the Rings miniatures should not be used in Warhammer is because of the scale difference, Lord of the rings Humanoid miniatures being noticeably smaller than their warhammer equivalents. You wouldn't have this issue with the Balrog as it is actually bigger than the Daemon Prince but uses the same 60mm base so you are good to go. I have seen some Balrog Daemon Prince conversions and even a few Bloodthirster ones and they were a great sight.
  4. I think will wait a few weeks for the dust to settle, and if there are indeed no new Slaanesh mortals on the horizon i will probably trade my Slaanesh half from Wrath and Rapture for another Khorne half. I personally don't like the head options for the Keeper of secrets, would have loved at least one more monstrous/demonic. When it comes to the chaos gods, mortals armies always are a preference to me as they look better and you can individualize them to not look like a clone army. So if there were new mortals i would have to buy them and a few extra demons for summoning. I guess my wallet might take a break for the time being, which is certainly most welcome.
  5. Maybe they don't want to worry about any new Darkoath units to be abusable in Mono-God armies. Perhaps a future Battletome includes an Allegiance ability that allows them to pick marks at set-up in their own army. Really looking forward to see what is in store for Slaves to Darkness/Everchosen/Darkoath in general!
  6. All the news are interesting. The lack of Slaanesh mortals in the video disappoints me though, as i find the mortal followers of each Chaos god much more interesting than the demons. The new Keeper of secrets looks majestic but a third more demonic looking head option would be very welcomed. Those two faces previewed look very bovine to me and would have loved one throwback to the classic demonic look.
  7. R.I.P to all those who have build their blood warrior chaos champions with goreglaives and now need to tear them apart and give the goreglaive to a different blood warrior. I don't think i will be using plastic glue in the future 😓 I am fine with changes to warscrolls like skullreapers, they did it in a way that you don't really care what weapon options you have built them with as they faction the same. But the way they handled blood warriors is very unfriendly to those who want to keep their miniatures wysiwyg . The goreglaive was not a weapon that could be spammed like with some warscrolls for other armies that were changed in the past, so this really came out of the blue. The Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut nerf was also unnecessary.
  8. Is the book about Hamilcar or the skaven antagonist? The html link to Black Library uses the name Champion of Chaos for the book
  9. Thanks for sharing these, i am sure they will be very handy once i get around to painting my beasts of chaos!
  10. Jabberslythe is intentionally repulsive though, it is described as being so foul that it's sight can drive people insane and water doesn't reflect it. I personally love it as i have a soft spot for all unusual and chaotic monsters that are not another stereotypical mythical creature 😃 For me this flesh hound looks worse than the seraphon's salamander and was still in production until Wrath and Rapture released recently. I even removed the top frill on mine and resculpted the ears as it looked too much like the flesh hound equivalent of the "Ugly Douchess" (google at your own discretion)
  11. I don't see Forge World rereleasing the War Mammoth any time soon if ever. It would be wonderful if GW would release a plastic mammoth for Darkoath. Scale it down to fit on a 170mm oval base like the Stardrake and give it a unique spin to make it more IP friendly since they don't like to release generic stuff these days. Add darkoath icons and crew, name it Darkoath Warbeast or something. That and a Chaos dragon with an option to use it on its own or mounted by an Everchosen warlord or sorcerer.
  12. The wings on the miniature cover the area between the elbow and fingers and in the artwork above we can't see his arms from the elbows and beyond so it could be possible it is him. I would love for it to be art for a different upcoming miniature but i am just trying not to get too hyped that is 😅
  13. Where is this artwork from? I think this might just be the new ghoulking hero from Carrion Empire
  14. Krell, the Mortarch of Despair, mounted on a new huge skeletal creature with a proper warscroll for an AoS Mortarch. /or A Wight King rider addon for the plastic Zombie Dragon, could be made by forgeworld perhaps, though i would love to see GW selling upgrade/conversion sprues again. More skeletal constructs with the "Reanimant" keyword following the theme of Morghasts, along with a hero that would unlock them as battleline besides Nagash. A huge "final form boss" hero for Flesh-eater Courts, perhaps something that looks like a combination of a Varghulf and the new Abhorrent Archregent from Carrion Empire. This could be a plastic kit with multiple options to create either a monstrosity for a Ghoul hero, a Vampire hero or a new Varghulf model similar to how the current box for Crypt Horrors, Flayers and Vargheists works. Vampires
  15. Regarding plastic chariot conversions, the Orruk chariot is the most fitting for beastmen to me as it looks more primal and roughly constructed.
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