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  1. Let's not forget the original Grots and the classic Greenskins Orruks that had an AoS start collecting box for years and were suddenly gone without warning. Got a full Greenskin army as a christmas present for my brother and GW killed them off the following year. 😤
  2. I guess they figured out that a number of people who buy their miniatures care for the rules and playability of them before they purchase them, so now you have to buy in blind and hope for a playable unit. I am a casual player and don't go to tournaments, but i still want my minis to give me a chance at the tabletop, so if i don't know the rules for them i am not buying them. The selling point of Age of Sigmar (other than the beautiful miniatures) since the beginning was the ease of access for everyone. I will refrain from preordering anything new and might order new miniatures in the future if i come into their full warscrolls first, without purchasing a physical battletome that will be outdated by the time i manage to paint the army.
  3. Tamurkhan's Horde got updated as well. It now mentions you need your opponent's approval to play them but they still have the correct Keywords to be played as Maggotkin. Everything got some small points increases and a few changes to warscrolls. Toads and Ogres got Ward 5 in place of their old abilities. Bile Troggoths got even worse with the points increase compared to Fellwater Troggoths.
  4. Hey all, with the new recommended table size at 44x60 for 3rd edition, how have you tweaked your tables for smaller games of 1000 points or less? I used to play ~1000 games on a 4x4 in previous editions, what would you recommend this edition?
  5. Has anyone tried the Vyrkos Bloodborn in their games? Are they worth taking or are they outclassed by other gravelords units with a similar purpose.
  6. I am eager to see the two new monsters that they teased in Warhammer Community for Kruleboyz. If only the "Sludgeraker" was a double kit (like the Slaughterbrute/Vortexbeast) that allowed you to either build it as a Sludgeraker for orruks or as a Jabberslythe variant for Beasts of Chaos. A goat can dream. 😅
  7. No idea, i hope they do, though my FLGS is still waiting for my gravelords "Lauka Vai" preorder which they did not receive from their supplier on release date, while they received enough Blood knights.
  8. The line says "Battlepack". I assume it should be "Battleplan"?
  9. Not sure if mentioned already by other members, i visited my FLGS today to pick up some of the previous preorders and they told me they will be taking preorders from customers next week for the Dominion set, so it is coming soon.
  10. What do you think of Gravelords in 1000 points games. Trying to avoid 400+ points characters like Vamp Lords on Dragons that could be considered overwhelming in low points games but would like to use some aggressive units like Graveguard or Vargheists.
  11. Apologies as English is not my 1st language, is the "bin" and "sin" terminology considered an insult. I only first discovered these terms in these forums and understood them as abbreviations for "not interesting/not competitive battletomes" vs "powerful/competitve battletomes".
  12. It might just be my perception of things but there seems to be a pattern lately. Battletomes for brand new armies with all new models often get the "sin guy" treatment (Ossiarchs and Lumineth come to mind) while battletomes for revitalized/updated armies usually get the "bin guy" treatment (Slaves to Darkness, Slaanesh 2021, Gravelords). I don't know if this is intentional to make the completely new armies more attractive, or if the persons working on updating older armies try to stay close to the original designs and warscrolls which are for the most part outdated and powercrept by newer armies.
  13. At 100 euros, they could add the sprue of Radukar the Wolf to the box and i would still not buy it. These are ebay scalper prices and the minis are even webstore exclusive so you can't order them from a FLGS at a discount.
  14. Interesting tips, that would make the list look like: Blessed Sons 1 Harbinger of Decay - General 160 1 Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore - 260 10 Blightkings - 280 5 Blightkings - 140 5 Chaos Knights - 160 1000 points Not sure how best to separate these in the Spearhead/Main Body/Rear Guard Have you tried Plague Squall? It seems a bit unreliable at first glance, as it will net one or two 6's out of seven dice on average.
  15. Getting back into Nurgle after a long hiatus and will be playing some Meeting engagement games with friends. Will be mostly playing against tanky first wave AOS Stormcast that are faster than Rotbringers so they can play the objective game and still hold their own in melee. Lord Relictor debuffs my most threatening Blightkings unit forcing them to reroll 6s with his Divine Light prayer and -1 to hit rolls with Lightning Storm. Lord Celestant on Dracoth has high speed and tankiness and usually charges into the debuffed Blightkings and holds them away from doing anything useful. Liberators run to objectives and hold them. Due to Meeting Engagements rules i can only have up to 2 units with the same name so i can't split Blihtkings into multiple units of 5. I run two units of 10 and they either get debuffed or never make it to objectives. Has anyone made mortal Nurgle work in Meeting Engagements?
  16. If only the abductors in the story where beastmen that brought sacrifices to a gigantic shoggoth-like chaos spawn deep in the swamps, or for a vile ritual to summon Morghur himself. But the most beastman looking model in years (Kragnos) turned out to be a destruction god, so enough daydreaming on my side 😅
  17. I think the reason the vampire centaur looks so off, is that the whole human torso is armored and this contrasts too much with the bare monstrous lower half. If there was less armor on the upper half and the transition of the two halves was visible in the flesh, it would look much better imho.
  18. If they pair them together, they will likely add a rule to the warscroll, where Radukar can redirect wounds to his zombie ogor guards first, if he is in close proximity to them, making him a bit tougher to kill. Hope they do the warcrolls justice though, as most of the Warhammer Underworlds warbands are awkwardly designed.
  19. Seeing as the zombie ogors only come in a pair inside the Cursed City boxed set, i am starting to think maybe they will get a combined warcscroll with Radukar the wolf like some of the Warhammer Underworlds warbands, where they need to be fielded together. The zombie ogors are said to be his personal guard, so it kind of makes sense to have them together with their vampire lord, i think they would be awkward as a unit of 2 models on their own.
  20. Are we sure the new vamp is inspired by Blanch artwork and not Disney? 😜
  21. @Wraith It is a bit smaller than the original chaos mammoth, closer in scale to the Mumakil from Middle Earth, but bulkier. If you put it on the right base it will do the part. Got one of these years ago with an alternate armored head, but it is still unassembled in my great grey pile of shame, otherwise i would share some pics for scale. Might sell it or trade it eventually as i am running out of storage with all my huge beasties and still can't get around to painting any of them.
  22. I don't play 40k as i am more into the fantasy theme but always loved the Tyranids models. If these turned out to be the tyranid equivalent of Age of Sigmar, i would be all in! I would love it if they are insectoid creatures and not actual humanoids, though the term "Silent People" might contradict that.
  23. Anyone planning to clip off Radukar's funny wool cap and sculpt some hair on his head? Thinking of trying it myself.
  24. I decided not to preorder Khagra's Ravagers due to the price increase of the underworlds warbands and a feeling that the warscroll for AoS would be disappointing. Pretty happy with my decision after the warscroll release, which doesn't offer anything new or fun for a Slaves to Darkness army.
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