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16mm Destruction Dice - SOLD OUT


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Afternoon folks, 

As you know us Destruction folk are a passionate bunch, I am no exception and absolutely LOVE nothing more than smashing face with my Orruks and Ogors. What has always been missing from my life however is some Destruction appropriate dice! I have bought other ones that were available but there is a problem with them... I HATE dice with logos on the 1's as they don't work alongside my other dice!

I was thinking about this and decided to take the bull by the horns and drew up my own design that I had digitised by a good friend. I am pleased to announce that having sent the design to a top quality manufacturer of dice that I have made a substantial order. With the permission of Ben I am now starting this thread and making these dice available for pre-order!

To get your hands on these gorgeous 16mm dice, carefully follow the instructions below. Just to confirm I am using the term “pre-order”, this is because these dice have already been paid for upfront when I ordered them, I am expecting to receive delivery of them in around 4 weeks (please note I have no control over this time frame due to the shipping process there "could" be delays). However, as soon as I have received the dice I will post them out to all buyers via Royal Mail 1st class post.

So how do you get some? It is simple please pay for the dice you want using PayPal, my PayPal address is mark@mitzman.co.uk 

You need to send the funds as a gift or friends and family, this is important! Be sure to include your address and the quantity you require in the payment notes.

The cost of the dice is as follows:


Dice cost £6.50 for 10 dice packed 5 Gork & 5 Mork per set (Each set of 10 dice will be mixed colour Gork is Green and Mork is Red, there is no ordering just green or red as in the interest of safety Gork and Mork must be taken in equal measure!).


Postage in the UK is £1.50 for up to 20 dice, for every 10 dice over that please add 50p. Example (UK);

10 Dice = £8 (£6.50 for dice + £1.50 for P&P)

20 Dice = £14.50 (£13.00 for dice + £1.50 for P&P)

30 Dice = £21.50 (£19.50 for dice + £2.00 for P&P)


Postage overseas is £4.50 for up to 20 dice, for every 10 dice over that please add 50p. Example (Overseas);

10 Dice = £11.00 (£6.50 for dice + £4.50 for P&P)

20 Dice = £17.50 (£13.00 for dice + £4.50 for P&P)

30 Dice = £24.50 (£19.50 for dice + £5.00 for P&P)

Hopefully this all makes sense to everyone, if you have any questions, please reply to the thread or by e-mail (mark@mitzman.co.uk).

Please just remember to pay as friends and family, add your address and dice quantity to the PayPal payment notes










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Just a quick update, I have confirmed with the manufacturer that the dice will be shipped in approximately 10 days, so get your orders in ASAP so I can get them to you as soon as they arrive.

Don't be disappointed :)

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On 10/26/2016 at 11:14 PM, Soup Dragon said:

Hi @Mitzy , any news on whether the dice have arrived, and how long before you post them out?

Yes, they arrived today...

I'll be posting out all order placed so far tomorrow so with a fair wind and Royal Mail performing properly those of you in the UK should get them on Saturday :)


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6 hours ago, Chris Tomlin said:

Hey @Mitzy,

Whilst I'm not overly keen on the words (would've preferred icons alone), I think a Megaboss of my stature would be remiss to not pick some of these up (also I'm feeling bad for letting you down last night - will text to reschedule later!)

Any chance I could get them at RAW to save on the postage?

Absolutely matey, just let me know how many you want... And you are right EVERY Megaboss should be rolling these dice!

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