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  1. Dave

    Beasthammer at Blackout

    Last week I went to Blackout in Cardiff using the Braggoth's Beasthammer battalion . I'm a big fan of it and have used it for a while but this was the first time I've taken it to a tournament . This was my list: I'm not the most experienced in AoS so something I can just charge forward with appeals to me! This will be brief round ups of what I can remember rather than indepth reports as my memory is awful . Game 1 v Nurgle Shifting Objectives With 4 drops I had the choice of who started (as I ended up doing in every game) so I went second . His army was made up of 2 big units of plague bearers ,1 GUO a unit of blight kings and a couple of different characters . He ran everything forward to get near the objectives with the GUO just behind . I managed to cas the cogs then moved everything forward hoping to charge . All the charges went off with the mournfang and gore gruntas getting into the plague bearers and the Frostlord getting into the GUO . The hunter , frost sabres and butcher covered the objectives . I popped the double attacks this turn and killed both units and the GUO . Just a case of mopping up the rest after that and the objectives weren't threatened all game . Major Win Game 2 v khorne Places of Arcane Power This was against the mortal Khorne dudes , who I've only played once before and I have a vivid memory of my frostlord killing himself because these buggers! I wasn't sure how best to go about this battle so just went first and tried to charge everything in . Only the frostlord made it and did a fair bit of damage in his centre but got Reality Bladed off by his general . I hung on for a while but couldn't do any substantial damage to his army before it wiped me out . I've thought about this battle the most since the event as I think I could've done a lot better . I think If I'd put the heroes on the objectives and bubble wrapped them with everything else then I could've done a lot better . Oh well , Major Loss Game 3 v Gutbusters Scorched Earth This was something a little bi more familiar . This was an army of a big unit of 12 ogors , a unit of 6 and 1 of 3 . Troll hag , Tyrant and a butcher (i think). I took first turn and charged everything in , the frost lord went to my left to take out the unit of 3 and the MF and GG into the other units of ogors . What followed was the biggest mistake I made over the weekend . I forgot to take the bonus attack which could've crippled them a lot more but a combination of heat and being tired I totally forgot . So it turned into a big scrap on his side of the table which he eventually won and took my objectives . I might've been able to still win after forgetting the attacks but mu head had gone by then! Major Loss Game 4 v Nighthaunt Total Commitment This was so one sided it was untrue . He had a lot of the usual suspects , most of the characters , the new units and a load of spirit hosts . He had to deploy everything on the table so went heavy on my right so I was able to clear everything on my left easily and swept over to take the rest . He wasn't helped by his awful saving rolls and it all fell apart Major Win Game 5 v Nurgle Border war So just before this battle I'd heard that I was leading the kill points for Destruction so I was hoping for an army to play against that was easy to kill , so of course I drew Nurgle! This was very different to the Nurgle in my first game . There was a lot of blight kings and marauders . I decided to not bother with the mission and just go for kills but I wasn't hopeful . It turned out as I expected and I just couldn't break stuff down enough and he had a crazy amount of saves . Major Loss So after all that I came 71st , which was a little bit disappointing but at least I know where I went wrong . I still love this army and look forward to more games with it .
  2. Dave

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    I totally agree with this , it’s something I’ve thought since all the summoning was announced . You could’ve had tokens on the battlefield that you need to collect as your resource to summon
  3. It’s probably better if we let fate decide (nothing to do with me needing to get better first! ?)
  4. Paid for a ticket last night , now just to wait for the inevitable first round draw against @Sangfroid !
  5. Dave

    GH2017 - Beastclaw Raiders Review & Discussion

    Yeah , hunter would be the general
  6. Dave

    GH2017 - Beastclaw Raiders Review & Discussion

    This is what I've been thinking about using , the main decision I need to make is whether to keep the tyrant or swap him out and make both mournfang units 4 .
  7. Fake News my Duardin were just doing market research with the Ghost Wolves with a view to setting set up new outlet of 'Thryngs' , the shop for all your battle needs. In all seriousness, it was a great game even if the result seemed to set the trend for the weekend! I learnt a lot about my own army and have now gone back to the drawing board to improve it . I'm still impressed with the barak thryng ability, I've never seen so many one's get refilled onto fours!! Thanks for the great game and I'll get you next time ?
  8. Dave

    16mm Destruction Dice - SOLD OUT

    Mine came through the post today . Thanks , I really like them!
  9. Dave

    Yet another beastclaw thread!

    Brief update , finally got the first 3 gruntas done . For some reason they took me ages compared to the rest but hopeful the next unit won't take as long now I know how I want to do them Just need to finish off the bases on these . So here is the army so far , all I've got left to do is the other unit of gruntas and a thundertusk . I'm torn whether to do the rider as a huskard (for the heal) or as another frost Lord to be bang on 2000 points and have someone else good for fighting . I'll have to have a few games until I fully commit to how I model it .
  10. Dave

    Yet another beastclaw thread!

    Started on the pigs , decided to go for white fur on the so they match with everything else . Still very much WIP but I'm pretty pleased with it
  11. Dave

    Mixed Destruction Army

    Did you go for more mournfang than in the lists or are the extra ones ready for expansion? The whole army looks cool though!
  12. Dave

    Yet another beastclaw thread!

    I've finished my first 2 mournfang (all bar tidying up the bases) I've got 2 more almost finished and 2 more to build . I've also got the first 3 gore gruntas built and ready to go , so I'm tempted to start them next . After that I just need to get the thundertusk and 3 more gruntas (anyone looking to get rid of some out of the SC box let me know!) . I was thinking about this and I'm tempted to get a couple of wolves as the frost lord's hunting dogs (mainly as I don't like the sabre models)
  13. Dave

    16mm Destruction Dice - SOLD OUT

    They look great! As soon as payday comes round I'll be in for some
  14. Dave

    Yet another beastclaw thread!

    I'm not 100% on the gruntas status . As i understand it they count as Beastclaw for the purposes of remaining a pure beastclaw army but but dont get any benefits of being a beastclaw ingame (I hope that makes sense!). But I think I'd want to take the general destruction ability for the movement anyway. Yeah that sounds better , a hint of the white/wintery feel but not exactly the same .
  15. Dave

    Yet another beastclaw thread!

    @Chris Tomlin I'll probably just try and tie the orruks in with paint scheme . I've started the mournfang and have done their fur like the stone horn , I'm not sure whether to do the gruntas like that or just try and tie them in with those big armour plates .