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Dorchester Doggers biggest ever club night?!

Chris Tomlin

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Correct me if I'm wrong @Paul Buckler, but tonight looks to be the biggest ever club night at the Dorchester Doggers! 16 players all playing AoS (well, once I've taken @#SteveJames off at Infinity we will be!). What a fantastic turn out! Super excited for the local scene. You've done great work Paul!

Follow @warhammerGC and @the_black_sun on Twitter for some pics of all the action!

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We ended up with 20 people gaming or just chatting gaming last night, 8 tables of AOS, 2 infinity.  @Chris Tomlinand @#SteveJames had a duel over both systems, @ChippyRickpopped down to talk AOS and sort out his Facehammer GT list.  Epic night was the busyiest so far. @DeadlySarcasmeven turned up for a rare appearance.

A few pics.  Chris and I both posted video on twitter but I have no idea how to add that to a post here, so check us out on there.  Such an amazing buzz for the hobby at the moment, we had a brand new member just starting, and 2 40K converts playing as well. 


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53 minutes ago, DeadlySarcasm said:

If we can just get people to stop playing this silly infinity game, we can have a proper club night ;)

Awesome night lads. @Chris Tomlin did that video end up on twitter? I'll have to try and masculine up my "hey" for the next one...

Infinity is good man...especially if you can make it last 20 mins and then get straight onto the Warhammer! ;) 

Yup, the vid is on Twitter. I think it conveys the atmosphere nicely.

Nice to meet you, finally, as well!

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