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  1. ChippyRick

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Congrats Bud, great to see the same list doing so well again. Would love some more info on this when you get chance.
  2. ChippyRick

    Conversion Project - Free City

    where abouts is this?
  3. ChippyRick

    SCGT 2018 Results, asking for Allegiance

    Did this go in Dan?
  4. ChippyRick

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    This would actuallyl be awesome, im interested if we find out if there is one
  5. ChippyRick

    Want to buy: Free People

    Hey, thanks for the message. give me a pm with some details when available.
  6. ChippyRick

    Want to buy: Free People

    Hey all, I am starting a new project and looking to get hold of a few kits. I have lots to trade and would be ace if i can sort any of th ebelow list via trades, but also happy to buy. Freeguild Archers Freeguild Greatswords Few more bits to add later. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey all, Looking to start an Idoneth Deepkin Army Project. If anyone has anything to sell or even better trade, i have a lot of AoS / 40K / Malifaus and other non GW models. Units i am looking for: Volturnos Isharann Tidecaster Isharann Soulscryer Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (Eels) Akhelian Ishlaen Guard (Eels) Namarti Thralls Gloomtide Shipwreck Azyrite Ruins Please let me know.
  8. ChippyRick

    H: Slaanesh Daemons w: nurgle daemons/mortals

    are you after any non GW models? i have some of the nice titan forge models, 6 of the beasts of nurgle sized models and the daemon prince with wings model. Also the ultraforge GUO style models.
  9. I will get on this mate
  10. Game on mate ? The last time we played at Cardiff it was Archaon vs your FEC Monsters and i was hung over. thanks god for that 20 min game as i slept for 2 hours after that and was on form for game 2
  11. hey, i have the end times book all immaculate condition. I am based in the UK though!
  12. ChippyRick

    The Rumour Thread

    Hey, that is indeed my army Its actually a McFarlanes Dragon.
  13. ChippyRick

    Spirit host....who uses them?

    I have been using Spirit Hosts since GHB 2016 dropped. They were part of a mixed death list, and most commonly ran 2 x units of 6. No point talking to much on previous, but now with the added spell lores available and still with a number of buffs for them i think they are still a top choice. Small units have there place at 120 points. little objective holding units as the least, nice with the unmodified save. But also able to buff the small footprint and throw 18 attacks at small units/heroes is nice. Units of 6-9 as already mentioned can both deal a huge amount of damage out but also be a great tarpit to stop units. I have found recently that with a lot of -1 to hit out there, you can play some match-ups where their damage output isn't available. But with your potential to slow the enemy down (I use Nagash and spells with minus to hit or less attacks to name a few) means they hold up the opponents damage. This is where you need other options in the army, which before wasn't as easy to find, but i think now with the new book we have many more options. To name a few, my list for Heat 2 at Warhammer World had Nagash. Since then i am now running Nagash and Prince Vhordrai (he came in instead of the second unit of Spirit Hosts and a few small heroes), and i am also going to try a large block of skeletons and Morghasts at some point as well. I have not used them in full Nighthaunts since the latest releases, but i have played against them. In Grand Host of Nagash i feel the Nighthaunts units in general are better off than using Nighthaunts Allegience atm. Fingers crossed in the future this could change!
  14. ChippyRick

    Let's chat : Slaanesh

    My club mate ran the Daemon Slaanesh army that made it on the WarhammerTV Stream and played well. so worth a look there.