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  1. Which version of the FAQ are you looking at? I think the answer above was superseded. V1.1 (current version on GW website) has the following updated (magenta) entry. Q: How do you determine what models and units make up a warscroll battalion? When is it based on a keyword and when is it a unit name? A: When a warscroll battalion is referring to a keyword, it appears in Keyword Bold. Otherwise, it is referring to the name of a unit. When you read the composition of the Verminus Clawpack it states 1 Skaven Warlord (not in bold) and is therefore referring to the unit/warscroll. This prevents the use of Tretch and other named Warlords being used as part of the battalion.
  2. Was a really good club night. AOS is definitely the game of choice these days. Hopefully last night's turnout will give extra encouragement to all the club members undertaking the painting challenge.
  3. Single faction/race for me. Might start to include the odd unit from other factions in time, but will always play with armies that are predominantly a single faction/race.
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