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Aaron Schmidt

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Like Fantasy, they add much needed beef to an all-grot army that normally isn't there. However, if you're going full gitmob, they take away the possibly necessary wolf rider battleline option.

I've never used one, but I've seen them be very successful!

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For 180 pts they put out a lot of damage, but their output goes down fast.

The new destruction allegiance ability makes them viable in my opinion as it gives them the chance to get into combat without being shot to the point that they are near useless.

Taking 5 is fun, but i actually think they would shine in  list where there are several big targets as again its give them that chance to get into combat unscathed.

With the GH making lots of infantry popular i think they get that bit better also as what they do well is destroy low save infantry with their massive club.


As i found out last night though if you come up against the changeling, don't let it get into your giant and start using your club against you, it doesnt end well!

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Had some sucess with the giant.

The 3d6, d6, d3 makes him very unreliable.

Charged a Freepeople general on gryphon, did 1 wound the 1st time yay and 13 wounds the second round.

What is good is that it is cheap for the dammage POTENTIAL. but you have to have a good day to make him do something.

Oh and he has atrocious chances to charge. double = no charge... glup.

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I have the old (4th or 5th) edition giant, pure lead the weight of a shot put and I enjoyed using him over the years.  I have found his bark to be much worse than his bite.  He often attracts a lot of attention so is great acting as a smokescreen for other units, his damage output is very varied though and goes down quickly as he takes damage.

I have found I need to prioritise activating him in my combat phase as he normally has one good combat round in him per game and getting 3d6 attacks is a massive difference.  

On the bright side he has a good habit of flopping on top of whatever killed him in my experience and who doesn't enjoy shoving a Retributor down your pants each combat round.

I do wish they gained the keyword of your warlord though, just to make them a bit easier to take in allegiance lists, taking one with my pure Ironjawz list would be fun without any battline tax.

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