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  1. I pretty much exclusively use Ork Boyz for my Greenskinz anyways. They're cooler design while still fitting the AoS world.
  2. This week's Made To Order is a bunch of old Orcs and Goblins stuff - and the copy definitely references Greenskinz in the same sentence as Ironjaws, in terms of using the models in current armies. IDK why they'd be doing a run of old Greenskinz-style Orc models if there are plans to just trash the army soon, but GW has done some wonky stuff like that before.
  3. Optimism says it's a rebasing and discontinuing of the old models (resins and ****** boar designs). It would be a shame if they scrapped the Greenies completely, the Warboss on Wyvern os probably the best hero unit Destruction has, if you're running mixed w/Orruks.
  4. To keep this going, I've been wondering if the spear-type option for Brutes would be a good choice if running 10 or more in a unit. Anyone tried this out?
  5. It seems a bit disingenuous that this particular faction had an SC box right from launch, and then two years later are discontinued. If that is the case, their mind had changed over those years - Brets and TK got axed right away and GW let everyone know that those particular armies would not receive ongoing support. But Greenskinz are unique in this situation because it seems they have been brought into AOS a little bit, but only part way.
  6. Pssh of course - I just ordered a Rogue Idol for my finally-getting-around-to Greenskinz. Well, hopefully, if they do get squatted, nobody will bad an eye if I proxy a bunch of non-naked orruks as Bonesplitters. I don't think they will though. Holding on hope.
  7. That's awesome, thanks for the answer - 58 pages is a lot to sift through for pretty simple but specific info. Are any warscrolls toast? I see that the fanatics have been split into two types, and I'm guessing the old one is obsolete now? And that Gloomspire grots don't have a spear unit, those are Moonclan? I'm getting most of my info off the AOS app, so I'm not sure what's fully up to date yet. I know there's no option for Gloomspire allegiance in Azyr.
  8. I've been out of the game for over a year now, but seeing these little hooligans makes me wanna... you know. Is it confirmed which factions are included in Gloomspire? Is it all Moonclan, Troggoth and Gargant? I'm guessing some Moonclan stuff is being re-keyworded as Gloomspire as well? Any love for Gitmob? Also, what is the allies situation?
  9. The gameplay nerf applies to standard Ogors.
  10. lol not only is this a huge nerf they look ****** terrible on 50mms
  11. I've been out of AoS for about 10 months now, and am getting back into with a new army. Gutbusters 1k is my first goal, with eventual BCR allies. I've run Ogor bulls alongside my greenskinz (sidenote - my Ogors will ALL be greenskins, thanks to Nob heads) and they've always done really well as battleline. For sure they're underestimated. I go double hw, though - why is the iron fist suggested as better? If your opponent has rend - and most units seem to these days - it's fairly useless. I don't know much about the new edition, but I'm looking forward to seeing what, if anything, is new for these guys.
  12. I'm also curious about your big stabba usage. How do they do? Do they tend to get shot to death? Also, nice movement trays - where did you acquire those?
  13. That's right. I don't need nobody laying their own, post-GHB2017 inferiority trip on me, man.
  14. I must be thinking about the pre-GHB1 days then with whatever comp system my group used.
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