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  1. So who has had a chance to play with the allies? After looking at it, I've narrowed it down to 3 for my Corvus Cabal. Chaos Sorcerer Lord - solid ranged attack, though slow for Corvus, the double giving +1 Strength and Attacks for an action can be fantastic on just about anything, especially the Shrike Talon though. Slaughter Priest (either) - decent tanky fighters, but both abilities are super handy for Corvus, giving a solid long-range attack, plus forcing enemies out of cover. Eating triples is annoying, but less bad for Corvus since ours are so situational. Tzaangor Shaman - another good ranged attack, fast enough to keep up, fairly resilient, but their triple works lets you activate a friendly fighter, like the leaders ability, but on a faster model with longer range. Think I missed some? I don't really rate the allies that just smash face, they don't add a whole lot I think, but maybe I'm wrong.
  2. I'm using the Wight King (to justify using Krell backing up my Kemmler necromancer), but I think the Spirit Torment is also seems worthwhile, buffing the lackluster strength of Wights with hand weapons and skeletons of all flavors.
  3. You can still climb down the wall normally with the bonus move action from both of those abilities. You may want to consider jumping though for the sake of cutting the distance shorter. A way I’ve used the crow is to keep an enemy engaged with one of our tougher models (i.e. not a cabalist), while my cabalists with spears are safely 2” away. The enemy can’t disengage the tougher model to go punch the squishy ones, and is going to waste two activations attacking something that they may only be wounding on 4’s or 5’s.
  4. Ah I misread the abilities, it’s not greater than 3” for fall, it’s 3” or more. So treating it as 3” exactly works for everything.
  5. Well the flip side is that if you count it as being over 3”, then the Cypher Lords ability becomes really weak.
  6. So question for you about the Shrike Talon. Their ability requires you ending your move >3” lower to get the extra bonus, so far very little of the terrain is over 3” tall, so far only the bell tower allows you to do this (if you’re using terrain cards), none of the graveyard or stormvault terrain has platforms over 3” from the ground either. Think there is hope they’ll change the wording on the ability?
  7. Been making some progress on my Sylvaneth, I'm going for a Miyazaki feel to them. I made my Branchnymphs by mixing in wildrider parts, same with the Branchwraith, who was also given a horn (to summon more Dryads with). I whipped up a pile of Hokora to put on the base of my Treeman ancient, though I think I may add a bunch more.
  8. Depends on where you play and who you play with. At pretty much any event, you'll be expected to have the correct minis, in friendly games you can use whatever you want, in a pick up game at a FLGS it's a toss up, some people wont care, and some people will be annoyed. The thing is that the trees occupy space where a model cannot fit, so there is reason to have the actual models.
  9. So I’ve decided to pick up Sylvaneth. To get the ball rolling I got Drycha (gorgeous mini), 9 Kurnoth Hunters and 2 Start Collecting boxes. The big question is what’s next? Aside from trees and spells, should I be investing in Revenants? I’m having a hard time gauging how they play and which revenants are worthwhile (and in what quantity). Thanks in advance for any advice!
  10. I was planning out a Skaven army, the leaked price list showed my army would cost me about $10 more, so I didn’t rush out to buy it. The next day the price went up $118, meaning the average price increase was a little over 16%... and as a result I will likely not do the army since now the price at discount is higher than the MSRP was a week ago. I’m not really complaining about it, but as someone who was starting to stick their toe back into GW games*, it serves as a reminder of their policies and why I stopped playing to begin with (as well as my army being FAQ’d into uselessness). *Their main products anyhow, Blood Bowl and Necromunda don’t seem to suffer the same, and are still very enjoyable.
  11. Eel lists are boring, how are people running Namarti lists these days?
  12. The first GHB FAQ resolved setting up Gnawholes, they removed the requirement to be 6” away from the edge, now it’s only not within 3” of an objective or 1” of other terrain.
  13. How about something like this then? Thanquol Arch-Warlock 2x Bombardiers Greyseer on Bell 3x3 Stormfiends 80 Clanrats (40+20+20) 1 Doomwheel 2 Warplightning Cannons 6 Jezzails I'll probably never put 3000 points on the table at once, it's more the target number to build a collection to, then cut back on points from there to play 1k/2k point games. Clearly this isn't a "pure" Skryre army, but could be run as such, and is otherwise very Skryre-heavy. I mostly want to make sure I have enough variety to play competitive when I want, but to not have to play the exact same list every time. I'm also a bit wary of painting 120 clanrats, so I'm really curious if 3x20 is adequate, or 1x40 and 2x20, or if more is needed to be competitive. Thanks again for the help!
  14. So I’m considering jumping back into Skaven, my question though is how viable is a Skryre army these days? I tend to build my armies at about 3000 points to have some diversity at 2000 and 1000. Would this be a reasonable collection to play with? Can I make some competitive lists from this? Thanquol Arch-Warlock 2x Bombardiers 2x3 Stormfiends 3x20 Clanrats 20 Stormvermin 1 Doomwheel 2 Warplightning Cannons 6 Jezzails Warpcog Convocation (Arkhspark and Gascloud) thanks!
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