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  1. thediceabide

    Counts-as in Shadespire

    You could just paint the Bloodbound as slaves marauders, they're far better looking minis. If you really want, shave off the khorne symbols and replace them with chaos stars, or leave the Khorne symbols, since there are Khorne units in Slaves. Personally mine wont be all painted red either.
  2. thediceabide

    Will GW remove Slaanesh?

    Mc·Guf·fin məˈɡəfin/ noun BRITISH an object or device in a movie or a book that serves merely as a trigger for the plot.
  3. thediceabide

    New Start Collecting boxes & P2G

    Still holding out for Start Collecting Kharadron Overlords!
  4. thediceabide

    Losing Momentum Because of 40k 8th Edition

    From what I've seen of 40k so far, I'm not impressed, and I think AOS will prove to be the more balanced tournament game. It currently seems to be all about MSU and alpha strike... boring. Obviously it's early, but the results seem pretty consistent.
  5. thediceabide

    The Rumour Thread

    There's a fair amount without any heroes for that matter.
  6. thediceabide

    AOS comp system? Nay or yay?

    Oh god please no.
  7. thediceabide

    The Rumour Thread

    I may just have to take you up on that! Thankfully there's always Hinterlands, just sad that the official Skirmish rules are sounding more like "how to run an escalation league" to get people into making larger armies, rather than a proper skirmish game. Oh well, just means more money to save for Underworlds when it hits!
  8. thediceabide

    The Rumour Thread

    Yeah, it's the same people that made Path to Glory just about unplayable by taking a Lord Celestant on Stardrake and 50 Liberators as their "warband," when players like Sylvaneth are stuck with a Branchwych and a handful or Dryads, lol. I'm just imagining the destruction player with the cheapest possible hero, then the maximum amount of grots and moonclan with bows to fill in the rest. I generally look to see how a game can be broken so I know what I can expect from the least of us, haha. Basically, it means there won't be skirmish tournaments without house rules, and for pick up play, it's not really going to work.
  9. thediceabide

    The Rumour Thread

    Ehh, that's hardly handled, haha. With multiple types of goblin, or just beastmen taking 20 ungor, 20 raiders, you're at 60 points, a shaman brings that to 78, and supposedly in campaigns you will be reaching 100+... It seems like it would be pretty trivial to take a large number of models and swamp out anyone who is playing something closer to what we can assume GW meant. Without damage rolling through units, you could possibly have more models than someone is even capable of killing over the course of a game. Really, I'm hoping this is a legit skirmish game, instead of a game that GW is just putting out with minimal effort to sucker people to starting full new AOS armies.
  10. thediceabide

    The Rumour Thread

    It sounds like 50-100 was suggested for a one off game. 100+ seems extreme though, and isn't hard to get to in a campaign.
  11. thediceabide

    The Rumour Thread

    Yeah that's where the concern is, 100 renown seems like you can make quite a large army, especially if you have goblins or ungor, I was really hoping for a specific hard cap to be in the Warband creation rules. I just don't want it to end up like Kill Team where the best way to go was with Orks or Tyranids taking as many of the cheapest troop as possible, ending up with more models than you could even reasonably kill in a game.
  12. thediceabide

    The Rumour Thread

    Anyone else notice that the rules for Warband Creation say that 50-100 is the standard size, and the minimum is 3, with no maximum stated?
  13. thediceabide

    When did you first get into GW games?

    It's pretty easy for me to know exactly when I got hooked, because it was issue 200 of White Dwarf magazine, so I've been playing since August 1996. Got started with Rogue Trader, because we didn't know for a few months that 2nd edition had come out, made the switch to 2nd but used a lot of Rogue Trader rules still (great scenery rules, Rubber Moss was particularly fun). Played 3rd and 4th, worked for GW retail for a couple years during college, took a solid break for most of 5th edition, came back when the necrons got a redo (I'm a sucker for flyers), quit 40k in October 2015. I also played Fantasy during all this time (mostly Ogres and Skaven), as well as every specialist game, though when AOS hit my local fantasy scene died entirely (sadface). Since quitting 40k I have been playing Infinity as my primary game, though came back to AoS when the GHB got more locals to jump on. Now I'm looking forward to playing more AOS (though Infinity is still my primary game), picking up KO to face down my big ogre army. I tried Guild Ball but found it too complex as a secondary game, got back into Blood Bowl, I like Heavy Gear and Beyond the Gates of Antares, but don't have much time to play so many game systems... but that won't stop me from getting Shadowspire.
  14. thediceabide

    Beastclaw raiders

    If you pile into a unit that already attacked, then yes, otherwise during your opppnents activation they can pick the unit to fight back since they are now within 3"
  15. thediceabide

    Beastclaw raiders

    Yeah, it's brutal... It also means you never fail a charge less than 6", because you don't even need to make the charge.