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  1. Balance is not the same as parity. As the thread talks about, the existence of Infinity pretty much flies in the face of the rest of your argument here.
  2. Speak for yourself! Two players of equal skill with two equally optimized armies, should absolutely have an equal chance of winning. Not just the player who bought the most recently released, poorly worded army.
  3. So I've been playing a bit of AoS lately, after taking quite a hiatus. I have a decent sized Beastclaw Raiders force and was wondering how they're doing these days? I know the book came out and it's all just Mawtribes, but am I going to have to expand into the lowly, foot-based ogors for them to be any good? My meta is fairly tournament focused, so I'd like to make sure I can do something competitive with what I've got. Here's a list of what I have: 1x Frostlord on Stonehorn 2x Huskards on Thundertusk 1x Huskard on Stonehorn 2x Stonehorn Beastriders 4x Mournfangs with Gargant Hackers 4x Mournfangs with Iron Fists 2x Hunters 8x Sabretusks 6x Yhetees ...and I'll probably get the new Underworlds warband when it comes out (just looks too cool). Should I be adding butchers, gnoblars and the like, or is it fine to keep it as-is?
  4. Regardless of A, B, C, D or E, there is really no good argument to not balance things, haha. Doesn't matter if most people are casuals or competitive, there's really no good argument against game balance. It's just a user preference, a lot of people do the vertical bar, and on mobile it is vertical, oh yeah, the army builder works great on mobile too, lol. Your point about list building is very accurate, you may need to take some specialists to accomplish the missions, but it's far more about your in-game decisions. Hell, I rarely even spend more than a few minutes on a list before playing it, as long as I know how to use the tools I'll do just fine. There also aren't really net lists and auto-includes are extremely rare (and not really that auto), the person who won the entire ITS season last year regularly used units which are bemoaned as awful on the internets.
  5. This is actually a huge reason I switched to Infinity as my main game years ago, the company invests a lot in making sure their game is balanced and enjoyable, and all of the individual units are viable and worth using. GW of all companies has the resources to do something similar, but they choose not to. Corvus Belli's free army builder, plus into their free tournament software, and then they data mine the heck out of it to balance the game. I'm not sure I'd consider it an easier game to balance, because while the number of rules are finite, there are a ton of them, and each individual model is capable of doing a lot more, activating many times per turn, maneuvering in a wide variety of ways, etc. Some things @Spears missed in his screen shots is that you actually submit your lists from their army app, to their tournament app, so list submission and validation is built in to the platform. I've never even heard of someone running an illegal list in competition, off by a point, etc., let alone seen it happen in 4 years of playing Infinity competitively, their system simply doesn't allow it. Furthermore, the army builder is considered the source of truth in the game, so you never have the situation where the army builder is incorrect, and even if it is incorrect (like when Druze had AVA2 Peacemakers), it's played as it is in the Army, and considered legal until changed (it's never really been anything drastic). That said, I still enjoy AoS, but it's a totally different game, and is a ton of fun to do hobby projects for. I can't really take it as seriously though as a competitive game, mostly because GW hasn't really done much in the way of supporting it as one.
  6. So what would be a good starting place for Kharadron with the new book? It seems that they have more viable builds now, and the Start Collecting box might actually be useful. How far would 2x Start Collecting + Aether Wars get someone? Thanks!
  7. Has anyone given Ironbark with Fyreslayers a shot since the new book? I "accidentally" picked up the Start Collecting and some Hearthguard and was considering a Runesmiter + Hearthguard bomb. Not sure which weapons on the Hearthguard, the poleaxes are pretty fun with that mortal wound output though.
  8. Only old wood elf players that bought a ton of Wyldwood rangers at the tail end of 8th... which is not a ton, lol.
  9. What are people's thoughts on Battleline options in the Living City? Eternal Guard seem like a very solid choice, though pretty spendy now. I'm liking the look of Freeguild Crossbowmen with their 24" range and double shots for being stationary. Sisters of the Watch are similarly tempting, but damn they're expensive. It's probably also worth looking at a block of 20 Dryads, which wont get their bonus from Wyldwoods, but might still be a solid choice.
  10. So who is going to convert the first electric steam tank for the Living City?
  11. So who has had a chance to play with the allies? After looking at it, I've narrowed it down to 3 for my Corvus Cabal. Chaos Sorcerer Lord - solid ranged attack, though slow for Corvus, the double giving +1 Strength and Attacks for an action can be fantastic on just about anything, especially the Shrike Talon though. Slaughter Priest (either) - decent tanky fighters, but both abilities are super handy for Corvus, giving a solid long-range attack, plus forcing enemies out of cover. Eating triples is annoying, but less bad for Corvus since ours are so situational. Tzaangor Shaman - another good ranged attack, fast enough to keep up, fairly resilient, but their triple works lets you activate a friendly fighter, like the leaders ability, but on a faster model with longer range. Think I missed some? I don't really rate the allies that just smash face, they don't add a whole lot I think, but maybe I'm wrong.
  12. I'm using the Wight King (to justify using Krell backing up my Kemmler necromancer), but I think the Spirit Torment is also seems worthwhile, buffing the lackluster strength of Wights with hand weapons and skeletons of all flavors.
  13. You can still climb down the wall normally with the bonus move action from both of those abilities. You may want to consider jumping though for the sake of cutting the distance shorter. A way I’ve used the crow is to keep an enemy engaged with one of our tougher models (i.e. not a cabalist), while my cabalists with spears are safely 2” away. The enemy can’t disengage the tougher model to go punch the squishy ones, and is going to waste two activations attacking something that they may only be wounding on 4’s or 5’s.
  14. Ah I misread the abilities, it’s not greater than 3” for fall, it’s 3” or more. So treating it as 3” exactly works for everything.
  15. Well the flip side is that if you count it as being over 3”, then the Cypher Lords ability becomes really weak.
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