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Legion of Nagash - Designers’ commentary nonsense?!


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A quick question about the latest Designer’s Commentary for Legion of Nagash, the latest version of which is dated July 2019 (that’s what the GW website is telling me, meaning no updates at all for LoN in Dec. 2019? I genuinely don’t remember but sounds weird to me?)

The Commentary discusses an aspect of the Deathless Minions alliance ability (i.e. our beloved 6+ shrug...)  but it talks of a 12” range - see picture attached. 
The battle tome says 6” and I have always played it as 6” as there is no change I could find that FAQ the 6” range to a 12” range.

So. Is this just a case of GW ****** up their own FAQs or am I missing something stupid?

Thanks for your help, folks!


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1 hour ago, Thamalys said:

the FAQ is just wrong

I guess the „question“ is just faulty and the „answer“ doesn’t clarify/care/correct it.

cannot demand clear and concise rule clarification from GDubs, what were you thinking.

and maybe they should just add a „munchkin ruling paragraph“ if you can convince your opponent, it ok

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