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  1. I think its pretty solid tech v. giants, healing you 6 and dealing 6 mortals on average. Other than that its a big questionable.
  2. I recently participated in a 3k tournament and ended up going 4-1, winning best death. Here is the list I used for the curious: Allegiance: Ossiarch Bonereapers - Legion: Mortis Praetorians - Grand Strategy: Hold the Line - Triumphs: Charge one LEADERS Arch-Kavalos Zandtos (205)** Katakros, Mortarch of the Necropolis (470)** - General Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead (970)* UNITS 5 x Kavalos Deathriders (190)** - Nadirite Blade and Shield 10 x Mortek Guard (140)* - Nadirite Blade and Shield 20 x Mortek Guard (280)* - Nadirite Blade and Shield 20 x Mortek Guard (280)** - Nadirite Blade and Shield ARTILLERY Mortek Crawler (215)* Mortek Crawler (215)** CORE BATTALIONS *Battle Regiment **Battle Regiment TOTAL: 2965/2000 WOUNDS: 132 General thoughts: Crawlers are either very very good, or you are hoping your opponent is failing to roll 3 ups. Served me very well against GSG and BCR in rounds 1 and 5, less so against SoB, and the OBR mirror. Nagash miscasted on average every other turn. When he works, its amazing, throw out 3-4 buffs, then charge in and slap 4d3 mortals on something. But when he first casts protection of Nagash, then immediately after miscasts... not ideal. +1 hit, save and rr1's to hit and save made some matchups feel almost impossible to lose. Didn't help against my one loss which was SoB with Kragnos (abundance of roar and rend 3) but I was easily able to handle DoK and the BCR list due to the insane durability that the stacking auras give. Guard are solid as always but rend 1 is precious little in current AoS, they mainly won through sheer weight of dice and my opponents failing 3/4 up saves. Honestly not sure how I would adjust the list for 2k, the inability to play with the new command abilities really hurts, and I failed more than one charge because my opponent redeployed and I didn't have access to my reroll triumph.
  3. does riders of ruin work if you dont start within 3 of the enemy? Meaning can you still move over the units specified and deal mortals if you were say 5" away, move over them and back
  4. Yes but due to the low number of attacks and the way wound allocation works (the opponent can choose to allocate the wounds from the sword last, meaning they can deny the ability from triggering) I wouldn't count on mannfreds +1 attack ability to really occur basically ever.
  5. The rolls state that modifiers to a dice roll are capped at +1/-1, though I suppose the ability doesn't modify the battleshock roll so much as the characteristic of the unit.
  6. can you use deathly invocation to heal a unit that comes back via endless legions? Also does the -2 to bravery from the allegiance abilities get capped by the -1/+1 at most rule?
  7. How did Annika give GG +1 to wound in combat? She has no command ability or otherwise to do so.
  8. Initial thoughts are you are lacking some true damage threats/hammers. The 10 GG and 20 zombies might be able to do it, but they are really the only threats in your list and they aren't fast nor durable. Annika, much like all the new named vampire lords, seems like a waste of points in basically every situation as she isn't a force multiplier, caster, or damage dealer. If possible I would replace her for a unit of fel bats, and then use the points to try to squeeze in another threat, or just drop her for more grave guard.
  9. I would definitely drop kritza for the bats, which also gives the chance at a triumph.
  10. Endless spells can be moved through now, so he wouldn't have to charge around it, unless the shrieker is an exception I am unaware of.
  11. He now always counts as your general, even if you select another one due to the most recent faq.
  12. Ignore rend 1 is not the same as +1 save. It is strictly worse against rend 0 attacks. Not saying it isn't good, but all out defense/+1 save is better.
  13. They didn't lose immune to battleshock, so no reason to worry about it.
  14. No reason to be within 9, 12 is the shortest range of our guns and you can't shoot with any 9" ranged weapons after you fly high anyway.
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