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  1. Pretty standard list that is going to struggle on multiple objective maps. Plenty of grind but not a lot of big firepower. Death riders are going to be able to nab points but not hold them. 40 man mortek unit seems like overkill given the amount of healing you have, probably better to just run more units of less. This will force your opponent to waste attacks wiping an entire unit, or be worried that 6 guard will be coming back if even a single guard remains.
  2. They are essentially the Roman empire but for death. Extremely disciplined, never running to battleshock, think shield walls and phalanx formations. On the table they play as rock solid elite guard supported by weakish melee heros that bolster their offensive and defensive capabilites. Check out Hey Woahs videos on YouTube if you want a more a good overview, or 2+ tough for lore.
  3. I also think LoG is probably the most competitive form of NH at the moment. Most of the recent LoN podiums come off the back of 40 block rasps that get to regen on gravesites. I know I've won pretty much every game I've played when I just set up my rasps and let the opponent try to crack the shell, only to find that I can bring back like 15+ rasps per turn.
  4. Yeah, blocks of 20 are strong enough to survive pretty much anything by themselves, and allows for more units to absorb the healing abilities of Katakros and Arkhan.
  5. I do 60 minimum, typically as 3 units of 20, but an argument can be made for 10, 10, 40 as well.
  6. The point that he is making, and that I agree with, is that the harvester literally only boosts the survivability of the guard in melee, a place where they already shine. Harvester only increases your chances in a melee centric march up, where OBR already has a huge advantage. Crawlers are a board wide threat that forces engagement and threatens low bravery, low armor units, or can easily snipe heros.
  7. Crawlers are essentially a necessity for OBR. They force the opponent to engage. Without them, Most opponents can simply sit back and watch as we take like 3 turns to cross the board.
  8. Your list is pretty much a fully ready to compete at a higher level tourney list for 2k, just needs some more guard and a catapult or two!
  9. I think not running dreadblade harrow as the general for huge movement is a big mistake. I can't imagine a list where I wouldn't want the ability to command point deepstrike any unit in my army. Backline not threatened this game? 40 chainrasps just appeared outside of 9 of your opponent. I've won quite a few games off my opponent not realizing that I am a 9 inch charge away from having more models on their backfield objective than they have.
  10. NH is wholly within 12, LoN is just within 6, Within 6 is better because you can daisy chain your skeletons/chainrasps/whatever back to the necro that is hiding out of line of sight. Just a mistake from the FAQ probably.
  11. No matter what the list is going to suffer from a lack of bodies, durability. and dmg. Horse boys just don't really hit that hard. I would probably try to go for MP as +1 to hit and +1 save across the board is huge, and somewhat off sets both of those problems. No matter what the Bone-Tithe Strieker is something you should drop as it is completely redundant with Katakros who already makes your army hit on 2's.
  12. Thats why I suggested Deathriders, you can go riders and Nightmare predator or some other endless spell and get exactly 2k I think.
  13. Empower weapons is the best option. Don't sleep on 20 guard with +1 attack from Katakros hitting on 2's, RR 1's, 5-6's explode. I would probably tweak the list slightly pending unit availability. Drop the stalkers for cav, then cut the Soulmason and 1 block of 20 for arkan. You don't need the artefact, and recurring 6 and/or healing Kata/Arkan for 6 per turn is really solid.
  14. KO yes, Seraphon yes, CoS maybe, Fyreslayers probably not. FS are still a melee army predominantly, and MP + Katakros is going to be strong against melee armies. HGB's are still better than Mortek Guard by a lot, but we will be able to bring our recursion to bear and possibly outgrind. The other shooty/heavy magic armies are still going to destroy us just like they did pre-nerf. OBR doesn't have tricks, teleports, mortal wound output, or strong MW defense. This makes mobile, ranged, magic heavy, strong defensive, and MW heavy armies our biggest problem. Most armies can build in such a way to be one of those things, and thus it is often the opponents game to lose when they face OBR. If they just decide to try to smash their way through Mortek Guard in melee, they will likely lose, complain, and we get nerfed (this is what happened with PE). If they play any other way, the game is much much harder for OBR to win.
  15. Legion of Grief is also a valid option, and I believe it is still playable. It gives access to much stronger recursion abilities and CP unit buy back from gravesites.
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