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Aos 2 - Lumineth Realm-Lords Discussion


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On 7/30/2021 at 12:50 AM, Maogrim said:

Although I want it to be the River Temple. People are already trembling before our majestic cow helmets. How on earth will they be able to handle the enigmatic trout (or maybe otter) helmets? 😉

I think it's been hinted (possibly in a White Dwarf) that the River Temple reveres some kind of pachyderm.

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I can't imagine a Lumineth release before pretty much every other faction has had some substantial attention. They've left nice spaces for future development - Tyrion, River, Zenith, etc - as you've noted. But I think it *should* be 3 years before Lumineth receive a new wave, given the state of other armies. Even if gw decided to give more based on sales, that sale data and the development saga places those releases at 2-3 years away.

It might be of course that there never is a third wave, and the army receives only thay kind of one-off characters that armies kind of get as a tide you by update in both 40k and AoS. It could be therefore a decade, or two editions' worth of other factions, before any kind of real update

Anyway, as the third or fourth-most modern range, LRL are in a very nice place, mini-wise. They won't always be as strong, and presumably will drop through the edition(s)'(s) cycle, but that's ok and the way of things too :)


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