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Gem of Seeing vs Battle Brew


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Artefact discussion.

Gem of Seeing - In your hero phase, pick enemy unit within 12", +1 to hit for that model against that unit until next hero phase

Battle Brew - In any of your hero phases, +1 to all hit and wound rolls for this model until next hero phase


Why would you ever take Gem of Seeing? Am I missing something here...

...is "in any"  some bizarrely roundabout way to imply only once per game?


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My understanding(and I could be wrong) is if you swig battle brew one turn and then swig it again in another round, that counts as two swigs and you will take a mortal wound at the start of each hero phase thereafter? Best check with someone else though as I am not sure. 

If the above is not the case, there is no argument for the gem it seems. 

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