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  1. There are 2 or 3 ghouls on the background. So its 5-6 noble knights on a quest to recover the grail.
  2. and if you are a "puritan" like me, that´ll be 2-3 per faction/sub faction.
  3. Wow, ive totally missed that Oo Thank you!
  4. Are we 100% sure katakros is the mortarch? I mean, nighthaunt has it share of centerpiece leaders other than olynder.
  5. So... deathcast eternals? I dig it. "These are not risen warriors or malignant spirits – they are bespoke war-constructs forged from harvested bone and gifted the soul animus of great warriors and heroes"
  6. It seems its u$ 40.00 each box.
  7. yeah, from what ive got, its kinda like kings of war. that said, hoping for super cheap stuff from gw is beyond my capacity of hoping
  8. thats how we worked summoning with path to glory
  9. yeah, but on the other hand, it might make impossible to hordes armies to face elites. Dunno, i think they balance each one this way volume vs power.
  10. loved it. Only thing i might be concerned is forcing minimum/double minimum size for units -Units in the spearhead can only be taken at their minimum size. -One Battleline unit in the main body can be taken at up to double their minimum size. -any number of Battleline units in the rearguard can be taken at up to double their minimum size.
  11. GW - most expensive in any way you look at it, since it comes with 50% less paint than everyone else (12ml vs 17-18ml). Also, that bottle... Paints are pretty good, tho Vallejo - IMO, same quality as GW, easier to get (no restrictions on selling), comes with 50% more paint than GW, and in droppers. Washes and metalics, not that good tho. Outside the GW/Warhammer bubble, its by far the most popular paint out there. Army painter - cheaper than above, somewhat inferior quality, separates like hell, but works like a charm on aribrush, so, you might consider that. Pretty damn good silver metalics and washes that ara as good as gws. (Better, if you dont like too much tint on the base color). Harder to get by than vallejo, but at least, no restrictions like gw. REaper- I really cant get used to reaper paints overall, their finish bother me. P3 - more expensive than vallejo, cheaper than gw, better than both. Too bad the bottle is not a dropper Scale 75 - The real deal. Hands down the best paint brand i have on my bench.
  12. It really does look a lot like ink washes dilluted with flow improver.
  13. And what i said was that $7.80 for 17ml of paint is ridiculous.
  14. Dont get me wrong, but if you need to apply zenithal, mix paints, glaze, apply edge highlights, and all the stuff, well it kinda kills the whole point on contrast line. That said, yeah, it looks like it will be a good glaze option. For $7.80, a 17ml pot.
  15. Afaik they are 17-18ml pots. Not that being 20ml justifies $7.80 in any way.
  16. Why arent you talking about the gobbos x trees box??????
  17. Yeah, i see your point. And i agree. Thing is, i really dont care about 40k any longer. I bought 2 copies and all the buggies, and we play it a lot on our club. The racing rukks are insanely fun.
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