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  1. Sadysaneto

    The Rumour Thread

    No it wasnt. you still can play WFB if you want.
  2. Sadysaneto

    The Rumour Thread

    well, if nightvault was a prison of sorts for the undead... would stormvault be a prison for stormcasts? like the really fkd up ones, driven crazy or full robot by too many reforges, that sigmar locked away?
  3. Sadysaneto

    Fanatics lost their role?

    Now they dont die in auto mode when they block a charge. Imo, they got way better for their job
  4. Sadysaneto

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    There’s more Lore in the book–we haven’t told you about the Goblinoid sky-city, which came about when an army of grots seized a Kharadron Overlords’ sky-city while it was docked and has swarmed its surfaces ever since–but the book is full of tons of stories like that, enough to satisfy any lore junkie. Source: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2019/01/gloomspite-gitz-lore.html
  5. underworlds already does it
  6. Sadysaneto

    The Rumour Thread

    it might, but unless its about rumours, its offtopic
  7. its not what i wanted, but at least is an improvement
  8. Sadysaneto

    The Rumour Thread

    I find underworlds ones a wee bigger than the ones in the box. Fungoid shaman is noticible bigger.
  9. Sadysaneto

    The Rumour Thread

    man, i loved speed freeks. sooooooo fuuuuuunnnnnn
  10. Sadysaneto

    The Rumour Thread

    im not sure we need that many new units for ironjawz, or even moonclan (and both are by far my favorite armies). but, man, id like to see some wacky squig tech focus on the wee fellas. Squig balloons, Squigs mortars, Squigs seeking bombs... id be so fkd its not even funny, lol
  11. Sadysaneto

    The Rumour Thread

    i think that adding tactics and specialists would be a great start
  12. Sadysaneto

    The Rumour Thread

    the thing is that kt is not simply 40k with 5 models, like aos skirmish. It has a lot of stuff that adds to a skirmish game: changes on phases, flesh wounds, tactics, specialists, etc. I think nobody is asking for a basic transposition, just more than AOS with 5 models.
  13. Sadysaneto

    The Rumour Thread

    skirmish games tend to focus on close quarters combat, so, melee is at home. The real difference is that 40k focus more on shooting, and aos more on melee, wich, in the end, would balance things anyway. the difficulty of aos skirmish is that it was a halfassed small aos, and is already more outdated than grimgor.
  14. Sadysaneto

    The Rumour Thread

    no news on new skirmish? Bottle, cough it out already!!! 😝
  15. Sadysaneto

    The Rumour Thread

    let´s face it, aos skirmish was just "small aos". It was never its own system, like kt is right now. specialists, tactics, some small changes in rules with great impact, all the stuff kt got right would be pure awesome sauce for aos skirmish. here´s hoping for it