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  1. If you check the screaming bell warscroll, you will see that one has “Mount” on it. So looks like the cauldrons are fine 👌
  2. Sign me up. Also lemme smash Andy. Ty
  3. I'm not a fan. Eels are actually more fragile than they look and its low bodies as is with Namarti.
  4. There is no good list that doesn't have 12+ eels. Got a few at 12-15-18 eels.
  5. Tidecaster still pretty useful. Decent hero/spell caster for 100 points. -1 to hit and steed of tides spells give great flexibility.
  6. Yeah, turn 3 was too late. Really close game with Gavriel that was a win largely due to their misplay and loss to Nagash with no hope of really being able to threaten him.
  7. For the record, been playing Deepkin at tournaments for 5 months now. Won Northern Masters with Tidecaster, scryer, scryer, incantor, 30 Thralls, 18 eels, 5 Heartrenders and comet. Went 4-1 with Tidecaster, scryer, scryer, Volty, Eidolon, 3x6 eels. Then recent 3-2 with James' list, though I had a few misplays and tough match ups rather than there being an issue with the list. Your success will largely depend on local meta and your ability to play to the win condition of your chosen list.
  8. Played this list a whole bunch. It's really good. Less drops is great in some matchups. Being able to decide first turn can give you a really big advantage in the mission. Having choice to go first in Better Part of valour for example. Choosing to go 2nd in relocation orb. 2nd artifact also makes the list better in places of arcane power and relocation orb where wizards or artifacts score/count as 20 models. There are a few downsides though. There is definitely a tax in taking 2 units of Reavers. Most of the armies we struggle with also have low drops and sometimes comes down to a roll off for priority. DoK can be 5 drops. FeC currently around 4/5 drops. SCE can build a low drop build as well. Nagash tends to be around 6/7 drops, though they also have 5 drop options. From talking to @Carrion King the idea for the low drop necessity came from a pack including better part of valour in it, where choice of going first in some matchups is huge. Generally, it might not be such a necessity for Deepkin to go first outside of that mission.
  9. Pretty much this. And it was me who won the Northern masters. Thralls are awesomesauce 😂 And I'm taking Les' list to a tournament in two weeks, because it's still a great list. Fancy a change up.
  10. I understand what is being said. I just disagree. I would take more Thralls over ishlean currently. That's why I'm looking to got to 40 rather than 30 + 3 ishlean for the same points. MSU Thralls are great right now.
  11. 3x10 Thralls is to fill the battleline requirements, but also to give numbers for objectives, to give more reliable damage in high tide (always has rend if not charging), deny space better than 3 ishlean and to be underestimated. Plan to eventually go to 4x10 Thralls as they are absolutely amazing. Yes, I don't see a 5-0 Deepkin list without 15-18 eels, but I also don't see them without 30+ Thralls. Not to say 18+ Eel spam +Volty lists aren't good, but they are overshadowed by the lists with 30+ Thralls.
  12. The list I have is 1900 points, so I have 3 CP in turn one. Been running the aetherquartz brooch which gives a CP on a 5+ as well.
  13. I did originally mess around with first cohort, and it's ok, but it's almost like having Nagash on a leash. He only moves 9 and if you throw him forward with pinions, you end up too far away from the harbingers. You are also forced into 3 death rattle units. For the same cost as Morghasts and formation, you get a mortarch which gives a good spell, is a wizard or hero for scoring on missions that require a hero or wizard and she is actually really reliable in combat. 2+/3+ with some rend 2 in there. The executioner is there because you need a hero to hold and artifact. He scores in missions which requires wizard or hero with an artifact. He is ethereal and has a 5+ against mortals then a 6+. He also can debuff heroes with another -1 to hit. I used to use the cairn wraith just to have a cheap hero with the artifact. I had 20 points to spare and he is better. Most of the explosive killing is with Nagash. He rinses things in combat. Neferata is no slouch either. You just get them in combat while screening off their flank so they don't get surrounded. Then you grind it out with by making sure the entire enemy army is debuffed to hit and - attacks. Yes, I did in the last edition, but with no mystical shield, Nagash won't see turn 3. The bonus damage you get from the spells and maybe the portal doesn't make up for having Nagash in combat longer.
  14. Only counting actual tournament games, I'm 9-4 since the end of May. 3-2 AGOM (Best death), 3/3 Cry Havoc (2nd place) and 3-2 at 6 Nations. Haven't lost a practice game yet. He does struggle against some match ups. I still think alpha strikes can take him off. Pretty sure a clown car, as rare as it is now, just beats it turn 1. But he is fun and powerful and I love him. ?
  15. I have been playing a similar list since seeing the changes in new edition. Allegiance: Grand Host of NagashMortal Realm: HyshNagash Supreme Lord Of The Undead(800)- General- Lores of the Dead Spell 1: Overwhelming Dread (Deathmages)- Lores of the Dead Spell 2: Amethystine Pinions (Vampires)- Lores of the Dead Spell 3: Vile Transference (Vampires)Neferata Mortarch Of Blood (400)- Lore of the Dead: Spectral Grasp (Deathmages)Lord Executioner (80)- Artefact: Aetherquartz Brooch 5 x Dire Wolves (60)5 x Dire Wolves (60)40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)- Ancient Spears5 x Hexwraiths (160)Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (40)Soulsnare Shackles (20)Total: 1900 / 2000Extra Command Points: 2 I took this list to 6 nations and did very well with it. Lost to Darren Watson's broken seraphon summoning list with 4(5) engines in a close game and against a melee tzeentch list in a close game. Came down to a double turn. Every other game I absolutely smashed. I'm going to swap out the 40 skeletons for 40 Chainrasps and after I see how that impacts the list I might swap out the Hexwraiths for more Chainrasps. Basic strategy is to buff up Nagash with movement and screen off Neferta in a position to debuff the enemy and attack if you can safely. Use the Geminids to debuff further and also threaten key units should you lose the priority. Shackles and Spectral grasp can slow down the enemy from reacting to Nagash. I have even used the shackles to deny surface area on my units. You can dismiss them in your hero phase before they slow you down in the movement phase. Yes, you can make Nagash work. I play in a bit of a shark tank of players and this list holds its own.
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